July 12, 2024

Happy Things


I hope you find your happy this weekend, my friends. I plan on a quiet Friday night at home with grilled hot dogs and corn on the cob, mass on Saturday with some boating time afterward, and a visit with my momma. I also hope for some cozy reading time, and some blog visiting too! 

Have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for visiting.

Billie Jo

July 10, 2024

( Almost ) One Word Wednesday


~Remnants of a fun weekend with a full house~
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Wednesday!

Billie Jo

July 8, 2024

Just How Much Fun

 Can you cram into a single weekend?

We wrapped up our Fourth of July Festivities this past weekend with plenty of boating, baking, eating, tubing, and laughing. We watched fireworks, played Shark Week games, ate s'mores by a fire, and collapsed on the couch to watch a movie. (The Sandlot is a great summer movie, by the way.) There was mass, phone calls with my mom, and some afternoon naps, too. We ordered subs to eat on the deck, cooked burgers on the grill, and ate Madison's amazing corn salad. This autumn-loving, sun-avoiding, inside girl jumped (literally) out of her comfort zone and was so glad she did.

The moments we share as a family are so special and forever changing. I decided out in that boat on a beautiful summer afternoon this weekend that I was not going to wish for the past or plan out the future. Rather, I was going to stay present in each moment and enjoy it before I tucked it into my heart. I realized that our precious moments may change as my children get older, but not all that much. When Madison asked... ok, begged...me yesterday to go tubing, something I have never done, I was reminded of a day many years ago when a not-yet-three-year-old Madison with a curly ponytail and a big white bow begged me to ride the Ferris wheel at the amusement park. That hot summer day, I looked at my little girl and said yes, even though I was scared to death! When we stopped at the very top, and I held my breath, trying to not let her know how scared I was, she patted my hand with her little one and told me it would be alright. So, I said yes to the tubing with her, and just like that day years ago, she told me I would be fine. And you know what? I was. And we had a blast! 

Last night, we watched a favorite movie I hadn't seen in years. It is one of Rhett's childhood favorites. I remember him eating lunch after three-year-old preschool with his headphones and his portable DVD player, watching The Sandlot yet again. Last night, he suggested we all watch it together, and as tired as I was, I jumped at the chance to relive a special time in his life. We still love that movie. And we all stayed awake the entire time! 

Have a wonderful Monday, my friends. I am going to catch up on my blog reading today. I have to stay true to my reputation of being an autumn-loving, stay-in-and-out-of-the-sun girl, right? 

I look forward to a quiet afternoon of snuggling on the couch and visiting with you. 

Billie Jo

July 5, 2024

A Few Photos From The Fourth Of July 2024


Boating ~ Eating ~ Visiting ~ Raining ~ More Boating ~ More Eating ~ More Raining ~ Bed

I hope your Fourth of July was all you wanted it to be, my friends. The lake's celebration of Independence Day is tomorrow! While I used to throw a big fireworks-watching party every year with festive food, games, prizes, music, and more, I am now content and comfortable with a simple, cozy, low-key affair. There will be food, and me and my people, and Madison's fireworks-watching music playlist, of course. 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
And if you are a new reader, welcome to my cozy corner of Blogland!

Billie Jo

July 3, 2024

This or That - Fourth of July Edition

The Fourth of July is almost here! Before we set off the fireworks, let's see some of your favorite things about this special summer holiday!

1. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?

2. Celebrate at home or at the pool/beach/ park?

3. Fireworks live or on television?

4. Music playing during the live fireworks or just the ooohhs and aaahhhs?

5. Big shindig party or small family gathering?

6. Watch Jaws or No Thank You?

7. Wear special Red, White, and Blue clothes or whatever clothes are currently on top of the pile?

8. You're a Grand Old Flag or Stars and Stripes Forever?

Whatever you choose, or however you celebrate, have a wonderful Fourth of July, my friends. And if I could be so bold, sometime between the fun and festivities, take a moment to think about the real reason we celebrate this day, year after year. 

Thanks for visiting!

Billie Jo

~ My choices! ~

1. Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? Hot dogs! With chopped onion and mustard, just like my dad used to love.

2. Celebrate at home or at the pool/beach/ park? No surprise here. At home!

3. Fireworks live or on television? Live. And sometimes on TV.

4. Music playing during the live fireworks or just the ooohhs and aaahhhs? Madison has a special playlist!

5. Big shindig party or small family gathering? We used to have a huge party, but we don't do that anymore.

6. Watch Jaws or No Thank You? Jaws. Every single year.

7. Wear special Red, White, and Blue clothes or whatever clothes are currently on top of the pile? I used to get everyone the $5.00 shirts from Old Navy. Now, I try to find something close that is comfy!

8. You're A Grand Old Flag or Stars and Stripes Forever? My mom still sings every word of You're a Grand Old Flag. She loves the fireworks, and I know I will shed a tear while I watch as that song plays in the background.

July 1, 2024

Monday Morning Coffee...From The Lake!

Good Monday morning! We are safe and sound, back at the lake! And it is as beautiful as ever! 

We are all settled in, even these precious pups, who wasted no time getting comfy.

Today, I am off to visit with my mom! I will be around to visit this afternoon, my friends. Have a wonderful Monday! And Happy July!

Billie Jo


June 28, 2024

Friday Photos


We spent the week here at the condo, with Steve going back and forth to the house and meeting with the kind people who fixed the leak. After almost thirty-three years of marriage ~ tomorrow!!~ he knows which things can throw me for a loop. Water damage and all the joy that comes with it is at the top of the list! In any case, the leak is repaired, the carpet and the subfloor are dried, and all the moisture in the walls is gone. The only thing left is the repairs, which include some drywall, paint, and new trim and carpet. If I may offer unsolicited advice to anyone who experiences water where water doesn't belong, I say this. Start clean up immediately. We were very fortunate to discover it right away this time, and Steve pulled the carpet before it had a chance to soak in too much. And don't try to dry it all yourself. Those companies like ServePro exist for that reason. They came with fans, dehumidifiers, and moisture-checking devices, and they only left once it was totally dry. 

But enough about my minor dilemma! It is a June weekend, and I hope you all have a wonderful one. We are heading back to the lake for a bit today! We are anxious to see Peyton, Chris, my mom, my sister, and her husband and spend some time on the boat. I am off now to gather my things and start packing. And I will grab one more cup of coffee for the road! Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! See you back here on Monday.

Billie Jo