August 30, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee


Hello, my friends! Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was cozy and calm. Or busy and fun. But mostly, I hope it was safe. Prayers for all affected by the hurricane and for those yet to be. I managed to get myself in gear Saturday and give the downstairs a good cleaning. I used to do weekly cleaning according to a schedule. Good for 30-year-old me! 51-year-old me doesn't seem to mind some dust bunnies on the floor and toothpaste splatter on the mirror. After that, I pulled out the fall bins and added some warm autumn touches to our home. It was rainy outside, so it seemed a bit more fitting even though it was an August afternoon. What else did our weekend include? Some of this...

Yes. That would be me. On a jetski. Who knew??
For the record, I enjoyed it. Didn't love it. Don't feel the need to do it again. Swimming is outdoorsy enough for me. The rest of the weekend was more like this...

Much more my speed. Today I am going to get to work on Flynn's curriculum. For 6th Grade! I always order her books and manuals in May, so I have them. Now to open them and get planning. I always love this time of year. Steve and Madison made dinner last night. Meatloaf and macaroni and cheese! We have enough leftover for tonight and will add some fresh sweet corn, so no cooking for this girl! I hope you have a good day, my friends. September is almost here!

Billie Jo

August 27, 2021

Ordinary Moments

Ordinary moments of ordinary days are underrated, don't you think? It is so easy these days to set up and edit a photo to portray moments in our lives in a way that embellishes them rather than celebrates them for what they are. Blessedly ordinary. Growing up before the age of instant gratification, I recall special events like birthdays, holidays, and weddings being the times we all squeezed together and smiled for the camera. Now, we have the ability to make every single photo we take portray a perfect moment in a perfect life. Perfect lives do not exist. But regular, ordinary, messy, random, fun, silly, and real ones do. Here are just a few of the random moments in our lives this week.

Mocha. Just being Mocha.

Me. Heading in from an evening on the boat, life vests and wet towels in hand.

And a happy lunch with these two besties who are looking more alike every single day.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends. It is going to be rainy here, so I am planning to complete our fall decorating. I know. It is still August. But I can't pass up a cozy, rainy day. We will also watch mass and get groceries. That's it. And I am glad.

One more. 
Humbly offered with prayers for those who gave their lives yesterday, their families, all those who are and who have served in Afghanistan and around the world. For us.

Billie Jo


August 25, 2021

Check It Off

Yep. Today was the day. I had my yearly screening mammogram. This is a tough one for me. My health anxiety seems to dwell on this in particular, and I have to force myself to deal with the anxiety. I think it is very common for women to fear this annual exam. How do I make it easier? I have an awesome support system, unending faith in God, a super husband who takes me, and perhaps my best tip? I schedule my yearly female appointment right after. Then, we can discuss any issues, and I am done for another year.

Thanks be to God, I am clear for another year. So, I check that off the list. And enjoy my last little tip. Treat yourself to something special! 
My first official Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!

Have a good day, dear friends.
Thanks for visiting.

Billie Jo

August 23, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee


Good morning, my friends! Look what I found at my local grocery store! It is as wonderful as I remember, especially that very first sip. I am sitting here looking outside at a beautiful, sunny day and thinking of all the little ones, including our sweet neighbors who started a brand new school year today. I sat on the porch with my first cup of coffee, watching the excitement of the first day, waiting for the big yellow bus to take them on a new adventure. Although Flynn and I homeschool and will not start until after Labor Day, I am still excited about all that comes with a new year. I suppose it is the teacher and mother in me. Fresh sharp crayons, new squeaky sneakers, shiny desks, and unmarked chalkboards. Well, maybe now they are whiteboards?? 

In other exciting news, our pups had a visit to the puppy spa...that's what I tell them...also known as the groomer. 

Kirby, Mocha, and Draper all look and smell fresh as can be!

Well, my plans for today included laundry and cooking dinner. However, a quick glance at my sink as I washed my face reminded me that today our water company is flushing the lines, resulting in brown, unappealing looking water. So, all that will wait. In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor inconvenience for me. Prayers to all suffering from flooding, hurricanes, and all the uncertainty and sadness in Afghanistan. 

What are your plans today?
Remember to take time for yourself!

Billie Jo

August 20, 2021

Friday Photos And This Week's Meal

Hello! And welcome to Friday! Mocha and I hope you all have a cozy and lovely weekend. I hope those of you who need rain get it soon. I also join those of you who are praying for the heartwrenching situation in Afghanistan. Thank you for your suggestions on my dinner the other evening when Steve had a business dinner! Would you believe I did order takeout indeed? My favorite pizza. Pizza Hut. And what did I get there? A personal pan pizza with cheese! Simple makes me happy. The photo I shared of my very favorite scary movie ever was guessed by one reader, and she correctly guessed Halloween! The original 1978 movie is my favorite ever! 

The favorite meal of the week we did have at home was delicious. And easy as can be! Doesn't it look amazing? Well, let me tell you, it was. And although it looks as if I slaved over a hot stove all day, I did not. I picked up a couple rotisserie chickens from our local grocery store deli, cut them up, whipped up some Hungry Jack Potatoes, heated up some Heinz Chicken Gravy, and microwaved some Bird's Eye Broccoli with Cheese Sauce. And my family loved it! Me too. 

Well, that is all I have for you today. I will throw some laundry in, make a few phone calls that have been on my ToDo list, and watch some tv with Flynn. Have a nice day, my friends. Thank you for visiting!

Leaving you with this today. It is not mine, and I do not have an author for it.
But maybe someone can use it just the same.

