September 27, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning! I am sipping my coffee as our beach vacation winds down, and we prepare to return to our cozy lake home just in time to prepare for the spooky month of October. I say every year that it is fun to go, but always nice to get home. The beach was good to us this year. It offered peace, calm, fun, rest, and memories of visits past. The beach is the place I am vividly reminded of my little ones that dug in the sand with Blue's Clues toys and jumped in the waves while clutching their Daddy's hand. Those same little ones were with us again, and although not so little anymore, they dug in the sand with those same precious beach toys with Flynn and also held her hand as they dove into the waves. As I sat in the sand watching the waves crash and roll out again as they have for years and years and years, I thought of the many trips we enjoyed with my parents along and how much I miss them being here with us. And how life continues to change while remaining very much the same.

Have a lovely day, my friends.
I will be back around to visit very soon!

September 20, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee

Good Monday morning, my friends! As in years and years past, I find myself at the beach this week of September. And as in years past, I am blessed to be joined with my entire family at different points of the week. I made my pumpkin spiced coffee and took it down to the beach this morning, and as always, found peace in the unchanging rhythm of the waves rolling into the shore and back out again. 

A first this year. We brought the pups! And so far, all is well! They adjusted to the new atmosphere and the new trek to go the bathroom. For the record, it is out the door, down the hall, into the elevator, out the door, across the parking lot, and into the grass. No problem.

Have a lovely Monday, my friends!
I will be tidying the condo, doing laundry, and reading while my people do beach things. Because that is who I am, and that makes me happy! I hope you find time to do something that makes you happy today!

Billie Jo

September 17, 2021

Tea Party, Puppy Pics, And More

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was indeed a lovely day. The day after my birthday, my girls surprised me with a luncheon at our favorite tea room! Madison, Peyton, Flynn, Kyrstin, and I enjoyed delicious food and beverages in the most quaint setting. I was so touched by their thoughtfulness.

My little Mocha is leash trained, meaning I take her out on a leash at all times. We live in an area with lots of wildlife, and I don't like to leave her on her own. Yesterday, Flynn and I were in the backyard while doing a sketch for her nature journal during her art lesson. Mocha was on my lap, and I set her down for a minute to grab some art supplies to carry inside. Mocha was uncertain of what to do at first, but when I told her to go ahead and run around, she tentatively started out, and they suddenly she realized she could run around and literally pranced around so happily! It was so cute. She kept looking back at me to be sure she was still ok, and when she was done, she ran to the steps and waited by the gate to go up to the deck. I was able to snap a few phone pictures while she was taking a break. 

I received some happy mail this week from a dear, have -yet-to-meet-in-person, fellow fall-loving blog friend who is beyond talented in every area I can think of! Leslie, who blogs HERE and also has a youtube channel HERE, created this fantastic magazine herself! I have been enjoying it with my soft autumn blanket and my pumpkin spice coffee! 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Any plans?

Billie Jo

September 15, 2021


 Yesterday I turned 52! I celebrated in my cozy autumn home with my very favorite people, a couple buckets of KFC, some very thoughtful gifts, and a delicious ice cream dessert made by Peyton.  As each year passes and another birthday comes around, I am reminded how quickly our lives move through different phases with different circumstances, yet we ourselves remain the same. The key, I believe, is to transition gracefully and optimistically through each phase with hope and joy for what is yet to come while keeping the memories of the people and times we loved in the past close in our hearts where we can revisit them whenever we choose. 

Madison adds the Danish flag to our celebrations, and we also sing a special Danish birthday song that Nicolas taught us!

Have a cozy Wednesday, my friends!

Billie Jo

September 13, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee And A Touch Of Fall In Our Home


Good Monday morning, my friends. Somehow we find ourselves in the middle of September. Note to self: Slow down and make a conscious effort to focus on the sights, scents, sounds, and feelings of your favorite season. Ok. Moving on. My coffee today is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice ground with Duncan Sweet Creamer. And a store-bought bakery sweet roll on the side. Just because.

Recently, I finished adding some cozy touches of fall around our home. As the warm summer evenings fade into cooler autumn ones, we find ourselves gathering inside earlier. These little touches of fall make it cozy. And that makes me happy.

Have a wonderful day, my friends!
Thanks for visiting!

Billie Jo


September 10, 2021

Back To School And A Birthday

 After a fun-filled summer, Flynn and I officially began our homeschool year on Tuesday! And yes. My baby is in sixth grade! She is excited to be in Middle School, and I am excited for her. And to be completely honest, I am finding it necessary to prepare myself a bit more, especially in math and science!

In other news, Steve turned 51 on Wednesday! We celebrated him with dinner and cake and lots of laughter and love.

Have a nice weekend, my friends. I plan on joining Mocha in doing a bit of this...

...Along with some laundry, phone calls, and school prep.
Unfortunately, our area has seen an uptake in Covid cases, and my mom's personal care home has discontinued visits for two weeks. Thankfully we still have some wonderful phone visits daily.

Thanks for visiting and for your comments. I am always happy to hear from you!

Billie Jo