February 28, 2014

Notes From The Schoolroom...February 2014

February was a rather short month in our little classroom. It seemed to fly right by... We did enjoy our time together inside as the wind howled and the snow continued to fall outside. : )

Madison loves her Fashion Merchandising Class this semester. She just finished a report on Jackie Kennedy Onassis as a fashion icon, and thoroughly enjoyed it. She is also doing well in Consumer Math, where she is learning all about payroll and deductions and a host of other things that make my head spin. Fortunately, she gets it, and Steve is an awesome helper too. This course is so important, as it involves things she actually will use in her life.

Peyton continues to work well. She is my steady worker...always working ahead. : ) She especially likes her American Nation Class where she is studying the 1800's. She is doing very well in Geometry, and works mostly independently. Thank Heavens!

Rhett has also become a mostly independent worker as the year progresses. He has grown as a student and is working very well. He continues to enjoy Spanish and Science. We are doing much better in his Math class this semester, as he is studying Algebraic Expressions and Equations. Finally, something my literary mind understands! : )

And my little preschool student, Flynn.... I love each and every day with her. I just love the simple, uncomplicated world of preschool. It is so fun to see her learn the basic components of math and reading...the things everything else to come is based on. Plus, it is just plain fun! We are working on letter formation and soon will start numbers. She cant wait for that! : )

Things I'm loving...
  1. No snow days to make up
  2. Watching my children succeed and also truly understand what they are learning, not just memorizing and repeating it for a test
  3. The Cyber school teachers, who really love their job and are committed to helping my children succeed
  4. Just being with my kids all day everyday : )
And not so much...
  1. Madison starting back to work this week...meaning she won't be with us in the afternoons : (

Here are some pictures of February in our little home school classroom!

Our Preschool Corner all decorated with hearts and love!

Working on the painting for her little...


She made a snow covered tree with Popsicle sticks and cotton balls...

And Teacher/Mommy learned something too...while we were waiting for her Popsicle sticks to dry, she did some free painting...and she loved it! Mommy needs to remember to let some things happen without planning...And yes...she is wearing Santa jammies in February, because...well, she can!

Our Wall of Saints is filling up. We study one every Friday. During Lent, however, we will be learning about The Stations of the Cross.

And our favorite snack this month...warm, gooey, sweet rolls. : )

February 27, 2014

Weekend Plans

The Weekend is here again, my friends. The first weekend of March. And a special one here for us, as my Madison is receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. : ) Friday is a quiet night at home for some...a busy night of work for others. Madison will be back to work at Dairy Queen, and Rhett will helping out at the theater for the premiere of a much anticipated film...Son of God. I have read so many good things about this movie. I can't wait to see it. : )

Saturday can be summed up in two words. Deep Clean. My house needs a good- roll up your sleeves- fill the bucket- and scrub away type of cleaning. And Steve will be here to help! : ) Madison is working, but the rest of us will be spending the day getting this house in order. Once we clean, I plan on packing up the pink and red hearts, and replacing them with green and gold shamrocks. We don't have Mass on Saturday night, as we will be attending Sunday, so it will be a nice night to rest up after all that cleaning. Take out pizza and a movie sounds good, don't you think?

Sunday is my Madison's Confirmation day. She has prepared for this all year, and is ready to receive this beautiful sacrament. Her friend Jeffrey is coming home to be her sponsor, and my mom is coming as well. Margie and her husband Chris have offered to stay at home with Flynn. I agreed. There are around ninety young people being confirmed, and I think that may be a bit long for Flynn to stay interested. And quiet. ; ) After Mass, we are going out to celebrate and then heading home before yet another big winter storm arrives.

And that, my dear friends, is what we will be up to this weekend. I hope yours is happy and cozy and full of family and fun, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting. I am always glad you do! : )

We have had some beautiful winter weather this year...

this is what I saw one morning when I took my pup outside...

pretty pretty pretty. : )

Last Saturday, it was finally nice enough to venture outside before Mass. We usually just run from the house to the van in the garage! It was so nice to step outside and see the sun. : )

And then after, while she was beating us all at a game of Hedbanz. : )

Here is the movie I can't wait to see. : )
I am planning on some night next week. Anyone else planning on seeing it?

Look at these pretty, sweet tasting things I picked up at our little grocery store this week...Flynn eats these by the handful!

I prefer mine sliced up with an assortment of others...alongside a big plate of  hot, buttered French Toast. : )

Someone loved the sweet little crayon buckets I set on her table this week. : )

And she loved her movie date with Rhett and Daddy to see The Lego Movie. I am so thankful for my hubby. He always enjoys taking the kids to movies and such. He knows what a stay-at-home gal he married. : )

February 25, 2014

My Sweetheart

Ok, Mom...How's this?

Look at you? Ok, wait...

One more?!

Pizza after Mass?!?!?!? Ok, then!!!!

February 22, 2014

Keepin' It Real...I Have Issues

My husband sometimes jokes that he is going to write a blog post sharing some real things about me that are kind of...oh, shall we say...weird. So, I am one step ahead of him with this one. ; ) Although I often share with you things that I love or that make me happy, I have yet to share with you the little things that totally freak me out. Therefore, in the interest of fairness, I share with you the following seemingly harmless things that put me into panic mode. And please know, I realize how ridiculous this is. : )

Broken Glass

This picture is from a show we used to watch on The Food Network. And it depicts one of my biggest fears. Broken Glass. I can't explain it...the thought of shards of glass makes me freak out. Ask my husband...if something breaks, I immediately envision all of us ingesting pieces of glass. I know. I know. The first step is admitting it, right?