Billie Jo

August 18, 2021

Randomness Is Happiness


Steve and I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding of the son of our very dear friends. It was the most beautiful, romantic, enjoyable wedding we have attended in so long. The attention to detail was incredible, and the food was amazing. But most wonderful of all was sharing the day with people so dear to us. Thank you, Arnie and Paula, for including us in your beautiful family day.

My little shadow abandoned me last night. I couldn't find her anywhere until Flynn spotted her on Rhett's bed, waiting for him to come home.

Late summer offers so much beauty. And I appreciate it. 
Does anyone know what movie this iconic scene is from???
Come on, you know you do!

Thanks for all the wishes for Flynn. She is on the mend, and after a few nights slathered in Vicks, she is sleeping better and eating again. I read her all your comments, and she was so appreciative!

Have a cozy Wednesday, my friends. It is an all-day rain event here. So we are all cozy and warm. Steve has a business dinner tonight, so no cooking for me! Any suggestions???
Thanks for visiting.
I promise I will be around to visit with you all soon.

Billie Jo

August 16, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee


Good Monday morning, my friends. My morning coffee is a latte from Dunkin'. Yes, I was up and about early this morning. I took my little Flynn to get a Covid test. She began feeling ill a few days ago with a sore throat, slight fever, cough, and congestion. My mind told me it was not the dreaded Covid, but my heart wanted to be sure. Brave soul that she is, she went first thing this morning, and while we waited, we got a treat and started home.

By the time I snapped this picture, we had received the good news that she was indeed negative! She took a long hot shower, I changed her bedsheets, doused the house with Lysol, and got her set up on the couch with a fresh sheet, pillow, and blanket. We are currently watching The Hunger Games. Doing all these things reminds me of the times my sweet mom did the same for me and how much better I always felt.

Have a cozy Monday, my friends. Soak in the summer. But rest assured, all things autumn are coming soon. In the case of this, all this...

August 18th!

Billie Jo

August 13, 2021

Baseball Games And Retro Shows

Yesterday Steve took his oldest, her hubby, and his youngest to a Pittsburgh Pirate game! I was invited, and although I briefly considered it, because I always enjoyed Pirate games with my dad, and I absolutely love stadium hotdogs, I opted to stay home, mainly because of the forecasted oppressive heat. You all know how much I love the sun, right? I felt really good about my decision. And then they were kind enough to send me this picture of my girls. Eating hotdogs inside an airconditioned room. Gotta love them!

I was happy, though, because I got to spend the afternoon with Madison and Nico's cute pup Draper. And some leftover Chinese food.

I know the world is all about Friends lately. And while I think it is a good show, I have to share one I think is highly underrated. It may be because I watched it with my older children years ago, but it is funny! Flynn and I have started watching it together, and I am enjoying it as much now as I did then.

Have you ever heard of Drake and Josh?

It is available on Amazon Prime if you are interested!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
Thanks for stopping in!

Billie Jo

Thanks to Pinterest for the images!


August 11, 2021

In Between And Enjoying Both

This morning found myself snuggled under this beautiful autumn blanket sipping my coffee. I know. I know. It is still August. Madison bought it for me when she was shopping a few weeks ago, and I found it much too pretty and soft to pack away. However, since it is indeed still August, and I actually do enjoy one type of exercise, I spend a bit of time this afternoon with Flynn doing this...

Yes. That would be me. Make up free, hot mess hair, but happy as can be swimming in the lake with my five-pound pup and my eleven-year-old Flynn. Am I itching to dig out my pumpkin spice candle? You bet! But I think I will wait just a bit longer. Cozy outside on the deck at night is cozy just the same.

Have a cozy Wednesday, my friends.
Hotdogs on the grill tonight around here.
How about you?

Billie Jo


August 9, 2021

Well, Hello There!

 Hello there, my friends! Before I dive back into sharing all the happenings around here, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your kind words, messages, comments, and prayers. I hope that by bringing attention to mental health issues during certain periods of a woman's life, we will all feel more prepared, educated, confident, empathetic, and comforted. And not ashamed to ask for help through therapy and medication if necessary.

Meanwhile, we recently made our annual visit to DelGrosso's Amusement Park and enjoyed a lovely summer day. The park brought back so many memories but also allowed us to make new ones. And did I mention the lemonade????

Steve bought some new toys, and they are a hit. I have yet to enjoy the excitement, but everyone else seems to think they are awesome. I prefer a leisurely swim around the dock with only the clouds and ducks around.

We celebrated some very special birthdays for some very special people recently! First up, Christopher turned 24, and we enjoyed an evening of good food, fun, and delicious cake, made by Peyton, of course!

Kyrstin turned 21 last week, and we celebrated her with family, food, fun, and yet another delicious cake by Peyton. I am so happy that our young people enjoy celebrating with us.

And because the calendar still says August, I am doing my best to embrace the beauty of the season. For much of my family, that means peaches! We have peach shortcake, peach pie, peaches and granola, peaches and yogurt, peaches with cereal. The extent of my peach enjoyment consists of peeling and slicing. I'm more of a pumpkin spice and apple kind of girl. 

Perhaps the happiest summer days are the ones when my mom comes to spend the day with us. She loves the dogs, and playing cards, and just spending time with us. We cherish every single moment.

Finishing up with a rather poor iPhone shot of a majestic Bald Eagle we saw one evening while we were out on the boat. It really was an awesome sight.

So, although my heart is beginning to feel the tug of cozy autumn colors, throws, coffee, pillows, rainy days, and all things pumpkin, I am savoring the beauty of these glorious summer days.

Of course, there is laundry to be done, dust bunnies to sweep, school work to plan, and meals to cook. I am taking it easy and remembering to enjoy the beauty every single day. I am sorry I have not been around to visit. I plan on doing that soon. Have a cozy evening, my friends. Lemon garlic baked fish and Bachelorette finale here!

Billie Jo