February 12, 2021

Chinese Takeout And Everything Hearts


Happy Friday, friends! And Happy Chinese New Year! We will celebrate tonight with some delicious takeout from one of our favorite places in town. Although I usually get some beef with broccoli, I am thinking of sesame chicken tonight. And an eggroll. And maybe some wonton soup. Can you tell I haven't eaten my breakfast yet today?? The remainder of this cold February weekend will include preparing for and celebrating Valentine's Day, which I strongly suspect is a commercial ploy to get people to buy expensive cards and gifts in an attempt to relay feelings of love that can be conveyed just as strongly with a home-cooked meal and a handwritten note, but that I happily celebrate every year with chocolate because it is a holiday, right? But I do tell Steve that I know he loves me. I don't need him to give Hallmark money to let me know. I am lacking in the romance department, I know.

In other news, the pups got treated at the groomer and look fresh and smell clean. Little Mocha loves to go and doesn't even bark when I leave her with Alyssa, but the excitement clearly wears her out! Kirby takes it all in stride, as usual. He takes his role as big brother quite seriously. Peyton made cupcakes that were as delicious as they were cute. And I planned a little brunch for my people to celebrate the special day of hearts and love. I am thinking scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee cake, fruit, juice, and coffee. And then a nap. 
Have a cozy weekend filled with lots of love, my friends.
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February 10, 2021

A Little Powder Room Makeover


This is a photo Rhett took of the powder room when we were looking at this house last summer. (Hi Rhett!) And that is basically what it has looked like for the past six months, except for the paper towels. I did get a handtowel, promise. A few weeks ago, I realized that I could do a few things to make that cute little space a bit cuter, so I did a little online shopping, and with help from Lowes, Target, and Peyton's Christopher, who can assemble anything in record time, I transformed that into this:

Much better, don't you think?

Have a cozy Wednesday, my friends!

(The shelf is from Lowes. Everything else is from Target!)

February 5, 2021

Friday Already?

I remember years ago, sitting in Physics Class in January, (a class I had no business being in, by the way) flipping open my Trapper Keeper, thinking about how slowly the next few months would drag on. And they did. Now it seems the weeks and months pass as quickly as a VHS tape on Fast Forward. It's Sunday afternoon, then suddenly, Friday morning. My dear dad used to say, The older you get; the faster it goes!"

This past week was filled with the mundane yet simply lovely moments of picking up groceries, eating special bakery cupcakes, watching snow falling and winds blowing, schooling, bill paying and cooking. We also decided on the menu for our SuperBowl Sunday festivities, which usually involves takeout. This year, a unanimous vote decided homemade stromboli. And I am glad. 

I hope your weekend is filled with fun, food, and family, my friends.
See you Monday!

February 3, 2021

If You Have Never...


If you have never enjoyed the goodness of a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I implore you to try one. Immediately. It is life-changing. I promise. Allow me to share my experience in creating this dish with you. First off, I have found a griddle works best, but a frying pan will do. Simply spray with nonstick spray, place your peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the heat, wait for the bread to turn golden brown on both sides and for the ooey-gooey peanut butter to melt. Sidenote here. Although I regularly eat low-calorie multigrain bread, I bring in the good stuff for this job, usually slices of fresh, thick, white bread. Be sure to grill both sides and resist the urge to smash it down with the spatula. Once the bread is golden brown, place it onto a plate...and here is the important step...slice it with a serrated bread knife. Pour a glass of ice-cold milk, and sit back and enjoy. And yes. I literally just wrote an entire post on how to make a peanut butter sandwich. 

Have a cozy day, dear friends!
I will be back with more interesting material next time!