September 26, 2016

I Was A Teenager In The 80's

Having teenagers is fun. It really is. It reminds me that I was a teenager once.  You know...waaaay back in the 80's. Anyway, I lucky for me, Pinterest has an abundance of pictures of things that were a major part of my teenage life. Maybe they were some of yours as well. : )

First off...let's talk wardrobe, shall we?
I had this exact same sweater.
And totally adored it.

Another favorite...
This one I believe was actually my sister Margie's.
But I was known to raid her closet a time or two. : )

And then...these.
Teens today may think they have this all figured out...

Believe me...

They've got nothing on us 80's girls when it comes to loving our jeans!

Everyone. And I mean everyone wanted one of these for Christmas.

And we also usually got some of this too. : )

This was my fragrance of choice all through high school.
I can still smell it!
Even if I never could pronounce it. : )

So once we had the perfect sweater, the perfect pair of tight jeans, and a signature fragrance, we strolled through the halls hoping there was one of these inside our locker from our totally hot crush. : )

After school, we hung out in the kitchen and talked to our BFF about our totally hot crush, all while twisting that coiled cord around our fingers.

We knew it was payday when our mom brought these home for our after school snack.
They are Dipsies.
Not anything else.
They no longer exist.
Trust me.
I've searched.
But they were amazing.

So was this.
And yes.
I will forever assert that pudding tastes better in a can.

We watched this every single sick day.
I knew the names of all the models...Janice, Diane, and Holly... and how much to bid on the showcases too.

Things haven't changed all that much.
I was a book lover then too.
And this was always my first stop in the mall.

So that's a wrap on my trip back to high school in the 80's.
Did I miss anything?
Please...let me know.
I'd TOTALLY love to hear! : )

September 23, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Here we are at the cusp of the weekend again. Time to look back at the week that was here in our country home. But first. Drumroll, please. You know where I'm going with this, right?!

Happy Fall!!!!!

Finally, my enthusiasm for this lovely season is validated.

Autumn. Poetry.
Two of my favorites.

One more...

Ahhh. How happy is my soul?
(And grateful to Pinterest, of course.)

It is time, my friends.

Time to pull out the autumn dresses.
The ones I purchased and washed and ironed back in July, when these beautiful days were but a vision, patiently waiting for their time in the sun.

Time to watch the trees in our yard begin their yearly transformation to the vibrant but fleeting array of colors that graces us for but a few days each year.

Time for chilly, early morning porch sitting with clouds like these above...

That quickly give way to glorious moments like this...

And a reminder to be Mindful in such moments.
To actually see these morning gifts rather than miss them while the mind races with to-do lists and worries and dinner plans.

Time to watch these little trees change and drop those leaves we longed for back in the spring...

Time to add autumn touches around the outside too,
to welcome friends and family to our country home.

These are my favorite, don't you know. : )

Time to replace the summer cook-out meals with the comforting, slow cooked meals that warm our souls.

Time to light a fall candle and plan autumn themed units on apples and pumpkins for our little homeschool.

Yes, it is time for these and many more.
This is indeed what we did here this past week, my friends.
And we have plans for much more autumn fun during this...our favorite season of the year.

Happy Fall, my friends.
Have a cup of pumpkin spice latte, or a mug of hot cocoa.
Grab a light throw blanket and sit on the porch.
Wait for the early evening darkness to fall, light a pumpkin scented candle, and watch a favorite movie together.
Our first choice...Halloweentown. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
Thanks for visiting.
It warms my heart.

September 21, 2016

What Do You Think?

So, does it look like me??!!
Crazy, right?
Because I'm 47 years old and am obsessed with this app.
I know.
I am a bit immature.
But it is sooo fun!
You create yourself...
And choose your outfit...
This is me.
Casual, you know.
Then you can choose from tons of pictures like this to text with...
This is how the kids and I text each other now.
Because. Fun.
I send this to my Madison...
And use this one because let's face it.
I love ice cream.
But only on a cone.
Here's me every morning...
That's more like it!
Well. That's it for the intellectual, inspirational post you came here to see today...
If you think this looks even remotely fun, you can make one of yourself by downloading the app.
Its free!
Thanks for visiting!!!
I am always glad you do!
P.S. We will return to our regularly scheduled posts on Friday.  : )

September 19, 2016

Our September Porch

Tucked between the bright colors of August and the pumpkins and cornstalks of October sits our cozy September porch. We love to sit there and watch the green around us become shades of crimson, red, purple, yellow, orange, and gold. Sometimes we need a sweater or light blanket, but that makes it all the more cozy, don't you think?

Happy September, my friends!

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