March 31, 2017

Weekend Plans

It's Thursday night, and I am siting here in a sweatshirt, covered in a blanket, still freezing, watching robins outside my window, and thinking that this weekend is April. That's spring in Pennsylvania for you. This weekend will be filled with food, games, movies, and more food. All because my bestie Marian is coming!

Before we start the relaxing weekend of fun in the country with the hardworking gal from the city, here's a look back at the past week here in our country home...

I spent some time relaxing last weekend with coffee in my cute bunny mug.
By the way...I love the weekly wallpaper from Blessed Is She .

Update from my Denmark daughter Madison...
She finished the first six week module of her Danish language course, and passed her exam beautifully! I am beyond proud of her! She starts the second six week module on Monday. She is also putting her professional makeup artist license and love of helping others to good use by making application videos for the amazing all natural, organic, and cruelty free cosmetic company third culture

I actually placed an order for some products she demonstrated, and was thrilled when they arrived...

So pretty...

It was like Christmas!

I am excited to try them, especially the gloss...but am even more happy with the price!
All this, including shipping for only around $40. Yay!

As happy as my oldest was this week, my youngest was sad.
Club Penguin, an amazingly cute and fun online world that has been a part of our house for almost ten years ended this week. And Flynn was super sad to say goodbye to her penguin, PinkMice3.

Until she realized that the new and improved Club Penguin Island debuted the next day!
Happy days are here again!

My girl...

Just the sweetest little thing ever. 

This little gal is pretty sweet too...

She is always near me...

Except when she's not. : )

I bought myself a treat this week.
Zulily for the win...

It looks even better at night. : )

No words...or edits...needed.

Happy Weekend...

Happy April!

Thanks for visiting, my friends.

I am always glad you do.  : )

March 29, 2017

Look At Her Now

A few months ago, I asked you all for prayers for my dear mother-in-law, Mum. It seemed her time here was ending, and although she said she was ready, we felt the profound sadness that comes with saying goodbye.

My friends, so often I pray the words, "Thy will be done..." without really even stopping to think what they mean. I realize now. Mum will receive her Heavenly reward in God's time. And not a minute sooner. She has more love to give. And much more to receive. She has more spring days to experience, sitting outside with the sun on her face, and more time spent enjoying children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Mum has more McDonald's cheeseburgers to enjoy, and many more stories to share.

I asked for prayers for Mum last November, my friends. You prayed. And look at her now...

Steve's sister Sally sent this beautiful picture of Mum and her friend Sam.

Thank you for your prayers, my friends.
I wanted to share with you exactly how God answered them. : )

March 27, 2017

A Touch Of Easter

Heavy snow hung on the tree branches last weekend, yet the inside of our home was cozy and bright and filled with Easter fun. Gone are the shamrocks and leprechauns. In their place...bunnies and flowers and sweet scented candles. Surely, spring is almost here. : )

I've had these cute little bunnies for years...

And we have only lost one egg to an accidental casualty. : )

This candle smells sooo good.

This one is possibly our favorite of all the Easter scents...
Jelly Beans!

This one smells exactly like you think it does.
Sooo good!!

My favorite Easter decorations...
These bunnies were my mom's.
She put them in her picture window every single year.
My dad picked them out.
And I adore them.

Easter touches on the holiday tree...

a mix of primitive and vintage...

and carrots of course.

This beautiful egg came all the way from Denmark. : )

Our favorite movies all ready for  movie night...
And also...coloring books with the kids' names in them from 2004!!!

Baskets waiting to be filled.
One is missing this year.
My Madison is in Denmark this year for Easter.
This is the first time in 20 years that the Easter bunny will not be filling her basket.
Yes. I cried when I pulled the others out and put her's back in.
So now...three children and two little pups will search for baskets on Easter morning!

We love all the bunnies and candy and fun...
But this is what Easter is all about.

Happy Easter time, my friends!!

March 24, 2017

Weekend Plans

The last weekend of March is here, and we have a few things planned. Friday is free. I have some frozen tilapia in the freezer to fix for dinner and then we will probably have a movie night with some popcorn and snacks. Saturday is free during the day, and then we will go to Mass. After that Rhett is going to the movies with a friend, Steve and I are going to dinner with friends, and Peyton and Flynn are going to hang out at home for a bit. Sunday my bestie Marian is coming up for the day! I'm thinking maybe Steve's awesome meatloaf with some mashed potatoes and cheesy broccoli for dinner. After that it will be our weekly shows to end the weekend.

Here is a look back at what we did this past week here in our country home...

We took our weekly "On the way to Mass" Snapchat on Saturday...

And woke on Sunday to what could be winter's kiss goodbye...

In the interest of being real around here, I share this picture of our family room on any given day.
Because. Life. 

And I did this on Wednesday. 
I do not look forward to this.
I have Health is a thing, trust me...
And that makes going for my mammogram very difficult.
But, I went. And am thankful I am good for another year.

When I got home, a little package awaited me!

I bought myself a gift on Etsy.
And I love it.
Look Tara! Look!

Lastly, we have this little corner upstairs that serves no purpose.
At all.
It sits empty.
Until I finally realized I didn't have to keep our dress up things in Rubbermaid tubs!
Flynn and I arranged all the dresses, costumes, crowns, wands, and accessories in an old toy chest.

We have a brand new love!

Dress up...

And we are having fun. : )

Peyton was busy on Thursday.
She baked cookies and brownies for dessert at our parish Fish Fry. : )

Remember this, my friends...

Have a wonderful, cozy weekend, my friends!
Thanks for visiting.