April 16, 2021

Friday Thoughts~Sleepy Addition

I realized when I looked at my photos this week, the majority of them involved sleepy puppies. Sleepy puppies on the footstool, on the couch next to me, in our bed on a chilly spring morning. Perhaps a reminder to slow down and take a rest. It really isn't that horrible for you, right? 

I thought about the sleepy puppies and took a few pictures of my bed because it was super neat and clean. And because I love my bed. It is simple and cozy, and warm. Years ago, I would hunt forever to find the perfect bedspread or quilt or comforter. I looked for patterns and pillows and shams and curtains. I matched it to the carpet and the walls. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that! It made me happy  at the time. Today, older and wiser, and perhaps more practical, I lean towards simplicity and comfort. I found this at Target. And I love it. 

In other news, I mad a quiche. It was delicious! You should make a quiche too. Try this one right HERE. I didn't use a crust and substituted almond milk, and it was delicious. I served it with some fresh fruit I had cut up and put in the fridge. Having fruit cut and clean on hand makes it much easier when snack time comes around. 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. I think I will watch some of the funeral for Prince Phillip tomorrow. I also need to make my menu and grocery list before our Sunday morning date! Thanks for stopping by. I am always happy you do.


  1. Just said to my husband, "Why don't we ever make a quiche????" And he agreed! Sound delicious!!! And we are always looking for something "different," in stead of the same "old thing." -smile- Thank you!

    Speaking of the Funeral of Prince Philip, must start looking at the info, about the Harry and William meeting. Have not been following this! Oh my, how could I have forgotten??? -grinnn- Again thank you!

    Have a lovely restful weekend!


  2. I rarely think to make a quiche and even though I despise eggs, I have always found quiche to be really delicious. I need to make one soon.

  3. I think we might have the same bedroom paint color! And my bedding is all bright white - it's funny how it changes - I too find that more simple with colors around the house are so much easier.

  4. Your sleepy puppy is sooo cute!

    I must try that crustless quiche soon!

    I used to be pickier about bedding and everything else too!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Hi! Do you know your bedroom paint color? Have a blessed weekend! Love the puppy pics!!!

    1. Hi Sharon! I actually don't. I'm sorry. Bit if I had to describe it, I would say it is like the color of French Vanilla ice cream. : )

  6. This post made we want to take a nap. You lushious-looking bed and cute sleepy puppy made me realized that I need a little lay-down. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you again soon.

  7. A nice, relaxing post, Billie Jo! Your doggie is adorable, your bedroom is beautiful, your quiche looks wonderful! It just all looks like you are ready for Spring! Thank you for sharing it all with us. Have a great weekend ahead.

  8. Precious pup.
    Quiche was my Mom's favorite.

    Have a great weekend.

    M : )

  9. Billie Jo, I just did a quick post about Duvets, lol. Great minds and all, grin. I use to match as well, not anymore...and for spring, I tend to lean towards simple and the color white.

    Thank you for sharing your photos, oh and I loveeeeeeeee your new look here. Not sure I had mentioned that or not before. smiles

  10. One can never have too many cute puppy pictures! Adorable! I'm like you - my bed has become very clean, simple and classic. I love that big long bolster pillow in front . . . I may have to copy you on that. Quiche is my 'go to' on a busy weeknight when I don't have much in the fridge or time to cook! I just toss in whatever is on hand and if I don't feel like making a crust, I make a crustless quiche which is even easier! Some muffins and fruit and there's dinner!

  11. I've considered creating a pet blog since my kids don't like their pictures taken any longer. When I go to blog, 90% of my pictures are of the pets. They are GREAT posers! :) I LOVE your bed!!! It's perfect- and I'm in the same phase of life- looking for clean and simple- not so complicated. :)

  12. Your sleepy puppies are just the cutest! I really like the simplicity of your bedding. It looks so comfy and inviting. My design style is rather simple too, and that's the way I like it. I haven't thought about adding parm cheese to my quiche, but it's a really great idea and I think I'll try it this week. My daughter loves spinach quiche for breakfast and lunch - and it's a great way to get some greens in her! Hope you are having a nice and cozy spring weekend.

  13. What a cute sleeping doggie! I take lots of pics of sleeping cats because they contort themselves the weirdest way!

  14. loved this! My Penny is sleepimg on meright now.

  15. Perfect home moments. And the sweetest cutest furry babies. I love my bed too! It's truly the simple things, isn't it? Blessings

  16. I love your close up pictures, Billie Jo. And that quiche recipe looks delish. I have a pie crust in the fridge waiting for me to make a quiche (Quiche Lorraine is my favorite), but now I want to make this one instead. Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe. I've printed it out!


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