April 5, 2014

Notes From The Schoolroom...March 2014

Is it me, or are these months simply flying right by? We completed March in the schoolroom and it was a productive, fun month for sure.

Madison continues to work well independently. She really enjoys her courses, especially Fashion Merchandising. She works quite a lot at Dairy Queen during the evenings, so she tries very hard to complete her assignments ahead of schedule to be sure to have some free time as well. I am proud of the way she is able to manage her time. One of the things I have had to learn as my children get older is the art of letting go. I tend to want to micromanage my children, but realized that in the end that is not helpful at all. In fact, it can do more harm than good. My children need to learn to manage their own time, and be responsible for their own actions, and thus far, Madison is doing very well.

Peyton also continues to work well. She has come a long way in her Geometry class this year. And she is also enjoying her Art class. We received a tremendous amount of art materials, and Peyton and Rhett simply complete a project, photograph or scan it, and submit it for grading. Peyton also traveled in March for state mandated testing. She said it was easy, and wished she could have completed her entire test in one day. As it was, she went both days, and did enjoy the lunch dates with her father. : )

Rhett also continues to work more independently as the year progresses. He continues to do very well in Science. No thanks to me. ; ) He also takes Art, and I guess the best way to say it is...he tolerates it. He took the state exams as well. I was glad Peyton and he went together. Rhett thinks he did well and also said the best part was the lunch at Taco Bell. Go figure.

Flynn continues to love Preschool. And so do I. She completed her letter recognition, and is now working on letter formation and numbers. She is doing well in the small motor development, and has cutting almost down. When all else fails, she simply rips it off. Proud of her initiative there. : )

Things I'm loving...

  1. Spending the days with my kids
  2. Watching the progress and know they are actually learning
  3. Hearing the laughs and giggles from the kitchen as all of my kids get along
  4. Hearing absolutely nothing as all of my kids complete their work
And not so much...
  1. Realizing this year is almost over

Here is a peek at March in our classroom!

Our Preschool corner all decked out in green...

and a fun St. Patrick's Day craft too!

St. Patrick's Day was fun in school...

Flynn and I surprised the big kids with a St. Patrick's Day Lunch! We had pizza with shamrock shaped pepperoni...

a rainbow fruit plate...

and chocolate bars wrapped in gold. : )

Rhett had an assignment in Art to make his interpretation of our Cyber school. He created a tree with the globe, a computer, and a textbook...: )

And every Friday, Flynn and I are adding Stations of the Cross to our crucifix.

Happy April, my friends! 


  1. I had no idea PA had state testing. Alabama did not, however, he/Liam did take exit exams and the SAT'S. I agree..it is very hard to let go..I am so finding this out with a 17 yr college student, a very fine line of mothering/parenting. I love your posts about your school room. Smiles & Blessings.

  2. I cant tell you enough how much I admire you for home schooling your children. My children all went to a Christian school and several of their friends were home schooled too. Also in my church, many are as well. It has to be a hard, but rewarding job. You are so good in preparing things for your children's classes, etc.

  3. I always enjoy reading these posts and looking at your pictures! Can I come to school at your house?!

  4. I always love seeing pictures of your school! So bright and happy! The rainbow fruit plate is so cute. I can imagine Flynn with scissors...makes me think of teaching art and how hard it was for the little ones to cut paper. I love that she rips it off at the end:)

  5. I really enjoy your classroom posts - I love all that you do with your children! Letting go is hard (incredibly hard) but you are wise knowing it is for their best, still hard though.

  6. Hi Billie Jo! I'm sure your kids did well on their standardized testing. It must be so rewarding to hear that your daughter thought it wasn't too hard for her.
    Love the chocolate in gold paper, that would be a great treat at the end of the rainbow wouldn't it?

    I think Art is a strong gene running in your family!
    Happy Weekend :)

  7. Another great week of learning! I love how you decorate your home classroom for the different seasons and holidays. The shamrock pizza looks delicious! Enjoy the coming week!


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