October 25, 2012

Weekend Plans

Our weekend starts out on Friday with beautiful weather. They are calling for sun and a high of 70. That is great because Madison is cheering at her final home football game this year. I really want to attend. The good mother in me is planning on it. The wimpy, old mommy who is in her jammies most nights now by 6:00, is not looking forward to sitting in the cold! So far, things look good!

Saturday morning, I visit with my father in what has become a special time I look forward to each week. Sitting and visiting with him in that setting allows more time to really talk without everyday distractions. Before I go, I am planning on putting a beef roast in the crock pot with some onions and carrots. The weather promises to become chilly and damp... perfect weather for a comforting meal of beef roast and mashed potatoes. We have Mass in the late afternoon, so after that, it will be dinner and maybe some Halloween movies. I love Saturday nights with no plans!

Sunday is our pumpkin carving day! This is (yet another) one of our favorite fall traditions. In the early morning, I am planning on starting a big pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove...ahhh my favorite! I don't make spaghetti and meatballs as much as my own mother did, or as much as my family would like, but when I do it is a great day! The Steelers play in the early afternoon, so after that, we will carve our pumpkins! I always put on the same cd of not so spooky Halloween music and cover the kitchen floor with newspaper. Steve is our carver, while I am in charge of helping scoop out the yuck! The kids are older now, so with the exception of Flynn, they pretty much do it themselves. After we are all done, we turn out the lights and check them out before we set them outside for Halloween. Well, that is a peek at our weekend plans. Hope your weekend is happy and not too spooky, whatever your plans may be!

Madison brought home this beautiful watercolor she painted in art class this week.

Peyton made some yummy cupcakes for a special treat.

Flynn was excited to visit Grandma Flo last weekend.


  1. yaaayy my artwork :) love flynns dress!


  2. Flynn looks adorable! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy carving pumpkins! We just did that last night. :)

  3. oh i hear you on the snuggled up in your jammies on a cold night! i am not a fan of the cold but i am a fan of high school football games! never a cheerleader, but the sounds of the band take me right back...have a FUN!!:)

    have a wonderful visit with your dad, i know he probably looks forward to it all week.:)

    your dinners sound warm and cozy. not sure what dave has in mind but i'm hoping it's soup.:)

    beautiful art work!! frameable for sure!:) i love when the kiddos bake treats...who's not a sprinkles fan?!:)

    and flynn in her halloween dress is just the cutest. bet grandma flo loved the visit too.

    have a happy day and a wonderfully relaxing (and snuggly) weekend!:)

  4. Oh that picture of Flynn at the end... such a darling! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  5. This time of year I love to hang out in my sweats and just stay home. Your dinners sound wonderful. Roast just screams fall!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I've got to figure out how to respond to your comments. I just have to say... I LOVE Little Bear and snuggling on the couch with a little one with Little Bear on is the BEST! (But thanks for telling me that tweens and teens are great too! Have a great weekend, tara

  7. Okay, you have got to have the most beautiful kids!!! Flynn is adorable...and what a precious name! Your weekend plans sound delightful and I had to smile at "jammies at 6 PM on most nights". I gotta say that is something I love about Fall...dark nights and kids in bed before 8 PM...b/c...well, it's dark out! LOL

    Take care,


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