April 30, 2021

Not Too Many Photos Friday


Good morning, my friends!
Sharing a recent breakfast because it was delicious.
Scrambled eggs made with almond milk, orange slices, and turkey sausage.
Trying to eat a bit healthier.

Yet still leaving room for things like this.

Morning Mocha.

And a lovely shot of our downtown taken by Madison.
And yes, that would be her Nicolas taking her out to breakfast!

Thank you for all the love and prayers for Peyton and Christopher. They read and appreciate them all! As do I, my friends. As do I.

Happy May! May brings Mother's Day, birthdays, Memorial Day, morning coffee on the deck, and dinner by the lake.  It brings the promise of longer days, boat rides, jet skis, cookouts, and fireworks. It also means we are one month closer to this!

I know. I know. Just throwing it out there!
Have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for reading!

April 28, 2021

Wedding Photo Wednesday


I cannot say enough about the joy and beauty of this day. These two young people shared their love with a small amount of family and friends in an intimate, blessed, joyous way. So many commented to me about the literal joy and love they felt witnessing the marriage of Peyton and Christopher. More than one person commented on how much they loved the simplicity of their wedding as opposed to the elaborateness of so many others. Peyton planned her wedding as she always has done all things. In her way. And I could not be happier or more proud! My girl has realized her dream in Christopher. May God bless them with a blessed, joyous life together!

These beautiful images were captured by an amazingly talented and lovely photographer, who also happens to be my niece, Hope. What a joy to have family document such a blessed day! Thank you, Hope Moose Photography!

And thank you, friends, for all the kind words, prayers, and wishes!
Have a cozy Wednesday. 

April 26, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee ~ Peyton and Chris Are Married!


Good morning! Yes, Peyton and Christopher are married! Friday was the most beautiful, joyous, blessed day, my friends. The sun shone, and my girl married the man of her dreams, surrounded by a small group of those who love them. Peyton and Chris married in the exact place they met. His parents sang the most beautiful music, two blessed priests officiated the mass, both dear friends of our families, and the bride and groom smiled the entire day. 

Today I am sharing some of our own photos of the day, taken at random moments by family members and us. Wednesday, I will share some preview photos from the photographer, who happens to be my lovely and talented niece. In the meantime, thank you for your prayers and well wishes, my friends. They were felt all day long. Have a lovely, cozy day!

Thanks for visiting!

Billie Jo

April 22, 2021

Thursday Thoughts


Thank you for all the thoughts, well wishes, and prayers for Peyton and Christopher! I shared them all with her, and she is so thankful! And happy! Today she is baking cookies for favors and tonight is the rehearsal and dinner. Tomorrow is their special day! I will be back on Monday with some photos. Until then, have a wonderful weekend, and thank you again!

April 19, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee~Wedding Week Edition!

Yes! These two beautiful souls are getting married on Friday! My Peyton Rose is marrying her person, Christopher. And he is indeed her person. God brought these two together, and we are so thankful! She is beyond happy, and we are all excited to celebrate them on Friday afternoon. And, in true Peyton fashion, she is doing it her way. It is small, simple, faith and family-centered. Perfect for our girl. 

We are also thrilled that the happy couple will be residing in our same town, not all that far away. They purchased a lovely home with a big yard and lots of beautiful space. They both enjoy the outdoors, so it is the perfect spot for them. If you think of it, send up a prayer or thought for this happy young couple Friday afternoon, would you please? I know they would appreciate all the prayers as they begin their life together.

Have a wonderful day, my friends. Thanks for visiting!

April 16, 2021

Friday Thoughts~Sleepy Addition

I realized when I looked at my photos this week, the majority of them involved sleepy puppies. Sleepy puppies on the footstool, on the couch next to me, in our bed on a chilly spring morning. Perhaps a reminder to slow down and take a rest. It really isn't that horrible for you, right? 

I thought about the sleepy puppies and took a few pictures of my bed because it was super neat and clean. And because I love my bed. It is simple and cozy, and warm. Years ago, I would hunt forever to find the perfect bedspread or quilt or comforter. I looked for patterns and pillows and shams and curtains. I matched it to the carpet and the walls. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that! It made me happy  at the time. Today, older and wiser, and perhaps more practical, I lean towards simplicity and comfort. I found this at Target. And I love it. 

In other news, I mad a quiche. It was delicious! You should make a quiche too. Try this one right HERE. I didn't use a crust and substituted almond milk, and it was delicious. I served it with some fresh fruit I had cut up and put in the fridge. Having fruit cut and clean on hand makes it much easier when snack time comes around. 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. I think I will watch some of the funeral for Prince Phillip tomorrow. I also need to make my menu and grocery list before our Sunday morning date! Thanks for stopping by. I am always happy you do.