April 7, 2014

For Our Mom...A Getaway!

Sunday morning, two of my sisters and I left for our overnight getaway with our mom. Monday was she and my late father's 58th wedding anniversary...the first "First" since his death. We decided to take her to a charming resort hidden in the mountains of Pennsylvania...Bedford Springs Resort.

I wish you all could have been there to see the look on her face as we arrived and walked into the front door. It was her first visit to this beautiful place, and she was so very happy! Here are some pictures of my mother's special little trip. : )

She was beaming when we stepped through he door...
The lobby is beautiful, inviting, and cozy.
The entire resort is filled with lovely photographs of guests of the past...a reminder of life years and years ago. Sooo interesting...
and so beautiful too.
We walked through the Library on our way to...
the spa! My mom was excited for her first ever visit to a spa. She enjoyed every minute. : )
Afterward, we went up to find our beautiful room... 
was actually a suite! Thank you to my hubby Steve for the surprise!
Everything was so beautiful, clean, and cozy...
After we changed and got comfy, we ordered Room Service...and this, my friends, was my dessert. It was cheesecake with a chocolate crust, peanut butter icing, and toasted marshmallow. Ahhh...
And for my sweet mother...her very very very favorite!
Shoo Fly Pie!
She was in Heaven...
and this may very well be my favorite picture of the whole trip...my mom...relaxing and enjoying her favorite dessert. : )
After an evening of movies, talking, and laughing, as well as a great night's rest, we had a delicious breakfast and posed for one more picture before we headed home.
As we pulled away, my mom smiled and said it was like a dream...and that she knew my dad would be so happy for her. And he would be. If anyone is deserving of some special pampering, it is my mother...and I am thankful she was able to enjoy some.   : )


  1. What a loving and wonderful way to shower love on your sweet Mama.
    I tip my hat...applaud...all the good and wonderful things that one does to show you and your sisters that your gift to your Mama is the greatest.
    The photos you shared of Bedford Springs Resort are picture-postcard perfect.
    Wonderful job with that camera, my friend.
    I am so happy that your Mama was pampered and loved on in such a special way.
    May God continue to bless her.

  2. What a wonderful sweet trip! I'm so happy to hear she enjoyed it so much and everything looks so nice and the food looks wonderful.

  3. What a lovely treat for your mom! It warms my heart that you would do this for your mom. Have a great week.

  4. Oh, Billie Jo, what a precious getaway and treat for your mom too! I am so glad you had this time! What a treasure!

  5. Spectacular! What a wonderful treat for all of you girls. Thanks for sharing these photos of this lovely resort.

    :) Hope

  6. "Like a dream" that is for sure! I'm bursting of happiness for you for your mom for your sisters. What a lovely, lovely lovely place! Oh my goodness, the lobby, the library, the room... my oh my. It was just perfect! I'm so very happy that you were able to give your mom a wonderful, happy memory. And that picture of her in her robe with dessert... the best! Your dad would be oh so happy for all of you! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo

  7. What a beautiful place to spend time with your mom and sisters! I am thrilled the weekend was a success and your mom was rejuvenated, pampered and happy on the tail end.

  8. Oh Billie Jo!!!! What a wonderful thing to do for your mama (and therapeutic for y'all as well!) That place looks magical. Truly magical.

  9. What a special time for all of you! Your mom is so beautiful and I pray she is doing well.

    And you have such a thoughtful husband . . . my heart totally melted when you mentioned his surprise for all of you :)

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  10. Oh my goodness what a beautiful place and your suit wow! Good job Steve. Mi am so happy you all had a wonderful time and were able to all relax together. I thought of you yesterday afternoon.

  11. Oh wow..what a lovely place. Your mom is as charming as you are..thank you for sharing..just plum lovely. Blessings

  12. What a wonderful gift for your mom. The place seemed so cute and cozy. I'm sure she loved it and am so glad you all got to relax.

  13. What a beautiful place! And your mom looks so relaxed and happy. So glad you all had a great time!

  14. Hi Billie Jo! There are tears in my eyes...this looks like heaven for all of you. What an amazing surprise for your sweet Mom. What mother doesn't want to spend time with her girls? And you helped her with a difficult date in the year too.

    That photo of your Mom in the bathrobe is my fav photo too. Just precious. You have given her a gift she will cherish always.

  15. Trying to play catch up!! (I can't keep up with my blogs I read!)

    Oh, Billie Jo, this was such a sweet, wonderful thing to do for your mama, the very best part was that you girls went with her!! What a special memory. You might have to do it every single year now!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Love you!


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