February 26, 2020

Guess What???

Our Peyton Rose and her Christopher are engaged!!!!
We are over the moon happy for this beautiful couple and are blessed to welcome this amazing young man into our family. We are also excited to watch their love story continue to unfold. 

February 12, 2020

The Evolution Of Milestone Birthdays

Yep. It was time for my first screening colonoscopy.
I was not excited about it.
I was downright anxious.
(Health Anxiety tends to do that.)
I thought about the fact that the inconvenience of one day in my life could prevent something very dangerous in my future.
The prep drink is not bad at all when mixed with Gatorade.
The hardest part was not eating all day, but I can sleep anytime, anywhere, for any length of time, so guess how I spent most of my prep day?
Well, that and texting with some awesome friends for support and some laughs.
The procedure was quick and painless.
After a drink of cranberry juice and a visit from the doctor, I was on my way.
Thankfully, the doctor gave me what she called her Gold Star, and told me I would not have to return for ten years!

Next up, my yearly eye doctor appointment.
Then in April, my yearly gynecological appointment and mammogram.
And finally, my yearly checkup.

Do I enjoy these things?
Does the thought of them make me anxious?
Am I thankful they are available to me?

Just a reminder to take care of yourself, my friends.
Sometimes it is easy to forget when we take care of everyone else, right?
Ok. End of lecture.

Have a cozy Wednesday!