November 30, 2015

Holiday Home Tour... Part One

We love Christmas. And we love Christmas in our country home. This year, I thought I'd share some photos of our Christmas home through a series of posts every Monday. If you would like to do the same, join in! This week I'm starting on our front porch, and welcoming you into our country home through the front door into the foyer...

No snow yet, but soon...these woods will be covered in glistening white beauty.

Please come on in, and make yourself at home. : )

Welcome to our home! This is the foyer. And yes, we have a table here. It is used every single day...for games and puzzles and schoolwork too. : )

We also keep our rosaries here as well as our Sacred Heart pictures.

The table holds our Advent wreath, lit for the first time this past weekend!

We also have a little tree here we keep up all year long just to warm the foyer and welcome guests.

The garland was made by tying pieces of holiday themed fabric together.

Not by me, of course. : )

To the right of the foyer is our schoolroom...the place we spend our days.

This tree holds the ornaments the children picked out as well as some of my favorites...

To the left of the foyer is Steve's den. Years ago when we built this house, I figured if he could build an entire country home for me, the least I could do is let him have one room. ; )

He and Rhett spend a great deal of time in here, and that makes me happy.

Here is his tree all lit up at night...

with a few special ornaments...

tucked inside.

That is it for this week. Next Monday, I'll share the Family Room. The room we gather every single day and night to visit, nap, watch movies, laugh, and just be. I hope you'll join me!
And if you would like to share photos of your home. please do! I'd love to visit!

November 27, 2015

We WereThankful 2015...And A Birthday

Our Thanksgiving Day was quiet, cozy, and quite delicious. We had quick visits with family and texts back and forth in which we reminisced about Thanksgivings past. We cooked and napped and ate and even celebrated our Madison's 19th Birthday. Our little family of six, plus two sleepy dogs, snuggled on the sofa at the end of the day together and watched our first Christmas movie of the season. And we were thankful. I hope you all enjoyed the day in the way that made you happy too. : )


November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Thinking of you all today, and wishing you a day filled with family, food, parades on television, too, more food, and pumpkin pie. Today we are thankful. And we are blessed. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful weekend. Ours will be spent relaxing in our cozy, country home, feasting on turkey sandwiches and turkey soup, and pumpkin pie for breakfast. We will watch our annual Alfred Hitchcock marathon and listen to Christmas music. However you plan on spending these wonderful days, I pray they are filled with family and love! Again...Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2015

Happy 19th To My Firstborn

My Madison is turning 19. That's a one and a nine. Ask me how this happened...I cannot tell you. When I look at her, my mind floods with memories, one after another, like in a movie montage. Madison as a newborn, and the total happiness I felt rocking her in her blue and pink nursery. The feeling that she belonged to me, and her grown up self was far off and unimaginable. Madison as a toddler, starting to go off on her own already. Madison as a preschooler...independent and assertive. Madison in elementary school...finding her own interests and talents...painting and singing and yes...doing hair! Madison in high school...turning into a lovely, beautiful, hard working and kind young lady. Madison as an adult. My baby. All grown up. Independent, but still needing me. Learning from me, but teaching me everyday. When she was born, on that snowy November evening nineteen years ago, a friend gave me a present. It said that there are two great gifts a parent can hope to give a of them is roots. The other...wings. I've enjoyed every blessed moment of sharing the first gift with my Madison. Now...I must give her wings. And encourage her to fly...But also remind her that I will always be here waiting for her, whenever she needs to fly back home. Happy Birthday my Madison Marie...the first one to call me Mom.

Happy Birthday , Madison Marie!