January 19, 2022

I'm Curious...


And Mocha is too!

1. Does your pet sleep in your bed with you? 

2. How often do you floss? 

3. Do you fold your fitted sheet? Or are you a stuffer?

4. When do you put on your pajamas? 

5. Coke or Pepsi?

6. Who is your favorite movie actor?

7. What is one unique talent you have?

Looking forward to your responses!
And if you are wondering, here are my answers...

1. Yes. Mocha literally sleeps right beside me.

2. I floss every single day. It's a thing with me.

3. I have never mastered the art of folding the fitted sheet. I currently jam all my sheets in a wicker clothes hamper because I can't stand looking at them all crumpled up!

4. I put my pajamas on right after dinner. Provided I ever took them off.

5. Pepsi. But my true loyalty lies with Dr. Pepper.

6. Two words. Jake Gyllenhaal. 

7. I can cook any type of pasta perfectly. Every single time.
Just sayin'.

Happy Wednesday!

Billie Jo


  1. Hi BIllie Jo. It's always fun to learn more about you. We don't have a pet, so know it doesn't share my bed. Does hubby count? ;-) I floss every. single. time. I brush. I attempt to fold the fitted sheets and put them in the closet, but that is a skill I have never really mastered. PJs go on after my shower, usually around 9 p.m.. I am trying to stay away from soda completely,but if I do indulge, it's Diet Coke. Pepsi tastes too sweet to me. Movie actor? I like Robert Downey Jr.. He's been my favorite since that fun 1980s movie Soap Dish. Talent? I can say my ABCs backwards. Does that count? Fun to play along. Have a good day. :-)

  2. Good Morning. That was fun learning a bit more about you.
    1. Yes, our cat Jet sleeps in our bed
    2. Floss daily
    3. Not sure I could fold a fitted sheet alone but between my hubby and I we get it done.
    4. I usually sleep in yoga pants and a tshirt and that goes on as soon as I shower after work. PJ's are usually for the weekend and I have been known to switch from one pair to another after a shower on Saturday or Sunday.
    5. I will only occasionally drink Sprite
    6. Right off the top of my head I would say Hugh Grant
    7. Making popovers. So many say they can never get them right and I've never made a bad batch.
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  3. The one thing I like about it getting dark early is taking an early bath and putting on my pjs. My talent...I can clean up the kitchen after a meal faster than anyone you know...and that includes starting the dishwasher, washing some things by hand, drying them and putting them away AND scrubbing out the sink. lol Hugs!

  4. My dog never gets on the furniture; so, no bed! I picked her up ONE TIME and put her on the bed with me and she got RIGHT DOWN!! She sleeps on her dog bed next to my side. I floss once or twice a day. I haven't drank a soft drink in at least 12 years! I drink tea, coffee, water. My nightgown goes on when I get ready to watch TV. My husband and I fold sheets together. My favorite actor is the one now on 1888 (I forget his name!). He has a mustashe... I don't know what my talent is!!

  5. Scruffy sleeps with me every night of life. He puts his head right on my pillow most of the time. He, after all, thinks he is a human in a dog suit.
    I do floss just about every day...miss once in a while if I am rushed.
    I fold my fitted sheets and have a method that works so they look just like flat sheets once folded. Taught to me by a friend that managed a laundry. lol
    I don't wear pjs. lol. I DO wear a nightgown and usually put it on sometime between 8:30 and 10pm and then watch a bit of TV.
    Coke-through and through and you can't fool me. One sip and I can tell the difference. However, I don't drink it like I used to do-maybe one Coke a week, if that.
    My favorite is an 'old timer' now- Robert Redford. Have loved him through all the years.
    My unique talent? I am able to calm people down-no matter how anxious they are. People open up to me and know that I will keep whatever secrets/angsts they might have.
    That's it, kiddo.
    Now-pop over when you get a chance and vote for you favorite table~ xo Diana

  6. Haha! I love when you do these posts! So fun seeing everyone's answers! Here's mine:

    1. I don't currently have pets but growing up we had cats and dogs and they were always in bed with me. I actually really miss it now.
    2. I'm embarrassed to say NEVER. I hate the feeling. I'm a very aggressive brusher though :)
    3. Nope, can't do it. I try and then get frustrated. All fitted sheets are in a folded messy ball in my bottom drawer.
    4. Ha, this is a good one. Literally all the time. If I'm out for the day, I change the minute I get home. If I'm home all day with no plans to go out I just change into clean PJ's!
    5. I don't drink soda often but when I do it's usually Diet Coke. It's good with a lime in it too.
    6. Leo Dicaprio. Never let go.
    7. I can shuffle a deck of cards pretty well which some people seem to think is cool.
    So there you go!

