May 31, 2014

Notes From The Schoolroom...May 2014

And just like's over. Our first year of cyber/homeschooling is complete. I am happy to say it was beyond successful. : ) I take none of the credit for that, however; my children are what made it work. I am so very proud of the way each one of them transitioned and took responsibility for his or her own work. I am so thankful for this year, and am excited for many more to come.

Madison is completing her junior year and is very happy. She did exceptionally well and was able to continue to work at Dairy Queen as a manager at the same time. That went a long way in helping her to understand concepts such as personal responsibility and time management skills. I would say she most enjoyed her Fashion Merchandising class. The thing I want to remember about this year with her is how she sat at her desk, headphones in, sipping her coffee and checking her phone. Multitasking at its finest. : )

Peyton is finishing her eighth grade year and is the hardest worker I have ever seen. She is also completely self motivated, and was always way ahead of schedule with her classes. She is dancing for joy that Geometry will now be a distant least until Rhett takes it and I need her help! The thing I want to remember about Peyton this year is when she asked for my help, before I even got the chance to respond or make it over to her desk, I would hear, "Never mind, Mom. I got it!"

Rhett is finishing his 6th grade year and has made the most progress.I am so happy at the progress he has made in working independently. At the beginning of the year, I needed to keep him on task with most of his classes. Now, he rarely asks for help at all. He does very well in Science and also enjoys Literature. One thing I want to remember about this year with Rhett is how he and I worked together in Math. When he was ready to submit an assignment for grading, he would grab my hand and say,"Are you ready, Mom?"

And my little 3 year old Preschooler, Flynn...I have enjoyed every minute with her this year. She has made strides in every area...letter recognition, formation, counting, small motor skills, and attention span. She loved school this year, and made it so much fun. The thing I want to remember about this year with my Flynn is simply sitting with her at her little white table. Every morning, she would wait for me and greet me with, "Hello, teacher!"

Things I'm loving...
  1. Spending everyday with my children
  2. Watching their progress
  3. Enjoying making our own schedule of learning
And not so much...
  1. I got nothing!

Here are some pictures of our last month of school this year!

We worked on lacing this month...

and she got the hang of it right away.

Finding these lacing cards with Olivia on them on Zulily helped quite a bit. : )

We learned about buds on trees and she painted some using a pencil eraser...

And another reason I am loving this...We read all about spring flowers and leaves blooming from buds on trees, and tadpoles in water, and birds hatching from eggs...

and on daily walks after lunch, we were able to see each one of these things...not in books...

but right before our very eyes. : )

We painted outside using flowers...

and were pleased with the results. : )

These are the things I want to remember...

about our very first year

of learning at home.

And as if these wonderful memories are not enough...

my children and husband actually thanked ME for these wonderful days. : )

And wonderful days they were.
2013-2014 School Year...that's a wrap!
Thanks for the memories.

May 29, 2014

Weekend Plans

Our weekend is busy. Fun busy. And it is June! Hard to believe, right? So Friday is quiet here. We actually have no plans whatsoever. I think Steve will cook something on the grill, and we will spend the evening outside. : )

Saturday is a special day...Peyton's birthday! She is turning 14, and is my quiet one. Her party will reflect that...just us and my mom and sister Margie and her husband Chris. The verdict is still out on what she wants for her birthday dinner. She is currently asking everyone else what they would like her to pick. I am trying to convince her that she can choose whatever she wants, but that is Peyton...always thinking of others. : )

Sunday is a busy day. We will attend Mass, then come home for a quick change before heading to Rhett's soccer game. Madison has the day off of work, so we will all be able to go. Afterward, I am thinking we will find somewhere to eat out before heading home. And then, it will be showers and baths and preparation for our last week of school before summer!

That is our weekend...all wrapped up nice and tidy. I hope yours is happy and sunny and cozy and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

The trees lining our driveway did their thing this year...and I was glad.

Oh...hello there Kirby. : )
Would that be ice cream on your face?

Love bringing berries home from the store. Look at these beauties!

Memorial Day was beautiful this year.

We watched the parade downtown...

and Grandma met us there!

I love my mother. She is the best human being I have ever known. For real.

No words necessary.

And then it was home for movies, dinner and dessert.
Remember those berries? Yep.

Happy Weekend!

May 26, 2014

A Day In The Life...2014

One day last year, I took pictures of an ordinary day in my life. I find that these beautiful, ordinary days seem to fade from my memory and take root in my heart. One day last week, I picked up the camera and did it again. This is a recent day in our pictures. : )

Flynn and I are the early risers. We had our coffee and milk...

and then played Club Penguin on the iPad. : )

Once everyone was up and ready, we had breakfast. Flynn and I shared this. Meaning, she ate all the chocolate and I got the flakes.

School time. Flynn rings this little bell to start the day. And yes, she really does.

Working hard...

and one of my very favorite pictures. Ever.

Once Flynn was finished for the day, she played with her McDonalds set...

while watching this McDonalds video. Sooo glad I kept all these "vintage" toys and movies from the older kids. : )

Meanwhile, I spent time with this...

and these...

and this. And sixth grade math is hard. Ugh.

We had a light lunch...

and then my in-house bakers made a delicious chocolate cake. Why? Well, because the Dancing With the Stars finale and The Bachelorette premiere were on that night...Why else? : )

And yes...we do this in this house.

While that was happening...this was too.

Well done, girls. Well done. : )

After was outside!!!!

Where someone is getting brave on that little bike. : )

And where someone else really needs to stop acting like a teenager, and more like the 44 year old that she actually is. ; )

Flynn's was better. Cinderella's coach. What else?

Once we came in and washed up, the girls and I had dinner. Steve had a business dinner and Rhett went along with him, so the girls and I enjoyed some leftovers and an episode of The Munsters.

Then it was bath time for a little lady, followed by a yummy piece of cake before bed.
Meanwhile, my personal assistant Peyton cleaned up the family room. Because like her mother, she can't settle in and watch television in a messy room.

Once my youngest was fast asleep, I found my spot on the sectional and joined my older girls for a night of television...

where we watched this young lady on The Bachelorette search for her future husband on a reality  TV show. And you know what? I sincerely hope she finds him, and has as many wonderful days with him and her family as I have been blessed to have with mine. : )