Random Photos. And It Might Snow. A Lot.

We are supposed to get buried in snow this weekend, but before that, here are a bunch of random pictures from the past week in our little world.

Just For Fun On A Winter Wednesday

(Thanks to Mom Life~Keeping it Real.)

What We Are Watching

One way to beat the ~Christmas Is Over For Another Year~ blues is to snuggle in and enjoy all the new television shows that start in January. Here is a peek at what we are watching during these cold winter evenings. 

We love any Food Network Baking Competition, and this is one of our favorites. 
Mondays on Food Network

A Bunch Of Random Photos On A Friday

 Mocha is having a hard time letting go of Christmas.

One Month!

It's almost here!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Keepin' It Real

Just last week I was thinking that I hope I never portray an erroneous image here on this little blog. This space serves as an online journal and scrapbook of sorts. In addition, I am hopeful that in some small way I am able to inspire or at least encourage anyone reading as well. One thing I hope I never do is to portray a life that is perfect. So in an effort to keep things real around here, I am posting some photos of the current state of my home. Because. Real life. 

I started putting my Christmas decorations away. 
And then I quit.

Well Hello There 2019!

I won't even begin this by lamenting that I cannot believe it is 2019, because none of us can, right? No amount of disbelief can slow down the rapid turning of those calendar pages. We can, however, enjoy every single moment. And that we did on New Year's Eve.

Mass first...
Then home to set the table for dinner on New Year's Day.

The Week In Between

Hello, my friends!
I hope your Christmas was as merry as can be.
We are currently enjoying my very favorite week of the year.
I love this week in-between.
We are home, snuggling, watching movies, sipping coffee, tea, and cocoa, and playing brand new games together. Some of us leave for work but come home as soon as it is done, returning to our cozy little holiday nest. 
The tree remains up and lit, casting a warm glow during the long, dark evenings.  The toys and books are scattered around the family room, and there they will stay. Life will return to normal soon enough, and we aren't in any rush to say goodbye to this cozy, magical time.
I hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year celebration, my friends.
I will be back next week!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my friends. 
Have a cozy, blessed, festive time with the ones you love.

Thank you for visiting.
I am always glad you do!

Weekend Plans And It's Almost Christmas!

Well, that week went by quickly! How are you doing, my friends? Are you ready? Christmas comes whether we are ready or not, so why not relax and enjoy these last few days of anticipation? We plan on doing just that. Saturday will be a quiet morning with Mass in the afternoon, followed by dinner. Then we are planning on popcorn and Rudolph to end the night.

Sunday we are having our traditional Rudolph Breakfast. It is a simple, fun breakfast that we consider the official start of our Christmas season. I will also iron the Christmas tablecloth and get out the beautiful, new silverware Nicolas' mother brought me when she visited last summer. I will also wash and fold the "secret" Christmas Eve pajamas so they are ready for Christmas Eve. I have been doing this since the kids were babies, and although they know they are getting them, they always humor me and act surprised. : )

But first...