April 22, 2020

A Day In The Life...Shelter In Place Edition

Wake up.
Call and chat with my mom...

Make some breakfast.
Think about what to have for lunch...

Tell myself I 'll go watch some news.
Fall back asleep...

Wake up for the second time.
Make some coffee...

Take a shower.
Try not to use heat products on my hair in an effort to make up for the years of damage I have subjected it to...

Get dressed.
Choose an appropriate pair of pajamas depending on whether it is cold or really cold outside...

Start Homeschooling.
Continue to follow the lesson plans I made before the entire world was subjected to a deadly virus resulting in a global pandemic...

Make lunch.
Eat cottage cheese and a sweet potato to make up for the apple pie and chips I will have later on.

Wipe everything down with disinfectant and spray Lysol.
Shake Lysol can repeatedly thinking it will magically refill itself because it is basically empty.

Have a Facetime visit with Mom over Zoom.
Best part of the week!

Make dinner.
Or relax while the kids make a delicious meal for me.

Gather together for family movie night.
Hope whoever has the turn to choose picks a good one, preferably not a robotic, superhero movie with extended action scenes and car chases.

Pray for everyone affected by the horrible virus, especially the lonely, the sick, and the people who care for them.
And finally, drift off to sleep.
After scrolling through TikTok while laughing hysterically without making a sound so I don't wake Steve.

Stay safe, healthy, and cozy my friends!

April 17, 2020


Even Mother Nature doesn't know what day it is.

Keep safe, happy, healthy, and cozy my friends.
Thanks for visiting!

April 15, 2020

It's A Good Time To...

Clean those makeup brushes.
(Not really using them right now.)

Take turns making dinner.
(Good life skill for the kids.)

Clean behind the couch.
(First time for everything.)

And try a fun color on your hair.
(Because. If not now, when?)

What are you doing these days, my friends?
Happy Wednesday!

April 10, 2020

Day 26 AKA Good Friday

This is my view today as I wake to Good Friday, my friends. We will watch a live stream of church service this afternoon and have fish fry for dinner. I hope and pray you all have a lovely Easter weekend however you celebrate. We plan on a quiet morning with a mass on tv and a little brunch after. 

I also plan on getting cozy with a cup of coffee and stopping by to visit you all as well. I am ever so grateful for the friendships here in this little world of blogging. Happy and Blessed Easter, my friends. I'd love to hear about your plans!

April 8, 2020

Keeping It Real~Self Isolation Edition

Good Morning, my friends.
Am I posting a makeup-free, dirty hair, pajama-clad selfie on my blog today? Yep. This is real life right now. This is my daily life as I stay inside while a deadly virus rages outside. I am not wearing makeup, and the result is my skin is getting a much-needed break. I am not coloring my hair, or heat styling it either. No color, no hairdryer, no straightener. The result? My hair is healthier than it has been in a long time. I am wearing fresh pajamas after my shower. Less laundry. More comfort. This is real life. For now. Not forever.

Thanks for visiting.
Have a cozy, healthy day!


April 3, 2020

Safe...Not Stuck...At Home

When I hear people talk about being stuck at home, I am reminded that every single day, mothers, fathers, sisters, spouses, brothers, grandparents and friends get up, get dressed, and leave their homes to face the unimaginable. They willingly go to places they know endanger their lives. They wear special, protective equipment, and spend hours caring for sick and dying people. When they are through, they shed the protective equipment, sanitize every surface of their bodies, clothing, and vehicles before heading home for a few hours of rest before doing it all again. Once home, they must sterilize themselves and everything they are wearing. They do this to save lives. They do this to keep people they will never know safe and alive. They ask nothing in return, except that we stay home.

Do I miss going out to dinner? Yep. Do I wish we could go to Mass? Absolutely. Am I sad that my husband and family cannot go to the jobs they love so much? Of course. Do I miss seeing my mother? More than words can express. Do I miss life as we knew it only a few short weeks ago? Yes. I do. Yet, I try to think about those people who are fighting this horrible virus every single day. And I am thankful to do my small part. Staying safe...Not stuck...at home.