  7. 1. I don't have any pets currently except a fish who stays in his tank. But I loved when my childhood cats would snuggle with me.
    2. Like once a week? Which puts me in the minority of your readers I see. I also hate the feeling.
    3. I too have a basket in my closet for extra bedding and sheets are just all balled in there.
    4. As soon as I can. I prefer to sleep in shorts but it's cold so there's usually in-between around the house pajamas and then the actual shorts right before bed. On Monday for MLK day, I never got dressed in "real clothes" and it was the best. And my only goal for the day if I am being honest.
    5. Coke. With no ice. Preferably from McDonalds. (I actually don't buy canned or bottled pop because fountain is so much better and makes it more of a treat when I get it.)
    6. Hugh Grant.
    7. I have a particular knack for remembering things. And I love learning so I know lots of random things I can pull out at the drop of a hat.

  8. Yes, my dog sleeps with me! Six out of seven days. No, don't fold my fitted sheets. Around 7:30. Diet coke, though very rarely. No favorite actor that really stands out. Remembering. Friends are amazed at my remembrances from the workplace.

  9. Good Morning Billie Jo! Mocha looks so cute all snug on the bed. That IS a talent to cook pasta perfectly every single time, cause sometimes mine is overcooked, and I like it just right. Here ya go.

    *No pets right now, but I've always had big dogs, Golden Retrievers and such, and they slept outside, but the one dog I remember was a Dachshund, my favorite, and he always slept inside.

    *Don't floss that often, unfortunately, but brush twice a day or more.

    *I chuckled at your answer on the folded fitted sheets. I feel the same way, bur I do fold them the best I can.

    *I usually put on my pajamas after my shower in the afternoon/evening.


    *Tom Hanks is my favorite actor, as he can play parts from serious to funny to amusing to amazing and everything in between. Russell Crowe is up there on my list too. : )

    *I have a steady hand and perseverance under tremendous pressure and difficult situations. Although, later it may take its toll on me and can get emotional.

    Fun fun post, Billie Jo. It's so nice to get to know our special blog friends.


  10. This is fun! We have two Labradors, one is fine out in the living room alone at night (but don't leave any snacks on the counters, she's a piggy-pie), the other one HAS to be in our room, in our bed. She starts out every night in her perfectly good doggie bed, but ends up on MY side, hogging all the room.
    I'm a toothbrushing fanatic, I had to break the habit of brushing in the night when I got up to use the bathroom, but flossing, every other day.
    Fitted sheets get sort of folded, into a basket in the closet.
    Pajamas: strictly after the shower, right before bed, then taken off in the morning before I greet the rest of the house, as to me, pajamas only belong in bed. But, I do wear "around-the-house" clothes, like sweatpants.
    Diet Coke, only occasionally, preferably with lime.
    I don't have a fave, used to like Mel Gibson, but...
    I can make a meal for a few dozen people on short notice, no problem. :)

  11. A cat occasionally sleeps on my feet, but only part of the night. I floss a few times a week - I'm trying to use those flosser things but really don't have a good pattern. I brush with devotion though. I do try to fold fitted sheets - so it's mostly rectangular in the end. Sometimes put on sweats before bed- sometimes crawl into bed with whatever I'm wearing because I'm just too tired to care. Diet Coke - preferably from the fountain from McDonalds! Not really a movie person - can Bruno from Encanto count? My talent is that I'll do dirty jobs without complaining.

  12. Our cat sleeps with me, but on my side, Hub's would kick him off. I floss everyday. I keep flossers, beside my chair in the family room and I floss right after I eat dinner watching the news. I put on my pj's right before bed. But I have been known to greet clients in my jammies as I don't take them off immediately in the morning:). DIET COKE!!! is there anything else? I fold my fitted sheets, I am good at this. Jason Mamoa too handsome. My talent is to see what needs to be done and then do it, as in I can anticipate.

  13. Never permitted a dog on furniture and we loved our dogs
    Not sure about the sheet
    Daily floss
    Pajamas early
    Blue bloods actors and actresses
    Meryl Streep and sally field just some

  14. Hi Billie Jo! This sounds fun...

    - Our dog sleeps in her kennel at night
    - I floss every day
    - I do not fold our fitted sheets
    - I put my pajamas on right before I get ready to crawl into bed for the evening and watch tv or read before I fall asleep
    - I do not drink any sodas, except for the occasional (once every few months) Ginger Ale
    - I watch a lot of Hallmark movies! I don't think I have a favorite actor.
    - My unique talent is gardening, I think. I do believe I have a green thumb!

