November 28, 2014

Deck The Halls...2014

Christmas. Such a magical time. I love to decorate our home for this beautiful season in a way that allows us to be cozy, warm, and happy. Here is a peek at our country home all decked out for Christmas. : )

Come in through the front door...

and into the brightly lit foyer.

On the right is the schoolroom. This tree is the one the kids put all their ornaments on. Year after year. : )

From here, you can see into Steve's den...

where he has his own tree complete with antlers and a camo tree skirt!

The foyer tree stays up all year long to welcome visitors into our home...

and is decorated with a rag tied garland made from fabrics of all our favorite holidays. : )

 Down the hall is our family room. The room where we gather every single day to talk and laugh and watch television. And just be. : )

And from here you can see into the hearth room and kitchen...

where we sit and read and watch the fire on those cold winter nights. : )

And right across is my kitchen...

where the baking magic happens. : )

This little table is nearby, all decorated with our favorite Santa treasures...

and the beverage station is close as well. That rocker there...Steve bought me that years ago for Christmas, before we were even married. He said it was for the country home we would have someday. : )

The hot cocoa station here is used every single day. : ) table. The one I dreamed of when I was young...a table for my family to gather around every evening for dinner. And that is exactly what we do.

My potato and onion cupboard is nearby...with my Grandma Mil's handwritten recipe for the pumpkin pie I make every Thanksgiving. : )

Upstairs, my bedroom has touches of Christmas too...

because it is the most wonderful time of the year. : )

Thank you for visiting, my friends...
Id love to see your Christmas home too! : )

Merry Christmas!

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for all of you...for sharing your lives and words and wisdom...for sharing your love of home and family. Enjoy this day with those you love. And with pumpkin pie. Lots of pumpkin pie.

November 25, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday Madison Marie!

My Madison is turning 18! I am so very proud of the young woman my firstborn has become. Although the years have run together and somehow taken that precious baby I held so close all those years ago and replaced her with a beautiful, amazing, talented young woman, I do remember many things about the first person ever to call me Mom.

Madison, I remember the exact moment I knew you were to be. I remember kneeling by my bed and thanking God for the gift of your life.

I remember Grandma holding my hand as I labored with you, and the look of worry on Grandpa's face as I left the room for the C-section that would finally bring you into the world. (You even started your life being late! I shouldn't be surprised now!)

I remember standing by your crib with Daddy, thinking you were exactly what I had prayed you would be.

I remember rocking you in your room, thinking of all the fun times we had ahead of us.

I remember your first day of Kindergarten, and how you chose your own outfit and how you would wear your hair.

I remember finding you asleep under the bedspread tent you made, surrounded by all your Barbies.

I remember how happy you were to become a big sister. Every single time.

I remember all these things about the little one that made me the thing I dreamed most of becoming...a mother.

And now, I am making new memories with the young woman that little one has become.

I taught you how to tie your shoes and button your clothes. Now, you teach me how to tie a scarf and wear the right boots with my jeans.

I taught you how to look for the best in people. You remind me to do just that.

I taught you how to drink milk from a cup. Now you teach me all about different kinds of delicious tea.

I no longer stand by your crib, my daughter. Now, when you get in your car and drive off to new adventures, I stand by the door and think you are exactly what I had prayed you would be.

Happy 18th Birthday, Madison Marie. I love you!

November 22, 2014

Why I Decorate For Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Yes. I do. I admit it. I decorate my house for Christmas before Thanksgiving. As in put up the tree, get out the Christmas plates, hang the garland...the works. I realize not everyone shares my feelings on this. And I understand that. My reasoning is not that I love Christmas more than Thanksgiving, or that I want to skip over Thanksgiving and get right to Christmas festivities. Rather, my reasoning is the opposite. Decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving actually allows me to enjoy that special November holiday even more. Really.

Having our home decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day allows me to sit, relax, and enjoy my family and my home while the turkey cooks away. I can live in the moment of that day. I can sit and watch The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and enjoy it, without my mind racing with all the things that need to be done in order for Christmas to begin.

I know this because I didn't always decorate before Thanksgiving. I used to wait until the day after.  My mind would be racing with lists of things to do before the plates were cleared from the table. I was running around gathering up turkey and pumpkin d├ęcor before we even cut the pumpkin pie. I stressed about the dishes getting done so we could pull out the Christmas ones.

Now, I don't. Now it is all done. The house is decorated with Christmas love all around. And I am at peace. Do we eat turkey and stuffing off of Christmas tree plates? Yes, we do. Do we have Christmas music playing as we clear the table? Yep. Do we sit by the beautiful Christmas tree while we eat slices of pumpkin pie? Sure do. And you know what? That is alright. Because we are together. And we are happy.

So do what makes YOU happy, my friends.
Because, why not? : )