October 21, 2012

Weekly And Monthly Planning

One of the things I like to do to keep my family organized is to make a weekly menu and activity schedule. Although it sounds complicated, it really just involves me, the school calendar, the sports calendar, Madison's work schedule (during the months she is working), my desk calendar, my recipe book, and some markers and stickers. Those last two are optional, by the way. Just the former teacher in me! : )

Every Thursday morning, I sit down with these items and make the schedule for the upcoming week. I simply write down the activities and appointments for each day and then, based on that, I plan the meal accordingly. If we are very busy on a certain night, I know to plan a simple supper. Once that is done, I make my grocery list for the week based on the meals we will be having. Then I am all set for my shopping trip on Friday morning.

Here is what this week's schedule/menu plan looks like. Fancy, I know.


Once I am all done with the activity list and menu, I put it in the basket on my desk until I hang it on the bulletin board in the kitchen Sunday night. The kids always enjoy seeing what is on the menu for the week! Every morning, I write the day's dinner menu on the chalk board in the kitchen. If I ever forget, they are sure to remind me!

Here is our bulletin board. It hangs behind the kitchen table.

And this is our chalkboard. It hangs behind the table too.

Here is the basket I keep on my desk in the kitchen.

I have a folder for each month, and I keep several things inside. I have a simple, handwritten list of things to do each month. For example, the October list has things like look for costumes, clean furnace filters, and wash Halloween clothing. I keep special recipes tucked inside as well. This is where I keep our candy corn pizza and pumpkin coffee cake recipes! These folders help me to remember all the fun food, activities, and plans that are specific to each month. They make my life much easier!  Well, that is a quick look at how I organize my weeks and months. Happy planning!


  1. Your system rocks!!!! And I'm copying it tomorrow as soon as I drop off the girls... crossing out my whole to do list and doing this... love love love! I do 'something like this' and plan a ton ton ton, but nothing like this!!!! I wana be you! Love the file folders, love the chalkboard, love love love... thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Ah! Billie Jo you are so organized! I have a system for dinner menu and grocery shopping... but that is as far as it goes. It is interesting though to see the differences in how we do things. I plan my menu Friday/Saturday then grocery shop Sunday/Monday. So then I am ready to go for the week. I love the chalk board though! I have talked about getting one for our kitchen for a while now, because i tend to be the only person who knows what's for dinner!

  3. These are all great ideas and so cute! I love the file folders for each month. File folders have been on my shopping list for months, so maybe this will inspire me to actually buy them this week!

  4. Super organized and super cute, Billie Jo!

  5. I love how organized you are. On Sundays I sit down and plan out the week... I then transfer everythinkg to a calendar on the fridg.

    I really like your folder for each month..I am going to think about giving this a try. I may need to get some help with this from you. Do you empty out the folder at the end of the month or keep if for next year?
    Happy Monday

  6. You are seriously such an awesome, organized mom! I wanted to tell you that I made your chocolate chip pumpkin bread. It was so, so good and definitely a keeper! Thanks Billie Jo! :)

  7. Wow! You are so organized! I only have little ones (and not that much to keep up with), but I feel like things are always chaotic in our house!

    You've given me some inspiration to get organized!

  8. This looks great. I think that having it all written down for all to see is super effective. On weeks where I just keep it all in my head (which is a scattered, scary place to be!) things don't seem to go as well. This is some inspiration for me to get back at letting others in the house know what's happening. Thanks!

  9. sorry it took me so long to get back to this post!:) i just love all of these ideas. dave does something similar when he plans meals...keeping the nightly schedules in mind. i started a word document on the computer that i try to write "notes to myself" on for each month. it's kind of a work in progress but it's something that i can look at this time next year to help me remember things i forgot or saved till the last minute!!:) haha
    my mind just works so much better when i feel organized and on top of things. look out when i don't ...!!:)
    have a happy day and happy halloween!!!!!:)


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