Spilled Milk

I hate spilled milk. I know it is harmless. I realize there are much worse things in this world. But I fear spilled milk. A few years ago, my dear Madison dropped an entire gallon of milk in our kitchen. She froze. While Peyton ran to get me, milk seeped everywhere. Under the refrigerator, under the stove, under the rug. And apparently, we discovered months later, there are small appliance cord holes under the refrigerator and stove. Which means milk dripped down into the basement. Which I discovered and only realized that it was dried milk much later. Poor Steve, he tried very hard to convince me it was probably something else, but after almost 23 years of marriage, I'm onto him.

Raw Chicken

I saved the best for last. I can't handle raw chicken. At all. I cook with it a lot. I even buy it at the store. Yes, I wrap it in three plastic bags and keep it away from anything else in my cart, but I do buy it. When I cook with it I practically wear a Hazmat suit. Ok, not really, but I probably could. And Clorox wipes? I'm pretty sure they developed them for people like me. Ugh. Just the thought gives me the creeps.

Ok, so there you have it. The truth about me and my issues. I feel much better now. : )

Wait. I have one more.

A big shout out to Pinterest for all the pics. : )

How about you, my friends? What totally freaks you out? Please tell me I'm not the only one. ; )

February 20, 2014

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here. This weekend will be the first with a big void in it. I won't be visiting my father or even speaking to him on the phone. My dear sweet mother is going to visit my sister Angel for the weekend. I know how much my mother will enjoy the visit with her and her three young kids. Steve and Rhett have plans to go to camp to watch the Daytona 500, so my sister Margie is coming here to spend the weekend with us. : )

Friday evening I am planning on a simple meal of fish and pierogies. Then the girls and I will most likely have a quiet evening with some snacks and a good Lifetime movie.

Saturday is free during the day. I will be making a much needed run to the grocery store. If the weather is nice enough, I will bring Flynn with me. She loves to ride in the cart and help. And I will be squeezing her little body into that cart as long as I can! Saturday afternoon we will attend Mass, followed by take out from our favorite little place right up the road. I am thinking steak salad. Or maybe wings. ; )

Sunday Madison has Confirmation practice for her Confirmation next weekend. Her sponsor is her dear friend Jeffrey, but since he lives a ways away, Margie is going to stand in for him at practice. Then, once Steve and Rhett return home I am planning a simple dinner of Pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit. After dinner...The Walking Dead! : )

And that is my super exciting weekend, my friends. I hope yours is happy and cozy and filled with fun and food and family. Thanks for stopping by!

My sweetheart...

who was thrilled when Madison's friend Jeffrey came home and built her a fort in the basement. : )

Homeschoolers don't get snow days...so I was hoping these sweet rolls would help.

Sooo much cold and snow this winter...but sooo much beauty too.

How I love to see my Peyton teaching my little Flynn all about cooking dinner!
And how I love that my Peyton DOES cook dinner!

These two have been spending a lot of time together lately...

seeing who can do better at that Flappy Bird game. For the record...Flynn is close behind! 

And all the commotion in this house doesn't seem to bother this little guy. I think he has the right idea. : )

Happy winter Weekend!

February 18, 2014

My Current Favorites...Winter Edition

So it is winter. Still. I love winter. And summer. And spring and fall. Every season has a beauty to share with us, and I find that as each one comes along, I am usually ready to embrace it. Winter is no different. Now, I love winter in my own way. The stay-inside-and-read-bake-and-snuggle sort of way. Years ago, I enjoyed snowmobiling with my hubby. Ice skating too. My children don't believe it either...but it's true, I swear. ; )

These are a few things I love this time of year. Maybe they are the same as some of yours...

I miss my Christmas soap, but this is just as wonderful. And yes, I am that excited about hand soap. It smells really good, but not too strong. It is always sitting near my kitchen sink...

and on the other side...this amazing hand cream. I don't know about you, but my hands get reeeaaally dry this time of year. If this isn't sitting right there, I forget to use it.

And to keep the rest of me hydrated...this. Madison and I drink this all. day. long. I make it up first thing in the morning and we drink it all day. It is so much more refreshing than regular water, and actually makes me feel good. Sometimes we add orange slices too.

And I know I shared these before... but I just have to say. I love them. Halos are the best winter snack ever. Period.

Now just so you don't think I went all crazy and got healthy on you...I am also loving winter baking. Well, actually loving Peyton and Flynn's winter baking. : )

And these. Soft fluffy throws...you will find me here most nights with my cup of green tea.

So winter go ahead and stay awhile...I'm all set here. : )

February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

You know how we love to celebrate holidays in this house, right? We especially love to celebrate Love Day. And here is how we did it this year...

Breakfast...because anything goes on Valentine's Day. : )

While the big kids got caught up on school work, Flynn and I set the table...

and made heart shaped pizzas with heart shaped pepperoni and strawberry Kool-Aid for lunch.

After an extra long afternoon nap (me) and some nibbling on these yummy chocolates (the kids), we made a yummy dinner.

Peyton made Baked Ziti...

Tossed Salad...

and garlic toast made from leftover buns that a friend sent in with sloppy joes earlier this week. Note to self...remember that...it was really good!

Then it was time for a few small presents.

I love the look of excitement on her face. : )

All my loves. : )

We finished the night with Brownies made by Peyton...

and for those who wanted...Brownie Sundaes made by Madison. : )

Hope your day was filled with sweets and love, my friends!