October 6, 2023

Friday Photos Of Our Home

Good Friday morning, my friends! Mocha is all snuggled in, so I wanted to share some more photos of our new home, all decorated for Halloween.

Come right in the front door into the foyer.

To the right is a beautiful, empty room that will eventually be a dining room!

Straight ahead of the foyer is the family room, where we spend time together, watching TV and visiting.

Behind the sofa is a table that is the perfect spot for holiday decor...


From the family room, you can look right into this pretty space. We don't really know what to call it, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!

And me. Makeup-free, sporting a soft, cozy sweater that feels great despite the thermometer saying it is 74 degrees outside, snapping a selfie to send to my bestie, Danielle, who blogs right HERE, and who knows  I adore this season so much that she sent me this for my birthday. Wow. That was a sentence! Well, I should get up and start my day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to a hot cup of pumpkin coffee and catching up with you this weekend!



  1. Amazing, beautifully decorated. Appreciate your creativity...

  2. Here in California, that room would be called the Study. I actually had one at one of our homes, and when Nel was a teenager, she wanted her own room, so we gave it to her. Although, in our house, it had doors attached for privacy. That would be a perfect place for reading or prayer or just quiet time for you. I am loving seeing bits of your new home, Billie Jo. The family room is especially nice, and cozy. I like that spider lantern too. aahh, that picture of Flynn with the pumpkins is so cute. The wooden pumpkins are delightful, and I love the soft sweater your friend sent you. Can't wait to see more Fall in your home, Billie Jo. You are settling in quite nicely. And unpacking and finding a place for your special things is always the best part of moving. ; )


    1. ps.....that doggy picture is awesome. So clear, and look at those sweet eyes.

  3. Your home is already so cozy and happy Billie Jo, and you just moved in! If I had that room, it would definitely be my knitting area with all of the light pouring in. I love it! It could also be a study or library or breakfast room. Our realtor called rooms like that, multi-use when we were house-hunting.
    Love, love the pocket doors into the dining room and the chandelier too. It's all so wondrful and, well, cozy. I can't think of a better word, although I know I used it once already. Your decorating skills are fantastic and I love the personal touches with photographs. Mocha is a darling and you can see right into her soul with those beautiful eyes.
    Wishing you a beautiful and happy weekend. We're into the 40's this morning with a freeze warning for tonight. Crazy, since it was in the 90's until yesterday!
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Wow - it looks great! You've done so much so fast! Love it. Have a wonderful weekend! 70s in Nebraska too!

  5. It looks just like home already! How lovely!! I think a realtor would call that room a den or study maybe. I would personally call it the sun room, outlook room or sitting room since with those dreamy windows, I think I'd just sit and watch nature. It's officially as of this morning "Sweata weather" here. (SNL)

  6. Your home is beautiful. So neat and tidy.

  7. What I want to know is how did you do all of this lovely decorating after just moving in? A lovely home, my friend. The rugs are beautiful. I recognize the one in the dining room as the one we have in our living room.

  8. What a lovely home! You look so cozy in your sweater. Do you have an October birthday too? My birthday is Monday and we have six family birthdays in October. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Everything looks great so far and of course I love the fall touches! That photo of Mocha....those eyes! All those windows...I'd probably call that little space a sunroom or solarium.

  10. You have a gorgeous new home, with so many special spots. And beautiful doors and windows. I also love your family room furniture. What a beautiful photo of Mocha, oh those EYES! Your makeup-free complexion is gorgeous, like peaches and cream.

  11. Beautiful Billie Jo, I have been eagerly awaiting news about your new home. smiles

  12. You've gotten so much done already - everything looking so inviting and comfortable! And such a cute sweater - nice friend!!:)

  13. PS - I'm pretty sure that sweet "extra" room is Mocha's room!

  14. Well, this 159-year-old house has a sitting room...maybe that fits? Whatever you choose to call it, it's lovely. I need to re-read past posts, did I miss?? How did you find this home, it's just oh-so pretty, there must be a story on how it came to be yours! Beautifully cozy...perfect for you!

  15. Your new home is beautiful, large, and spacious. Enjoy! Your Halloween decorations bring in the festivity. Nice job getting the decorating done so soon!

  16. Hi, Billie Jo! Your house is gorgeous! I tend to not decorate for Halloween but tomorrow I am going to change things up for fall. We finally had a cool, fallish day and it put me in the mood to cozy things up! Yours is all lovely.

  17. I love all of the photos of your new house. You really got yourself settled quickly. What a perfect way to bring in Fall.

  18. Dearest BillieJo,
    You seem to have been quite busy!
    Wish I could be 'moving about' but with my 88 pounds body it is a no–no.
    But grateful for still being alive and praying hard I will gain weight and strength.


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