April 28, 2017

Weekend Plans...Or Lack Thereof

We have arrived at the final weekend in April. May is almost here, and I don't know about you, but I find May to be a busy month! End of the school year, spring weather, birthdays, graduation prep, and Memorial Day are things we have to look forward to in the upcoming month. So while those days will be full, these last few April days are not. And that is just fine with me.

Friday we have no plans except making tacos and enjoying a family movie night. Saturday we have Mass and then Steve and I are sneaking in under the wire with our monthly date night! That will make us four for four so far in 2017! Sunday is free. I was hoping to get the porch furniture out, but the weather has other ideas. No worries. I'm sure I will find something to fill my lazy afternoon. Perhaps a nice long nap.

Here are some photos of the past week in our country home...

I never tire of sharing this little one's love of dandelions...

It puts so much in perspective.
Life is busy. Slow down and notice simple things.
Appreciate and find beauty in them.

And share them with others.

On the same note, Steve and I took a ride last weekend.
Not to go anywhere...
Just to slow down and look and see...

Rather than let beauty be a blur outside our windows.

Pizza Peppers are amazing!
A cleaned out pepper, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper makes a delicious crust for a little pizza.
Who knew?

My littlest child discovered the awesomeness that is The Brady Bunch!
Love that show.
So much in fact I know every. single. episode.
My sweet blogger friend Kathleen does too.
And so of course I snapped this picture and sent it to her.
I didn't purposefully pick an obscure scene, but Kathleen was stumped!
And now...I am waiting for her to challenge me to one!

I love getting snapshots from these two!
Enjoying the Danish life, they are. : )

Meanwhile, here at home, I continued my morning walks.
I really like them.

I like the quiet and the crisp air and the singing birds...

Which is good.
Because I really like these too. 

Oh...and this!
This is a new Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Salad at Wendy's!
It is amazing!!!

They say the first step is admitting it, right?

That's a wrap on this one, my friends.
Have a wonderful weekend doing what you do with your people.
Thanks for visiting!!!

April 26, 2017

Spring In The Hearth Room

Just a few changes in the Hearth Room, and Easter becomes spring. And although fall will always have my heart, spring is welcome here anytime.

Happy spring, my friends!

April 24, 2017

Back To 1987

So...Ummm...This year is my 30th Class Reunion. I won't even lament the fact that when my parents had their 25th Class Reunion, I thought those people were ANCIENT. It literally seems like yesterday I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, talking to my best friend Jennifer on my phone...which was attached to the wall...listening to my favorite Hall & Oats cassette tape on my stereo, planning what movie we were going to rent at the video store.

Thirty years have passed, but many memories remain. And just for fun I put together a look at some things that were a major part of my life as a seventeen year old senior in 1987. Wonder if any of these awesome things brings back a memory or two for you...

Yep. This was me. Except ours was in the kitchen. And it was yellow.

Opening your locker to find one of these from that super cute guy in Calculus class?
Best. Thing. Ever.
 For the record, Steve didn't go to my school. ; )

Best after school snack.
After you ran it under water to melt off the ice.

Do these even exist anymore?
We actually had a class with the librarian teaching how to use it!

Anyone remember these???
We had to own at least two pair at all times during majorette season.
In case you got a run, you know.

Every Sunday afternoon.

I can't even.
But yes.
I had several pair.

These were my favorite.
Soooo good.

I remember going to the drugstore to get these to match my outfits.
Just why?

And this guy.
Do you know who he is???
Two words.
Jake. Ryan.

Ok...add your 80's memories.
I'm waiting!!!

April 21, 2017

Weekend Plans

A spring weekend is upon us. And as much as I love those cozy autumn and winter weekends snuggled inside, I am ready to throw open the screen door and enjoy some time on the porch. Although looking at the weather, I think that will have to wait until next weekend. Supposed to be a bit chilly here.

Friday night is free. I have some tilapia in the freezer, so I think we will have that with some brown rice and broccoli. Then we'll have a quiet night in with some movies. And maybe popcorn.

