July 31, 2023

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Good Monday morning, my friends! How was your weekend? I hope it was everything you planned and then some. Today is the last day of July. Can you believe it? Just as we get into the swing of summer, along comes August to remind us that fall and all it brings is pretty close behind. I love fall, as you may know, yet I will be mindful of enjoying and savoring these August days, appreciating them without wishing them away.

Yesterday was a very happy day. Want to know why?

Yep! Steve, Flynn, and I visited my mom at her new home!!! We had a wonderful time sitting in the shade, watching the cars go by, drinking strawberry milkshakes, and playing cards. She and Flynn played War, and then we all played Go Fish. Afterward, we went inside so Mom could get a much-deserved nap. I am thankful for the people in my hometown manor who take such loving care of the most wonderful woman I know.

My mom enjoyed Flynn so much. She and Flynn have always had fun together, and as I sat there watching them, I remembered my mom being right there the day she was born.

Other things that brought happiness and joy recently?

My Peyton Rose, living the life she dreamed of for so many years. She is a natural-born caregiver, homemaker, cook, baker, and the most loving and fun child caregiver ever. If you have been here for some time, you remember how much she cared for Flynn as a baby and a child. Peyton now works as a nanny for several families and loves it so much. She is also a wonderful wife to Christopher and continues our love of birthday celebrations! She recently invited us all to celebrate Chris on his birthday, and look how amazing it was! That cake was chocolate with an Oreo cream icing. Heavenly!

This little girl brings us joy, even as she adjusts to life without her best friend. She is always available for snuggling and cuddling, especially lately with Steve.

Finally, this beautiful lake we live on brings happiness and peace. This past weekend we boated and swam, and it was great. I am not a huge fan...ok, not a fan at all...of exercise. Swimming, however, I can do. I felt so good after being in the lake and moving this old body! 

Well, I have some papers on the kitchen counter that need attention and a few phone calls to make. Tonight we are going to Peyton and Chris's for family movie night. I am told that this second Star Wars movie is the best. Even if it isn't, Peyton's dinner will be worth it! Have a cozy Monday, my friends. Check back here on Wednesday for this little blog's 11th Birthday giveaway! Can you believe it?!


July 28, 2023

Thank You

Hello, my friends. Thank you so much for all the support, prayers, and comfort since the passing of our precious Kirby. I shared all the comments and emails with my family, and we are thankful for your kindness and prayers. We will continue to reflect on the memories of the happy times and the joy he brought us all.

We miss Kirby terribly and are finding comfort in being together. My best friend Heather and her husband Dave came to visit on Wednesday night, and she brought cupcakes and my very favorite donuts. Madison and Nicolas came over too, and we had dinner and visited. Last night, Peyton and Chris came over for a boat ride, swimming, and dinner.


These two are comforting each other. They both miss their best friend.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friends. We plan on visiting my Mom on Sunday, and I am so excited to see her! Other than that, we don't have much planned.

I am looking forward to coffee and some time with my new book. I apologize for not visiting this week. I will be around soon!

Thanks again, my friends.

Have a lovely weekend!


July 26, 2023

Goodnight, Kirby

We said goodnight to our Kirby yesterday afternoon. Although we knew it was coming, we were unprepared for how heartwrenching it would be. Kirby has been a part of our family for fifteen years, longer than Flynn has been alive. He was more than a pet, more than a dog. Kirby was an essential part of our family, and he will be missed every single day. 

Yesterday our entire family spent the afternoon with him in his favorite place, here at home. He ate his favorite thing ever, pumpkin bread, and snuggled with Steve all afternoon. Our vet is the most compassionate doctor ever and came to our home so Kirby could be comfortable and at peace. He was indeed, and after each of us said goodnight, Kirby was free from his pain and confusion. We are left to grieve him, and as one who has never lost a pet, I am learning how very difficult that is.

We are comforted by the fifteen years of memories and the many pictures we have of him throughout the years. Thank you, Kirby, for your friendship, loyalty, and love. Thank you for being there through so many chapters of our lives, both happy and sad. You were Daddy's best friend, and the bond you two had will never be replaced. You were more than a pet to all the kids, sharing a special relationship with each one. And you were Mocha's partner in crime. You loved the color orange, socks, pumpkin bread, opening presents, Kraft cheese slices, and being in family pictures. You were and will always be King Kirby. We miss you, Kirby. Goodnight. Sleep tight.

