March 31, 2021

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

Good morning, my friends! If you have read here for any amount of time, you know how much we love holidays and holiday traditions. Even though all but one of my children are grown, they still look forward to our traditions every year. The kids actually organized our festivities tonight, including egg coloring, decorating our traditional Easter Bunny Cake, and watching a favorite Easter movie. Sidenote here: A debate exists in our family between which is the true story of the Easter Bunny, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, or The Easter Bunny is Comin' to Town. What do you think? We would love to know! Have a wonderful Wednesday, my friends. I have added some photos from past Easters because I am sentimental like that. 

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March 29, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee


Good Monday morning, dear friends. It is the Monday of Holy Week for us, and it begins with a dusting of snow and some cold temperatures.  As they seem to do, our weekend went quickly, but it was full of productivity and rest. Yesterday we prepared our saintly meal, and while some rated it very well, others were not quite so sure! As someone who has Italian blood in her veins, I found it delicious, if different from anything I have tried. The pasta sauce included crushed tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts, and golden raisins. It called for sardines, but we decided to leave those out. Wise decision.

Today will be a quiet day as everyone returns to work. Flynn is going with Madison for a while, so I will be home alone. I have an impressive amount of laundry waiting for me, as well as a brand new book I have yet to crack open. Dinner tonight is Cheeseburger Casserole with fresh fruit, and that will be our day. I hope your day is cozy and happy, my friends. 

I have had several readers and friends message me about my recent post on anxiety. I want to share two things today for anyone who is or has a loved one struggling with anxiety. I came across the webcast I shared with you in that post purely by chance, and I am beyond thankful I did. The presenter, Ken Goodman, is a licensed clinical social worker who has spent years helping people overcome anxiety. I will link his website below. Ken has literally changed the entire way I see and deal with my anxiety disorder. If you are dealing with anxiety, I urge you to visit his website and look around. I purchased his Anxiety Solutions Series and downloaded it onto my laptop. I listen to a chapter every morning, and I have to tell you that it is helping me tremendously! He explains the root of anxiety disorders, all types, and provides tools to help overcome them. There are chapters available on his website to listen to for free, so you can get an idea of how he will help you free yourself from anxiety.

In addition, he authored a self-help coloring book that I use every morning as I am listening to the series or anytime I want to relax. I am not being compensated for this, nor is this any type of ad. I am sharing this with you from my heart because it has and continues to help me so very much. Trust me, I have read books, downloaded apps, took surveys, listened to podcasts, and nothing has come close to Ken's approach and care. 

Ok. I am done! Just a little PSA to start your day!

Visit Ken here:

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March 26, 2021

Friday Photos...Mostly Of Food?


Good Friday morning, my friends! You know, when Steve approached me with the idea of moving yet again last summer, I must admit, I had some reservations. In almost thirty years of marriage, however, he has yet to steer me wrong. This is what he told me I would enjoy. And he was right. I am blessed to wake up to this view every single morning. So, good on you, Steve! (I know he reads here.)

Early morning walks around here are pretty sweet too. But, I promised photos of food, and I shall deliver! First up, our first hamburgers on the grill of the season. This is Madison's plate because I eat my burgers totally plain. Seriously. And a photo of that would be boring.

Peyton baked a blueberry crumb pie for dessert this week. And it was amazing! In between all that, I tried to eat some healthy things because it's all about balance. So I've heard.

That was our week here. This weekend will be lovely one day and stormy and cool the next. I cannot believe it is the last weekend of the month! That means we have our saintly meal on Sunday. March celebrates St. Joseph, and the meal is "A Hearty Italian" one! We will attempt to make Lentil and Rice Soup, Pasta in Tomato Sauce, Bread Crosses, and Struffoli or Honey Balls. I will share pictures on Monday. 

That is all from windy Pennsylvania, my friends. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting!

March 22, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee


Good Monday morning! I hope your weekend was bright and sunny or cozy and quiet, whatever you wished it to be. I am here in my usual morning spot, staring out at the lake, sipping my coffee. I am drinking Dunkin Original Blend with Pumpkin Spice Creamer out of an Easter mug because as much as I love spring, autumn will always have my heart. Or because they still had some at the store, and I couldn't pass it up. 

Yesterday Steve and I had our weekly pick ~up ~the ~groceries date, and as I was sipping my iced coffee, I sent a quick text to a dear blogger friend just to let her know I was thinking of her. She promptly replied with this:

Isn't that funny?! Danielle is a wonderful friend I literally met through blogging. We have met in person several times, and our families will be forever friends. This place brings people together that otherwise we would never know. I have met and/or plan on meeting with several amazing women through this platform. If you want to visit their blogs, I will link them right here!

We ended the weekend with our first open-top Jeep ride of the season. And then, this 51-year-old woman went to sleep with her brand new Snoopy Easter sheets. Be who you are, my friends. This is me! Have a blessed, cozy, happy Monday. Thanks for visiting. I am always so glad you do.

March 19, 2021

Friday Photos


These weeks fly right by, don't they? Despite some chilly weather here, we had a nice week, made even better with the fun of St. Patrick's Day. Madison hosted a lovely tea party for the girls and me in the early afternoon. After that, we celebrated together here with a traditional Irish dinner of Irish Stew and soda bread. Madison brought a delicious tart, and Peyton made her yummy chocolate chip cookie pie. After dinner, we played a fun game of St. Patrick's Day Family Feud, which was a big hit! 

Now we pack away the green and gold and bring out the bunnies and carrots. And Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. I swear they taste better than any other shape. The weekend looks to be more like spring, which means less cozy couch time and more walk-in-the-sun time for me. And for Mocha, who has a new way of enjoying our walks.

Yes. You see correctly. That would be me. Carrying my pup on a walk. Now, I have a very logical explanation for this, I promise! When we walk together as a family for leisure, I take Mocha on a leash. She meanders around, sniffing and enjoying the walk. However, when I walk alone in the mornings, I carry her because she doesn't really enjoy the "let's walk fast and get this exercise over with" vibe. Do I realize how ridiculous I look? You betcha! But it's a risk I'm willing to take. 

Have a nice weekend, my friends. And thank you for all the love for my dear sweet mom. She is doing wonderfully and is as happy as can be. 

See you Monday!