Saturday during the day, I have some organizing tasks waiting for me. Tough decision between cleaning the mudroom, which entails packing away the winter coats, hats, mittens, and boots, or organizing the linen closet...Which of course involves attempting to match sets of sheets and then folding balling up the fitted ones. And trying to make it look half tidy in the process. Then we have Mass, followed by a trip to visit Mum and dinner out. My mom is coming with us and hopefully spending the night. : )

Sunday Steve will mow our yard for the first time. And I am planning on some pasta with fresh tomatoes and garlic for dinner. Peyton will make a yummy dessert as well. And then we will end another weekend and prepare for a brand new week ahead.

Here's some random pictures from this week here in our cozy home...

Spring arrived.
And the first chance we got, we were outside with one of our favorite spring and summer activities.
And...spring also means going outside just as you are...
Even if that is in last year's sundress and with yesterday's unbrushed hair. : )

Sidenote: I found these amazing battery operated bubble things at our Dollar General for six dollars each. Love!

In "Believe It Or Not" news...
Guess who laced her sneakers and started walking this week???
That would be me.
Why would a lifelong exercise-resistent, nap-loving, middle-age woman  suddenly decide to start walking?
Well, it could be due to a combination of things.
Mainly, a puppy who likes to get up at daybreak...a few extra pounds that keep creeping on...and a call from my doctor that my cholestrol and triglycerides are simply too high, despite my medication. 

Surprisingly, I enjoy it.
Walking in the quiet, as the world begins to awaken, watching the sun come up to start a new day...
It is actually relaxing.

And beautiful.

And although I will never love exercising,
I do enjoy this little time alone in the morning.

Well, not totally alone. : )

That's about it, my friends.
Thanks so much for visiting!

Have a cozy weekend!

April 19, 2017

An Underrated Disney Princess

It is no secret that Flynn adores Cinderella. She currently has no less than thirty Cinderella dolls, as well as many other Cinderella inspired items. She still talks about meeting Cinderella at her castle during our trip to Disney World. And she watches the movie as many times as she can. : ) Cinderella is and always will be her very favorite princess.

Recently, however, Flynn discovered a long forgotten video on our movie shelf. And fell in love. As soon as she played it the first time, memories flooded my heart. It is a movie my little Madison watched over and over again. It is the story of a beautiful and brave princess who lived long ago. Her name is Pocahontas. And her movie, while slightly historically inaccurate, is full of amazing music and beautiful animation.

I am so happy to have this movie playing again in my home after all these years. If you need a break from the new "Frozen" type Disney movies, take a look at Pocahontas, one of the wonderful classics. And sit back and enjoy.

The Easter Bunny brought a new DVD for Flynn to enjoy. 
Rest assured, I am keeping the old and loved video.
Because. Memories.

The sneaky Easter Bunny also brought a Pocahontas dress...

And my little Flynn wears it every single day.

Have you ever seen Pocahontas?
What do you think about it?
And what is your favorite Disney Princess movie, my friends?
I'd love to know. : )

April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Our Easter celebration this year was quiet and cozy. It was just the five of us, and although we missed our Madison, we were happy she was enjoying a happy and blessed Easter in Denmark with Nicolas and his family. : )

Saturday we colored eggs...

And they turned out pretty, pretty, pretty!

We lit our Jelly Bean candle too.
And we loved our pretty Easter wishes from some very dear friends. : )

We had our special Easter dinner Saturday night.
I set the table while Steve cooked the venison tenderloin...

And it was delicious.

Dessert was Peyton and Flynn's bunny cake...chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

We watched our favorite Easter movie...

Read our favorite Easter Bunny book...

And set out the snack for him. : )

Such good sports I have!

Easter Sunday dawned bright and beautiful.
Flynn and I enjoyed some time outside while everyone else got ready for Mass.
She was thrilled to find the first of her very favorite flowers.

Her dandelions.

Easter 2017.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, my Madison was also attending Easter services.

You can read more about her first ever Danish Easter on her blog over here.

Mass was beautiful.
We went to brunch at a favorite restaurant after...
Then we came home and searched for baskets!
The remainder of the afternoon was spent playing with new toys, reading new books, taking cozy naps, and snacking on yummy Easter chocolates.

I hope your Easter was happy and blessed, my friends.
Thanks for stopping by!