March 30, 2022

Today's To Do List


Good morning! I'm coming to you from my bedroom, listing the things I need to accomplish today. I would love to snuggle back under these comfy quilts for a bit, especially since outside my window appears to be sleet, ice, and snow. I do, however, have adult things to do, so...on with it, right?

To-Do Today:

  1. Make way into the bathroom.
  2. Try to salvage hair from yesterday with dry shampoo and a little luck.
  3. Call the doctor's office to see if Flynn needs immunizations.
  4. If so, ask about the one she had a reaction to last time.
  5. Avoid a box of fresh donuts on the kitchen counter.
  6. Unless the vanilla cream is still in there. In that case, enjoy!
  7. Hope the ice storm stops in time for Flynn's appointment.
  8. Drop dogs off at Madison's because we have painter's here, and they are nice.
  9. Too nice to subject them to excessive barking for hours.
  10. Take Flynn to her appointment.
  11. Return to Madison's for lunch.
  12. Leave dogs with Madison while I ride with Steve to his appointment.
  13. Pick up dinner after the appointment.
  14. Eat said dinner at Madison's because our kitchen will smell like paint.
  15. Watch Name That Tune which we taped last night.
  16. Gather all my dogs and people and return home.
  17. Remember to take my pills.
  18. Debate whether or not to do my complete nightly routine.
  19. Climb into bed, where the day began, and say my prayers.
  20. Be thankful for this day.
Those are the highlights. Sprinkled among them are talks with my mom on the phone and with my children, adding fresh laundry to the piles you see above on our window seat, and drinking too much iced coffee. What does your day look like, my friends? Have a cozy and blessed one!

Billie Jo

March 28, 2022

Monday Morning Coffee Talk


Good Monday morning, my friends. I hope you had a cozy weekend in your part of the world. We said goodbye, for now, to the ocean and are safe and sound back at home. Today is cold and snowy in Pennsylvania. The fireplace is on, and I have nowhere to be. I plan to do laundry, do school with Flynn, and put away the groceries Steve is picking up after work. One last picture from our trip to the beach. These two have so much fun. God certainly knew what he was doing when he sent Flynn to our family. 

This morning, I lit my Yankee Easter candle, Strawberry Bunny Shortcake, and it smells fantastic. It is sweet but not too sweet. A must for me. I am trying to begin my day in a calmer, healthier manner with a pretty cup of hot water with lemon. I am sure there are specific benefits to this but suffice to say, I feel better about myself when I do it. So there's that! And finally, I am sharing my current read with you because I love this book so far! It is so very well written. I am having trouble putting it down!

Well, that is all for now, my friends. Have a lovely day wherever you call home.
Thanks for visiting. I am always glad you do.
And please continue prayers for Ukraine.

Billie Jo

March 25, 2022

Friday Photos


Hello from Ocean City, my friends. And Happy Friday! The above picture sums up much of what we have done these past few days here. It is rainy and foggy and chilly, but I am not disappointed in the least, as you may know by now. Cozy, right? We ventured out to celebrate my super fantastic friend Heather's birthday, and she was treated to this awesome surprise...

And because we really aren't the super fancy-schmancy type, we also spent some time at a place that my family loves. I myself have never been there but was pleasantly surprised at how fun...and how clean it was. Have you ever heard of Duckpin Bowling? Me either. It is like bowling, only the pins are smaller and lighter, and you use a smaller ball. 

My third and fourth came this trip...

And here they are with Heather! 

Me and the husband...

And a picture of the scoreboard, just in case you wondered who won.
Hint: ME!!!

They had real sharks too. 

And to document we were indeed at the beach, a photo Steve took during his walk this morning. Which I received when I woke up. : )

This weekend we return Home Sweet Home, and I will fill my planner with a few items, including my annual trip to the eye doctor, a yearly check-up at the doctor for Flynn, and a couple of appointments for my mom. Who is doing well. Thank you all for asking.

Margie is spending a lot of time with her this week!

Have a relaxing day and a lovely weekend, my friends.
Tomorrow I plan on getting cozy and catching up with you!

Prayers for Ukraine.

Billie Jo

March 21, 2022

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Good Monday morning, my friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We certainly did here in Pennsylvania. Typical for March, our weather was slightly undecided about which season it preferred. Saturday was beautiful. Warmer and sunny, with a few random showers here and there. Sunday was cold and rainy, and did I mention cold? 