Thank you for visiting, my friends.
I am always glad you do.


July 24, 2023

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Good morning from sunny Pennsylvania! Happy Monday, my friends. How was your weekend? I hope it was full of fun if that is what you planned, or it was cozy and relaxing because that is great too. We had a fun weekend with our friends, who stayed from Thursday until Sunday morning, and into that short amount of time, we crammed a week's worth of activities! We visited with coffee in cozy clothes, went to lunch at a favorite place, went tubing on the lake, watched movies, played games, ate delicious food, and even celebrated Danielle's birthday, which happens to be today! 

Peyton came through again with this delicious dessert! I have shared this before, but here is the recipe in case you missed it.

 Janet's Ice Cream Dessert

               2 boxes of ice cream sandwiches

               1 small container of Cool Whip, thawed

               1 jar Hot Fudge Sauce

               ( Dove or Hershey's are our favorite )

                Crushed Oreos. Sprinkles, etc.

                Unwrap ice cream sandwiches.

                Place in a 13x9-inch pan.

                Cover with half of the Cool Whip.

                Spread Hot Fudge Sauce over Cool Whip.

                Top with another layer of sandwiches.

                Spread the rest of the Cool Whip on top.

                Sprinkle with crushed Oreos.

                Cover and place in freezer.

We had pizza one night, and Red Lobster another, but the best meal was the one Steve prepared. He grilled marinated chip steak and fresh zucchini and made his mother's recipe for Creamed Lettuce over fried potatoes. I added fresh fruit and some Italian bread, and we had a feast! 

The creamed lettuce is a delicious recipe Steve's mom always made during the summer. I remember standing in her kitchen back while I was dating Steve, watching her mix it up. I can't duplicate it yet, but Steve sure can!

If you want to try it...it is really easy. We use garden lettuce. Then mix up mayo or Miracle Whip. I even use Miracle Whip Light. No accurate measurements; just dump some in a bowl. Add some regular vinegar...less than the mayo...enough to thin it out to make it pourable but not watery! Chop up some green onions and toss well. Then put this in the refrigerator while you boil some small red potatoes. Boil them until almost done, cut them in The crea half, and fry until crispy. Put the potatoes on your plate and top with the creamed lettuce. That's it! It is so good!

( I copied and pasted that from an old post! )

After we said goodbye to our friends and returned to bed for a bit, we headed out for a family fun day together! Rhett is our good time organizer, and he planned this quite some time ago. We are all fans of the movies, and although we have different interests, we agreed that we all wanted to see Oppenheimer. Some also wanted to see Barbie, so we headed out late Sunday morning for a day at the movies.

Our car!

Car Number Two!

And Car Number 3, already waiting at the restaurant!

Ready for the movies!

We saw these movies, and Oppenheimer was outstanding. It was more than a movie to me. It was an event. Leaving a film wanting to read and learn more about the events and people depicted means the movie was a success. I will only say a little about Barbie, except that I am unsure of the target audience. As someone who played with Barbies and has had three daughters who also loved them, I was a bit disappointed in the movie. Like many movies, it insisted on conveying a strong message that, to me, was divisive and unnecessary, considering the film's subject is a beloved toy. That is my opinion, and if you are interested in this movie, I urge you to read about it and decide for yourself. Ok. Moving on.

The calendar tells me it is the last week of July, so I am starting to think about lesson planning for Flynn's homeschool, which I am always excited about. This week Flynn has an art lesson and a music lesson. I have a hair appointment and a virtual appointment with my therapist, who keeps me on track with my anxiety and OCD. It is supposed to be hot here, so we should get some swimming and boating in too! And last but not least, this is one of my favorite weeks of the year!

Shark Week!

We made a much bigger event of it when the kids were little. Now it is more laid back, but I still enjoy it. There is just something about knowing so many other people are enjoying it and watching it at the same time. 

Have a wonderful Monday, my friends.
Thanks for visiting!



