October 30, 2017

A Weekend Of Halloween Fun

We crammed as much Halloween fun as we could into the weekend while Marian was here. We visited and played games...yes, I even printed out some Halloween trivia and fun word games! We watched some fun and scary Halloween movies. And we ate some really good food! We made Filipino chicken, stuffed peppers, brownies and no bake cookies. We had some really good Mexican take out too. And we put on some spooky music and carved our pumpkins. And it was fun. Shout out to Aunt Marian for doing a super good job cleaning out those pumpkins!

Ta Da!!!

Happy Halloween, my friends!

October 27, 2017

Random Photo Friday...Halloween Weekend Edition!

The weekend is here again. The weekend before Halloween. And we are kind of excited! We love Halloween so much, we are celebrating all weekend long. And because she loves us so much, Marian is coming up for the entire weekend! Either that, or she feels sorry for me. Lol!

Here is a look back at our past week here in our country home...

Last week was all about Candy Corn in our schoolroom.
We read about it, watched a video on how it was made, did our favorite art project, and even did a few science experiments with it. We did everything but eat it! 

Before Mass pictures were fun on Saturday...

And watching the Steeler game on Sunday was too.
This bunch plus Uncle Chris went and had a blast.
Flynn and I had just as much fun during our special "Just You and Me" day at home.
We watched tv, snuggled, baked, and took the puppies for a long walk. : )

Tuesday mornings are McDonald's days...
And lately, I am enjoying a hot cup of French Vanilla Latte.
Sooo good.
And if you don't have it already, get the McDonald's app.
They have the best coupons!
I usually get my coffee free!

My girl has decided she needs glasses.
Good thing Madison had a pair of fake ones leftover from an old Halloween costume. : )

I got Peyton a ghost cake mold for her birthday, and this week our friend and pastor came over and we made this awesome cake! I am only showing you the front for a reason!!! 

Still so much beauty in our part of the world.
So cozy outside during the day...

And inside during the evenings too.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
And could I ask a favor...would you please send up a prayer for Steve's beautiful mother?
Mum is nearing the end of her time here with us.
She is so ready for her Heavenly Reward.
And I know it will be amazing.
Steve went to visit her this week, and as he sat beside her, she reached out to put her hand on her baby's knee.
I think about life coming full circle again...
Those same hands once held this man as a new born baby.
Now...they reach out to say goodbye.

Thank you, my friends.
Have a cozy weekend. 

October 23, 2017

Full Circle

My firstborn is in Italy! She is visiting this most amazing country with Nicolas and his lovely family. This visit is so very special for her, and for me as well. You see, with this visit to Italy, life comes full circle. Madison's great-great grandfather Joseph came here from Italy in 1911 to begin a new life for himself and his family. Shortly after, his wife Carmella and his young son Leo arrived and joined him. Young Leo, Madison's great grandfather, would eventually grow up and have a son...William Joseph...Madison's grandfather...my father.

I love that she has dreamed of visiting this place that means so much to her...This place where the people who came before her were born and raised and lived and loved. She is immersing herself in the Italian culture, and I could not be happier for her...And for my Daddy, who I am certain is right there with her, enjoying every moment.

Life is wonderful, isn't it? When that young Italian man boarded the ship taking him across the ocean to begin a new life, he surely never imagined that one day, years later, a young woman would return to the very place he called home. This young woman, his great-great granddaughter, would smile and laugh and even cry as she returned to the very place her story began. Yes, life is wonderful indeed.

I have this beautiful set of photos hanging in my kitchen. 
The pictures of my Dad and his father and grandparents, whom he loved so very much, reminds me every single day that amazing people came before me.
And I never want to forget them.

My Dad with his beloved grandparents...Carmella...

And Joseph.

Here he is...a few years older...with his father, my grandfather, Leo.

Just adding this one because it is my favorite picture of my Dad as a young man!

My girl...exploring Italy...

And of course...tasting the local cuisine!

She told me the churches are unbelievable...
And she lit a candle for her Grandma Flo, Steve's Mum, who is nearing the end of her time here on Earth...

And for her Grandpa Bill...who I know was with her the entire time.

Thank you for sharing these special moments with me, my friends.
We share so much here, don't we?
From happiness to sorrow, recipes to ideas, and memories of loved ones, this little world of Blogging is a warm and wonderful place.

Have a cozy day. 
Thanks for visiting. : )

October 22, 2017

A Sunday Post? Sharing My Daughter's Love of Autumn

Hello my friends! And Happy Sunday! Popping in because I wanted to share a lovely post my daughter Madison wrote on her blog celebrating all things autumn. So for all my fellow fall loving friends, here is the link to Madison's post...Just click here! Enjoy!

October 20, 2017

Random Photo Friday

I just love this month. The weeks are passing quickly, but we are enjoying each and every October moment as best as we can. This is a look back at the past week here in our autumn home.

The girls and I had some time before Mass last weekend to enjoy the beautiful October weather...

And then we took a selfie and met my mom and sister for dinner at Pizza Hut, while the guys did whatever it is they do up at camp. : )

A few days later, we woke to find that this little guy had made his first visit of the year!

And my littlest was thrilled to get outside and see it!
So that is what we did.
And yes. 
That would be my girl in Halloween pajamas, a winter hat and gloves, and flip flops. 
Real life here, friends. : )

It was chilly enough for a cozy morning of coffee by the fireplace.

I got a cut and color too.
Doesn't that just make you feel so much better?

My mom came for a visit and spent the night.
It is always a happy time when Grandma comes!
Peyton made these delicious Pumpkin Stuffed Shells.
I posted the recipe here, if you want to try them.
She also made some delicious chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

My sweet mother needed to head home early the next morning, as Thursday is her busy day!
She helps in the Senior Center Kitchen before lunch, then she plays cards in the afternoon, and Bingo in the evening! 
She is amazing. : )

And speaking of amazing, my firstborn is currently exploring the world with her Nicolas and his amazing family. This week they were in Greece, and will soon travel to Italy. Madison is so happy and is looking forward to visiting the place where her great-grandfather Leo was born. Nicolas' mother sent me these beautiful photos, and she told me to look closely at the last one. : )

Last week was all about bats in our little schoolroom.
They are actually very interesting creatures.

But I think this little lady is much cuter!

Flynn and I paid a visit to our beautiful church one morning.
We are studying the virtue of Reverence, and we practiced and then we prayed.
And can I add, our pastor creates the most amazing altar decor every season.

Lastly, we are praying a decade of the rosary every morning before school during the month of October, and today Flynn asked to pray an extra one for her Grandma Flo. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
Ours involves a trip to visit Grandma Flo, Mass, and a Steeler game...in person for some...on the couch with pizza for others...and some quiet cozy time together.

I hope yours is exactly the way you want it to be, spent with the ones you love.
Thanks for visiting!