Friday evening, Peyton picked Flynn up, and she spent the night with her and Chris! She had such a good time. Peyton made shrimp tacos, and they played games, watched a movie, had pancakes for breakfast, went to mass, and out to dinner. 

My Peyton and my Flynn. 

Saturday morning, Steve and I had a breakfast date at Perkins, and then we visited with my mom. We arrived while they were doing their morning exercises. It was so nice to see her interacting and enjoying herself! We had a nice, long visit with her, talking and laughing. Every moment I spend with her reminds me of how very blessed my life has been because she has been with me every step of the way. 

Sunday brought a special visit with one of the most amazing families I have ever met. This wonderful Blogging world brought Kathleen and me together, first through comments, then through texting, and eventually in real life. We have met a few times through the years, and I am so thankful for the beautiful friendship our families have formed. They were in our part of the woods this weekend, and Kathleen asked if we were available to meet for lunch. We were free, and if we weren't, we would have become free, so we met at a restaurant and picked up where we left off as if no time had passed. We talked and laughed and vowed to get together again. Thank you, Kathleen, for a great visit!

The whole bunch of us! We were only missing their oldest, at college, and Peyton and Chris, who don't get up before noon on Sundays. : )

Last week, my Rhett saw his favorite basketball player, James Harden, who now plays for the Philadelphia 76'ers. They played in Cleveland, and Steve, Nicolas, Rhett, and Kyrstin went to see the game. I was so happy for Rhett! He is a huge fan and had a great time. Rhett is such an amazing son, and I am so thankful for him every day. He is doing wonderfully at work with Steve and is a great brother to all his sisters, especially Flynn. He is an amazing boyfriend to his lovely girlfriend and a blessing to me every single day. 

Leaving you with a picture Flynn took while Madison was driving her home one night last week. The lake is thawed, the days are longer, and the sunsets stunning. Happy spring, my friends!
Have a cozy day.

Billie Jo

March 18, 2022

St. Patrick's Day 2022


Our St. Patrick's Day festivities have evolved through the years as my children have grown. Gone are the days of Leprechaun surprises, chocolate gold coins, and rainbows made of fruit. You know what? I do miss those days, but I am enjoying how we celebrate now just as much. This year, Madison and I planned and hosted a special tea the day before St. Patrick's Day. She and I made some delicious tea party sandwiches and a brand new punch recipe, purchased some cute sugar cookies and excellent locally made scones, and brewed some Irish tea. We added some green grapes, and Peyton made a delicious Irish Apple Cake.

Madison, my sister Margie, me, Kyrstin, Flynn, and Peyton are all ready to enjoy our afternoon tea.

St. Patrick's Day itself was quiet. In the morning, I prepared a delicious Irish Stew that cooked all day in the crockpot and added a locally made Irish Soda Bread for dinner. Peyton brought a homemade Boston Cream Pie for dessert. 

Holidays are special to our family. But then every day is, right?
Have a cozy weekend, my friends!
I will be around to visit!

Billie Jo
Pray for Ukraine

March 16, 2022

One Word Wednesday - Sort Of



Ok. One word is not enough to describe my relationship with this fluffy five-pound friend of mine. 


Comforts me when I am anxious.
Snuggles with me when I am lonely.
Follows me everywhere.
Waits for me on the steps when I leave.
Barks when she can't see me.
Barks when she is hungry.
Barks when she is happy.
Made this cat lady a proud puppy mom.

Happy Wednesday!
Prayers for Ukraine.

Billie Jo


March 14, 2022

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Good Monday morning, my friends! I hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. Friday night, we did indeed head to our favorite parish fish fry, and Flynn was kind enough to allow me to snap a selfie before we left! We took our pastor's lovely mother with us and had the best time visiting with her. She is the most beautiful person and just sent me a photo yesterday when she visited my mom. 

Is this not the most beautiful photo?

The storm did indeed arrive and brought snow and wind with it. We were left with four inches of spring snow and some frigid temperatures when it was said and done. That meant days inside with my book and my throw blanket, which did not bother me at all. This week brings St. Patrick's Day! I have a few touches of green and gold around, including two favorite Yankee Candle scents, Lucky Shamrock and Emerald Isle. I hope my friend Peggy is reading, because she is a fan of the candles too!

Have a cozy Monday, my friends!
I am heading to get some color in my hair and then back home for school, dinner, and The Bachelor, which promises the first night of "The Most Dramatic Finale Ever." Lol!

Billie Jo