October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This morning when I walked outside, it smelled like Halloween. It felt like Halloween. Remember when you were little, and you walked up and down the sidewalk carrying your plastic candy bag they gave you in school, and you were wearing the plastic costume that came in a box, and your feet crunched through those fallen leaves? That is Halloween. And that is what it felt like to me, all those years later. Happy Halloween, my friends!!!


October 30, 2015

A Peek Inside...Our Schoolroom October 2015

Just a little peek inside our schoolroom during one of our favorite months of the year. : )

Happy Halloween, my friends!
Next up...all things Turkey!!!





October 29, 2015

A Super Simple Autumn Supper

Today was a crisp autumn day. So I planned a meal for us to enjoy that was super easy but oh so good. And yes. It really was this easy. : )

Early in the morning, I got out my bread maker took out two loves of frozen bread dough and put them in bread pans to thaw and rise. About an hour before dinner, I popped them into the oven. Then I made some homemade chicken stock  put two large cans of Swanson's Chicken Broth in a pot and brought them to a boil. I also boiled some of our favorite noodles...Mrs. Weiss' Kluski Noodles...and when done, I drained them and added them to the broth. And dinner was served. With Parmesan cheese of course. : )

My Peyton whipped up some delicious Pumpkin Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Brownies for dessert. She found the recipe on Pinterest. And they were delicious. Really delicious. : )

Happy Autumn. my friends!

October 28, 2015


"October is nature's funeral month.  Nature glories in death more than in life.  The month of departure is more beautiful than the month of coming - October than May.  Every green thing loves to die in bright colors."
-   Henry Ward Beecher   

October 27, 2015

A Benefit Of Training A New Puppy

Training a little puppy forces you to get up and out in the early hours of the morning. And there is something unbelievably magical about that...about seemingly being the only one in the world awake and having the time to stop and admire the beauty of our world. I now have these moments every morning and I am finding I enjoy the silence with my pup and my Flynn before the chaos of the day begins. Today, we took some time to snap some pictures on this late October morning. I left them unedited, because they were just that amazing on their own.

Try it sometime. With or without a new puppy. : )




October 26, 2015

A Not So Spooky Halloween Treat

We make this Spiderweb every Halloween. My kids love it, and I love that they do. I used to make it for them, but now my Peyton does the honors. It is quick and easy to put together. Why not give it a try, pop in a Halloween movie and make some fun memories with your family? I found this recipe on the Nestle website years ago. : )

Spiderweb Munch
  1. One 12 oz. bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
  2. One cup creamy peanut butter, divided
  3. 1/3 cup powdered sugar
  4. Three cups Rice Krispies cereal
  1. Heat the chocolate chips and 3/4 cup peanut butter over low heat.
  2. Stir constantly until smooth.
  3. Remove from heat and add powdered sugar.
  4. Stir until smooth.
  5. Pour cereal in a large bowl.
  6. Add 1 cup of the chocolate mixture and stir until coated.
  7. Place on ungreased platter or cookie sheet.
  8. Using a small metal spatula, shape into a circle with a raised border.
  9. Pour remaining chocolate mixture in the middle and spread.
  10. Put remainder of peanut butter in a small plastic baggie and snip the end.
  11. Make circles starting at the center and working outward.
  12. Using a toothpick, drag the peanut butter  from the center to the edges.
  13. Refrigerate until serving. : )

October 24, 2015

Just Because

Just Because I won't always have a five year old so excited to wear a Halloween dress and coat to Saturday evening Mass. And because I want to remember these moments.


Have a cozy Sunday, my friends.

October 23, 2015

Fall Fun Day 2015

After beginning the week with some unexpected but beautiful snow, we thought perhaps our annual Fall Fun Day at the local state park would be delayed. Fortunately, the sun came out, the air warmed, and we were able to take advantage of a perfectly wonderful Wednesday afternoon to pack the van, pick up some pizza, and head out for a few hours of fun. Here are way too many photos of our special day.


Take some time to enjoy the fall. And your family, my friends. Make memories. Take pictures. But be sure to live in the moment. These moments pass way too quickly.