June 30, 2017

Weekend Plans

Hello friends! And happy Friday! We have a fun filled weekend planned and are starting it off with an anniversary dinner tonight for me and my man. Yesterday we celebrated twenty-six years of wedded bliss! Four kids and two puppies later, I couldn't be more blessed.

Saturday Marian is coming up for our Fourth of July festivities! And for a painting party in Rhett's room. Because we don't want to have all the fun when she's here, right?! We are planning on Mass and then dinner followed by one of our movie marathons. Any suggestions of good movies to watch would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday I am hoping to get to the store for our Fourth of July food items as well as stop in and visit Steve's Mum. We may even see a movie if anything good is playing. I am really looking forward to War For The Planet of The Apes! It comes out soon, and I have read that it is one of the best movies in a long time. If you haven't seen the first two, you should check them out. : )

Now a quick look back at the past week in our country home...

Flynn makes me these fruit parfaits for breakfast, and I really love them!

I have also been eating this same salad for lunch everyday this week.
Trying to repair some damage from the abundance of good food on the cruise!
Although, it was worth every single pound bite!

Ok. I did enjoy this delicious piece of carrot cake my friend Heather brought for our weekly Bachelorette watching party.
Best Carrot Cake. Ever.

Speaking of The Bachelorette...
You know my connection to all things Bachelor related, right?
Remember last year this time when I met and talked with Chris Harrison??
So this past episode was taped in Copenhagen!!
And if you look to the left behind her date's head, you will see Nicolas' apartment building!!!
I asked him if he happened to see Chris walking around town, but I guess we all can't be that lucky. 

Guess who missed me the most?
Yep. This little pup.

So have you discovered these planners yet?!

I love mine!
My hairdresser had one on her desk, and I knew it was what I had been looking for.
I tried the Bullet Journal, but I am sorely lacking in the art category, so this is perfect!

Love the stickers too!
Tara...see the fall ones???

And lastly, yesterday we had Flynn's summer fun party!
She has a late November birthday, so I like to have a small party for her and her friends and cousins in the summer.
Nothing fancy. Just sprinklers, bubbles, hot dogs, and fun.

And S'mores.

Here she is waiting for her friends to come...

And later when things were in full swing!

Everyone had a super fun time and I couldn't be more proud of my older children for all the help they gave me. Rhett and Nicolas cooked and served the hot dogs, Peyton made the dessert, they all played wth the kids and visited with their parents...

And Madison even put together an ice cream station for everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend doing what you do, my friends.
Thank you for visiting!
I am always happy you do.

June 28, 2017

Cruising 2017

Our summer family vacation is in the books. And it was wonderful. I am so thankful our children are each other's best friends, and enjoy spending time together with their old Mom and Dad. We enjoyed a week together aboard The Carnival Pride, a beautiful ship in their line, and sailed from Baltimore to the Bahamas and back, with stops at three beautiful islands. Below are way too many photos of our trip. I apologize for subjecting you to our online scrapbook! Kinda of like the agony of watching a slideshow of your neighbor's summer vacation, right?!

Ready to go!

Reunited with her Nicolas...

A special surprise waiting in the stateroom for our graduate...

Checking out the arcade...

And an ice cold daiquiri while we departed.

On stage with the comedy club's hysterical comedian...

Pictures during our first dinner in the Dining Room...

With dancing too!



And more pictures!

Daddy and his girl loved swimming on board the ship...

And had even more fun playing in the splash zone.
(Throw in a mommy who is forever grateful her husband does all the swimming!)

Afternoon naps.
Because vacation.
And late nights.


And Beanbag Toss Tournaments.

A day spent at Carnival's beautiful, private island, Half Moon Cay...

And back to find sweet touches waiting for our girl...

Fancy dinners meant getting dressed up...

And taking pictures with a wait staff that quickly became like family...
Alan, who always served with a smile and kind, inspiring words...
And who can really dance...

John, who made sure my little girl had a plastic cup of milk with a straw every single night.
And who has the biggest heart ever...

And Sanjib, who brought Flynn her chicken with fresh broccoli every night without fail.
And who always made us laugh.

The table artist kept us guessing too.


And pictures with Mom...

Watching the ocean go by in the evening...

And in the early morning too.

Did I mention the food???

We loved spending time together...
Away from it all...

With nothing but time and food and drinks and conversation.

And an 80's Dance Party.
With an awesome fluorescent t-shirt that a certain mom got for participating in a competition.
Enough said.
Except that it involved a big screen and Michael Jackson music.

It was hard to say goodbye.
But maybe it isn't goodbye forever.
Maybe it is goodbye. For now.

A cruise is a wonderful way to relax with your people.
To spend time together.
Without technology.
Without anything.
Just you.

Making memories that will last a lifetime.