August 31, 2016

A Touch Of Fall

It is no secret. I adore fall. I always have. The calendar year begins in January, but for me, it is the lovely month of September that feels like a new beginning. Perhaps it is because as a student, then a teacher, and now as a homeschooling mother, I feel September means a fresh start. A fresh, clean schoolroom welcomes my three students back . The weather here begins to change. A crisp autumn breeze means cozier clothes come out. The long hot days of summer give way to shorter, cozier days with earlier evenings spent inside with my people. And cooler weather calls for cozy, comfort food to replace the lighter grilled meals of summer.

I love to decorate our home for fall. I always try to hold out until after Labor Day. And sometimes I do. Not this year. On a recent rainy afternoon, the girls and I carried up the tubs marked "Autumn", and transformed our country home into a cozier place to welcome fall.

Happy Fall, my friends!!!!

August 29, 2016

A Peek Inside...Our Schoolroom 2016

Things are changing in our little schoolroom, my friends. Madison officially relinquished her desk to me...and my little kindergarten student is now in First Grade! I took this opportunity to revisit my pre-motherhood days, and decided to recreate an actual classroom this year. Well, as close as I could with one, however quite eager, student. Peyton and Rhett are always so agreeable, and despite the fact that an actual high school classroom may not look quite so...festive...are quite alright with it. So here are a few pictures of our schoolroom this year...

Here is the view as you see it from the foyer...

Our old Preschool/Kindergarten area is now a storage and display area for manipulatives, writing paper, books, puzzles, and games.

In the middle of the room, her little table is all ready for Arts and Crafts...

And right in front of that...her first ever desk...a gift from a all ready for the first day!

Of course I put my favorite...ok, only...student right beside my desk. : )

My desk...which oddly set up almost exactly as it was 20 some years ago.

Peyton and Rhett are all set to go as well.

The teacher in me is rejoicing over brand new white chalk. : )

And I am just as happy with the brand new month of September all ready to begin.

And although we don't officially begin our new year until next week, we are more than ready to start learning, living, and laughing together.

Prayers and love to all of you, my friends...
That each one of our children will have a happy, healthy, productive school year.
That we, as parents and teachers will bless them with our guidance and support.
And that God will guide us day after day in our efforts.
Have a blessed and wonderful school year, my friends!

August 25, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up

As summer continues to wind down, we are trying to squeeze in as many events as possible before our autumn routine commences. This week we took a trip to one of our very favorite parks...Delgrosso's Amusement Park. We have made the drive to this fun family park most every summer since Madison was around two years old. I love the quaintness, the cleanliness, and the food. Because. Amusement parks = food, right? I got a bit teary eyed when I saw the kiddie park where Madison rode her very first rides all those years ago. But the joy and the excitement in Peyton, Rhett, and Flynn's eyes quickly dried them and allowed for a beautiful, family afternoon. That and several texts and photos to and from Madison. : )

We made it!
We actually don't plan a day to go.
We wait for a nice, cool, rain free day.
Then we arrive in the late afternoon.
Less crowd. Perfect weather.

First up. Dinner.

Mamma was happy. : )

Flynn rode a few of the kiddie rides...

And her sister and brother were happy to join her on a few.

While Dad and Mom were happy to watch from the sidelines.

This. Was. Terrifying.
To Watch.

Not only am I no longer pushing a stroller here, but some of those babies I used to push in this very park are taller than I am now!

And as they announced the park would be closing, my super sweet husband made sure to get me my favorite...Funnel Cake and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.

It was a wonderful afternoon, made even better with our realization that our children are indeed each others best friends.

In other news...

Happy mail is arriving. And I am sloooowly adding fall items to my daily routine.
I mean, what other mug could I drink from while browsing thorough one of my favorite magazines, which is filled with all things fall?

One night last week Flynn invited her sweet friends and cousins over for some summer fun!
It was a last minute thing, and I was thankful they could come!
They played, jumped in the kiddie pool, used the swing set, and ran through the sprinkler.
The highlight of the evening, though, were the awesome water balloons her friend Josiah brought!

So thankful to Rhett for entertaining, and for Peyton for pushing the swings!
We had hot dogs and macaroni and cheese...

And the hit of the night?
Make Your Own Brownie Sundaes!
It was an easy, fun way for the little ones to have some summer playtime together!

The rest of the week involved first grade lesson planning...Yay!...a hair cut and coloring...Amen! Goodbye dark roots...A date night with friends...So nice!...and let's be honest here...a few cozy afternoon naps. 

Oh. And a week wouldn't be complete without some baking!
Peyton tried a new recipe for Triple Berry Muffins, and they were incredible! I
I found the recipe over at a friend's lovely blog right here.

The other muffins are an old favorite of ours.
The Double Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe can be found here.

Muffins are a great school morning breakfast, or after school snack.
We pair them with some fresh fruit, and are all set to go!

And for all my friends that have sent your littles to school, enjoy your weekend!
We have another week to go, but will be preparing by cleaning and decorating the schoolroom, and updating the computers.

Thanks for visiting!
Thank you also for the very warm welcome you gave to my Madison's new blog.
She was so excited and thankful!

Have a cozy weekend with your people, my friends!