July 21, 2023

Phone Photos On A Friday

Hello, my friends! Happy Friday! This week passed quickly, as the weeks seem to do. I have a list of things to do, and this week most didn't get done. But, you know what? I did spend an afternoon with my three girls eating McDonald's and playing Trivial Pursuit. I did watch Star Wars with my family. I also binged watched a season of a Walking Dead spinoff with Flynn. I made a delicious meal of pasta, fresh tomatoes, and chicken tenders. I even went to dinner with my best friend. Time spent with loved ones doing ordinary things wins out every time!

I gave this old guy a bath this week, and he was pleased about it.

Speaking of happiness...my Mom is loving her new home! Here she is enjoying some time outside with bubbles.

Run. Don't walk to the bookstore or the library to get this book. I absolutely loved it and could not put it down. 

Finally, meet my new friend Chippy! I see him around every morning, but yesterday he came up right on the porch and stayed for a visit. He wanted me to take his picture, I am quite sure.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Our dear friends are here visiting, so there will be lots of coffee, movies, games, and boat rides. Danielle is a wonderful friend I met right here through our blogs! You can visit here right HERE at her own cozy blog.

Thanks for visiting!
Billie Jo


July 19, 2023

Just For Fun On A Wednesday

Good morning! With so many streaming channels available now, many of them free, I am finding some of my favorite shows from long ago available to watch again. Some of these I haven't thought of in years and years! Let's see if you remember any of my favorites. I'll put the answers down below!


Let's start with an easy one, but one I still love!


This one I loved! My sisters and I watched it all the time years ago.


Another favorite. So funny!


This one may be hard! I haven't seen it forever! 


This one is my very favorite show ever. I watched it every single day when I was in college. It is hard to find now, but if I see it, I stop what I am doing and watch!


Finally, this is my very favorite drama from years ago. Again, very hard to find! But so so so good!

What are some of your favorite shows? I'd love to hear about them!



1. The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)

2. Get Smart (1965-1970)

3. Hazel (1961-1966)

4. Land of the Lost (1974-1977)

5. Who's The Boss? (1984-1992)

6. Knot's Landing (1979-1993)

Google for the Images

July 17, 2023

Monday Morning Coffee Talk


Good Monday morning, my friends. I am cozy on the couch with two pups and an empty coffee cup. My view is the same as this, except my Mocha is not lounging in the sun as she was on Saturday. Speaking of Mocha, she celebrated her eighth birthday yesterday, which apparently makes her a "senior" pup! She is five pounds of pure love and has been since the day we brought her home.

Although it seems like yesterday, this photo reminds me that, indeed, it is not. Flynn at five was the cutest thing ever!

And at 13? Still is! She is always happy to go with Steve wherever he has to go. They have the best time together, which makes me so happy. In other Happy News...

Madison's husband Nicolas received his Permanent Residence Card! This means he can live and work here in the United States for an extended period. He and Madison have worked hard for this, including numerous visits with attorneys,  participating in several interviews, and paying countless fees. We are so happy for and proud of Nicolas. We are also thankful that he continues to love and share his beautiful Danish culture and traditions with us too!

Finally, my mom! She recently qualified for nursing home care, and we decided that the best place for her is an hour or so away in our hometown. My sister Margie lives there, as well as so many of the people my mom knows from all different stages of her life. Her very best friend from school recently came and visited her! She is so very happy and well cared for. We miss her terribly but have wonderful phone visits and are kept up to date by Margie on all the activities she enjoys. I called her last week, and although she was happy to hear from me, she told me that she was in the middle of making blueberry muffins! Isn't she the most beautiful person ever?

Well, time for me to get going. Today Flynn, Madison, and I are going for lunch and an afternoon visit with Peyton at her cozy home. Then tonight, Flynn is hosting a family movie night here with everyone except Steve and Madison, who are uninterested in the movie. It is the original Star Wars. And can you believe I have never seen it?!?! I am curious to see how I like it, especially since I am postponing my weekly Bachelorette viewing to watch! 

Have a great day, my friends.
I pray for all affected by the flash flooding, the intense heat wave, and those still burning wildfires. 

Thanks for visiting!