21 October 2019

A Day In The Life

18 October 2019

An Autumn Week To Remember

16 October 2019

Mocha Selfie

What do you do when you are waiting at the vet after getting blood drawn? 
Why take a selfie of course!
Happy Wednesday from a brave and healthy Mocha!

14 October 2019

You Know You Have A Friend When

She and her husband and son drive hours and hours to spend a long weekend with you. Our October weekend was full of everything fun and fall: coffee, cozy chats, pizza night, Halloweentown, Mass, dinner out, pajamas, pumpkin spice latte, walks with falling leaves, rides around the lake, laughs, games, omelets, and more laughs. 

Thank you, Danielle! 
See you soon!

Have a lovely, cozy Monday, my friends.

11 October 2019

October Days Around Here

09 October 2019

Just A Little Bit Of Spooky

07 October 2019

What I Wore Saturday Night

Because who doesn't want to know what I wore to Mass and dinner Saturday night?? Lol!

It was the first cool day, so I pulled out the autumn!

Sweater: White House Black Market
(Birthday gift from Madiosn~Very soft and comfy)

Pants: Michael Kors
(Soft and stretchy)

Shoes: Banana Republic

Bag: Dooney and Bourke

Beautiful View: God 

Happy Monday!

04 October 2019

Hello October!

02 October 2019

Take A Walk With Me and Thank You!

30 September 2019

So... I Wrote A Book!


I wrote and published a book!

 Several months ago, I decided to do something I have thought about for a long time and something that would serve as a gift to my beautiful, amazing mother. For years, my mother has encouraged me to share my love of home, family, and mothering with others through my writing. I am so excited to place this book she has asked me to write into her hands.

The book, Afternoon Coffee, contains revised versions of many of the mothering, home, and family posts I have shared here over the years. If you wish to read this little book yourself, you can find it on Amazon in paperback and ebook format right HERE.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
Thank you, my friends.
You are a blessing in my life!
Have a cozy day.

27 September 2019

Beach 2019!