  15. My darling Cuddles a cat , slept on my side of the bed every night, she is gone now and I miss her so much! I drink ginger ale.Daily floss sometimes twice a day. Sometimes pijamas.....all day! I attempt to fold the sheet..... Charles Dance forever! I love to write in Calligraphy,

  16. No pets, but we have a dog nephew and a dog niece who we really love
    I floss everyday. It just makes my mouth feel cleaner
    I fold my fitted sheet with the help of my hubby
    Are you kidding, I wear my pajamas all day. So comfy
    I don't drink soda anymore, but when I did it was definitely Pepsi. I never cared for the white sodas
    Johnny Depp. He's an extraordinary actor, plus let's face it, he's easy on the eyes
    I can organize anything and everything. I definitely missed my calling

  17. 1. Every pet I've ever had, well only the dogs and cats, have slept in the bed.
    2. Several times a week. Some days I might floss several times a day. It depends what I'm eating, doing, etc.
    3. I attempt to fold. Not going to lie...it doesn't look good.
    4. Usually when I'm ready to sit down and relax for the evening.
    5. Diet Coke.
    6. How to choose! Tommy Lee Jones, Jason Mamoa, Mark Wahlberg...
    7. I am very good at forgiving and moving on. It took a long time to get here.

  18. 1. No pets in the bed.
    2. Floss now and then -- should do more!
    3. Not good at folding - though I attempt it.
    4. PJs after evening shower
    5. Pepsi - but occasionally Coke
    6. Hmmm - favorite actor is a tough one - Tom Hanks, Tom Selleck
    7. Very good speed walker!
    Those were fun! Have a great day!

  19. 1. Does your pet sleep in your bed with you? We don't have pets
    2. How often do you floss? Daily
    3. Do you fold your fitted sheet? Or are you a stuffer? I wash and put back on the bed:)
    4. When do you put on your pajamas? At bedtime
    5. Coke or Pepsi? Neither, Sprite:)
    6. Who is your favorite movie actor? hmmmm, that's a hard one and I can't think of just one. I love Tom Selleck, Mark Harmon...
    7. What is one unique talent you have? Too many to list, wink:)

    Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  20. 1. Does your pet sleep in your bed with you? Umm...no...he is a 100 lb German Shepherd. However, he has taken to sleeping just outside our doorway.

    2. How often do you floss? Not often enough, if I must be truthful.

    3. Do you fold your fitted sheet? Or are you a stuffer? I fold them. It drives me nuts if I don't. lol

    4. When do you put on your pajamas? As soon as I get home from work. And on my days off, very rarely do I get out of them. grin

    5. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

    6. Who is your favorite movie actor? Liam Neeson

    7. What is one unique talent you have? Grin...too many to list. LOLOL---In all seriousness, I can tell 'bad folks' right off the bat--even before they say anything. I am pretty good at reading body language.

  21. No pets allowed in our bedroom. I usually floss daily except during when life is crazy. I fold my fitted sheet but again, become a stuffer if life is crazy. Pajamas go on right before bed. I'm one of those weird people that can go either way with Coke or Pepsi (diet in both cases). I don't watch many movies so don't really have a favorite actor...maybe Gary Oldman because he seems so versatile and then Paul Newman for sheer looks. Apparently my unique talent is birthing beautiful children...we just had baby number ten recently :)


  22. 1. Does your pet sleep in your bed with you? Yes

    2. How often do you floss? It depends on how soon my dentist appointment is!!

    3. Do you fold your fitted sheet? Or are you a stuffer? Fold

    4. When do you put on your pajamas? 12:30 a.m.

    5. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

    6. Who is your favorite movie actor? Joseph Gordon Levitt

    7. What is one unique talent you have? Baking bread 🤣 I make the baddest loaf in town!!!!

  23. Oh, your hair is ON POINT!! I love that cut and color! Great choice! Thank you for sharing the pasta recipe, too. I'm on the hunt for easy weeknight meals and this fits the bill!

  24. I know I'm so late - been fighting covid these days. Ugh! And using some of the energy I have today to catch up with my blogging Friends. Love learning things like this about you and these posts are always so fun!

    1. Ruby sleeps with me every night
    2.I floss everyday and often more than once as I have a fake tooth towards the front and things get caught when I eat...so I end up flossing everything
    3.I HATE fitted sheets - especially with big king bed. I do a sad version of folding it and call that good enough
    4. I put my pj's on closer to bedtime maybe around a little after dinner 7 or 8
    5. I have a diet coke addiction (1 a day) I'm trying to kick!
    6. I think Tom Hanks is amazing but I like to look at Chris Hemsworth 😉
    7. Hmmm unique talent? I can say the Hail Mary prayer in French! 😊


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