April 8, 2014

S'mores Bark

Sometimes you just need a little something sweet. And some daughters looking for something to do. When my girls were looking for something to do today, I suggested they make this. And that is all I did. Because this snack is so quick and easy, they did it all by themselves. So if you have some kiddos that need something to do, why not ask them to whip up some S'mores bark. It is this easy...

Line a sheet pan with wax paper.
Melt some milk or dark chocolate.
Spread out.
Melt a little less white chocolate.
Swirl through.
Top with broken graham crackers,
Marshmallow Fluff,
and chopped Hershey bars.
Pop into the refrigerator for an hour.
It will look like this.

Then break it up and put it into a bowl.
 With a lid.
To keep it fresh.
If it lasts that long.

Be sure to sample a piece.
You have to make sure it's good, right?


  1. Sure looks good. I think I'll try that one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. OH, my gosh. Wow, this looks amazing. Can I send my kids over for your treats?

  3. We like to call those decadent snacks...vein clogging snacks. All fat free, right? ;)

  4. Oh my...that looks good. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  5. Now that does look delicious! Too much so...my waistline already needs reducing and I do not think that I could resist such goodness.

    :) Hope

  6. You had me at S'mores. And then there was marshmallow fluff involved and chocolate, so we were good. The photos pretty much made me drool on the computer.

    I have a grocery store stop in my afternoon planned any way, I'm going to stock up and make this!!

    I thank you in advance. My treadmill also thanks you because after eating this I will be visiting the Mighty Dread to work off the calories. lol.

  7. what a fun treat, pretty perfect for Summertime too! Pinning this one :)

  8. My niece and I are sitting here drooling! Oh chocolate, my weakness!

  9. That looks amazing and looks like it was waaaay harder to make than your directions. Anna would love to make this... I've got to get some chocolate for her to try it out this weekend!

  10. I know what's going on my grocery list!

  11. Genius idea and looks oh so delicious!! I love simply made sweet treats.

    Blessings! Have a wonderful rest of your week :)


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