October 18, 2012

Weekend Plans

Ahhhh... late October weekends...things are winding down and the wonderful chaos that is Thanksgiving and Christmas is still a turn or two of the calendar page away.  This time of year is our time to regroup, relax, and rest up for the excitement and activity ahead. Soccer is over, and it was fun. Madison is done with work at Dairy Queen, and she is glad. She does miss it but is enjoying the slower pace of her days. Cheerleading is winding down with just a few games left. Unless we make the playoffs! Things slow down and we begin to come together and snuggle up in our country home. I love it. Our weekend reflects this new pace, and I am glad. Friday evening Madison has a" far away" game. Steve and Rhett are attending, and Madison is thankful. That way, she can ride home with them instead of on the bus! Peyton, Flynn and I will remain at home for a quiet evening in, which will probably involve a Max and Ruby marathon!

Saturday morning, Flynn and I will visit with my father at his nursing home. He and his roommate love when she comes. I think it is seeing a younger person that just makes their day. After that, we are free. Steve is debating about giving the lawn one last trim before winter. I am planning on putting some chicken in the crockpot for dinner before mass. We are attending late mass this week because Rhett is serving. That is something he just loves to do!

Sunday is our first soccer free Sunday in quite some time. We are planning on visiting Steve's mother. She lives in a beautiful assisted living home in a nearby town, and we don't get to see her as often as we would like. After our visit, the kids have requested a late lunch at Red Lobster. Sounds good to me! Then Sunday evening our Steelers are on. Peyton and I are thinking about making some monkey bread to enjoy while we watch the game. Well, friends...that is our weekend. I hope yours is restful and fun, whatever your plans may be!

Another favorite fall scent...Autumn Wreath : )

Guess who is getting a manicure just in time for Halloween? Hint: not me

Found this at the store, and thought it would be perfect for Halloween morning since it falls on a school day this year.


  1. Love your weekend posts. Max and Ruby how fun. Isabella loved them when she was younger but Juliana never got into that show and it made me sad:(
    I have not seen the Halloween funfetti pancake mixt around here. My kids love the other funfetti pancake mix. Where did you find it?
    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  2. we have a pretty low key weekend ahead of us too and i am loving it. riley has a girl scout event most of saturday but for some reason it still feels less rushy rushy to me!:)
    and the holidays??? it kind of hit me yesterday when my sister in law asked for ideas for the girls! yikes!! it is a comin.:)
    glad you get to see your mother in law this weekend. i'm sure this will be a great weekend for her too.
    love that piggie paint and come on...you don't want your nails orange and black too?!?!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  3. yeah for things slowing down for you billie jo! And those pancakes look like so much fun! Enjoy your weekend, tara

  4. Might have to look for an Autumn Wreath candle, sounds yummy. Love the Halloween pancakes and nail polish!

  5. When you post, I imagine you all snug and cozy in your country home! :) We've finally been able to turn the a.c. off and sleep with the windows open at night. The coyotes woke me quite a bit last night. Not use to nature's noises!


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