September 8, 2017

Random Photos On A September Friday

It is feeling like September for sure here in Pennsylvania. And that is good, because we are all about fall here in our country home. Yet, as we watched the news of the latest hurricane bringing devastation to parts of our world, we realized some things aren't as important as we think they are. Perspective, I suppose. Meanwhile, here is a look back at our first week of September...

I set my sweet little autumn teacup out...
It was a gift from my Rhett. : )

Sunday afternoon, Peyton and I went to a special baby shower welcoming three new precious babies brought into our family by the blessing of adoption. It was so nice visiting with Steve's family and sharing the happiness of two of our nieces.

After the shower, Peyton and I took advantage of being near an actual grocery store and did a little shopping.
For fall items. As in Pumpkin Spice items. And we found many!
The Pumpkin Spice Life Cereal is delicious! Not fake tasting at all.
We didn't buy everything we saw. We opted to leave the Pumpkin Spice Butter on the shelf.

I set up the game table we use during the fall and winter months.
I like to switch out different games that otherwise would be left gathering dust on the closet shelf.
First up?

We were treated to this amazing sight!
And it reminded Flynn of a very special friend we met on the cruise who reminded her to look up at the sky and see the moon and the stars, and know that he was seeing the same thing.

I received the new fall items I ordered from my favorite place...GAP. I am fairly consistent with my fashion choices. Comfort and versatility are a must. I usually add a few pieces each season, and DONE! Just how I like it.

And in the interest of keeping it real around here...
Peyton snapped this picture of me in my new jeans and sweatshirt to send to Madison.
Clearly, not one of my finer pictures...
No make up and hot mess hair.
But you know what?
That is how I look much of the time so...there you go!
And honestly, the jeans are the most comfortable jeans ever.
They have stretch to feel comfy but not enough that they stretch out, you know?
They are the Mid rise destructed best girlfriend jeans from Gap, if you are interested.
And the sweatshirt? Soooo comfy!
And light, not real heavy, you know?
It is the Logo Stripe Pullover.
And right now...they are 40% off!
Not in any way affiliated with Gap.
Just really like their clothes. : )

Again. The jeans have stretch.
Just sayin'.

Coffee and a pumpkin spice donut.
On the porch.
In September.

Have a wonderful cozy, September weekend, my friends.
Whether it is attending high school football games, going apple picking, or binge watching Netflix, 
enjoy every moment with your people!


  1. What great pics - especially the keeping it real one. Those are my favorites! Enjoy your cozy weekend!

  2. Yay for September! And fall food! (Though I do think pumpkin spice butter would be good on pumpkin muffins...) I love your new wardrobe items, they look great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh, a Brambly Hedge tea cup!!!!

    Followed by lovely photos, and sentiments.

    I too got a couple of new Autumn items. I love wearing kinda' long skirts. (A la Tasha Tudor and many European woman on IG) Although I have not been able to do so, before. I am an "old pear" shape, and nothing looks that good. So I am simply going with Corduroy jumpers and being happy. :-)

    Being short, I have to have them hemmed, but know a place to do it. I'd not tackle that job. One has to know what one Can do and what one Can Not do. :-)

    Happy Autumn Everything!!!!

  4. Another hurricane, fires in the PNW it's really been tragic and devastating. We are dealing with the fires and haven't seen a blue sky for weeks in our town and I so missed seeing the full moon. It's something I look forward to every month. I'm glad you guys were able to see it. Your home looks festive and cozy as does your sweatshirt and jeans!
    Have a great weekend

  5. Hi Billie Jo!

    Love your beautiful Fall home, it is the best time of year!

    Nothing better than a pair of comfy jeans, especially when there are donuts and cookies around. I can hardly wait to break out my sweaters . . . oh my goodness! And you look beautiful, as always. It would be so cool if everyone took a photo of themselves without makeup and hair done...we would love them just the same!

    Love a full moon! The moon here has been blood red, spooky and fascinating all at the same time. Stay safe dear friend!


  6. You are beautiful just the way you are.

  7. Pumpkin spice twinkles, Little Debbie pumpkin spice rolls, and nutri grain pumpkin flavor cereal bars are also good!

  8. Have you tried Lularoe clothing? Everything is so comfortable! They have a Disney line which I absolutely love!

  9. You look lovely!!
    And I wish we could find Entemmann's more easily here. They are hard to come by!
    Pumpkin Spice butter? hHee hee hee

  10. I bought some candy corn as I was craving them - but didn't dive into anything Pumpkin spice other than a pumpkin pie latte at the coffee shop...but I am ready my like minded Friend!! ;)

    Love your new Gap pieces!!! I have been a Maurices gal these days myself. You are beyond adorable, did you know that? Just sayin

    Have a blessed weekend. xoxo

  11. I was just thinking today about pumpkin donuts...yum! We will have to try the life cereal! Pumpkin butter sounds better left on the shelf.😃 love the picture of you in your new outfit.

  12. Sure like your Gap style as well! All that pumpkin food is making me want some of it too. I plan on binge watching Netflix...just got it and so much to choose from..enjoy the fall weekend.

  13. Love your game table idea! Have a great weekend!

  14. You have a game table that you set up in the fall and winter? I love that idea! I eat Life cereal almost every single morning but I'm just not sure I could handle the pumpkin spice Life. Maybe it's an acquired taste? :)

    1. It is really mild...almost tastes like regular Life. Just a hint of fall!!!

  15. Sounds like a great weekend. It as a joy to see the game table set up, we too have games and jigsaws ready for the season.

  16. You guys don't mess around with your pumpkin foods ;) Looks like you are off to a good start! That moon looked the same here on Wednesday and I was giddy with excitement because it looked like a Halloween moon to me! I love your Gap sweatshirt, it looks so comfy.

  17. This might be my favorite post yet. Since I am all things fall, I loved your pumpkin spice shopping... and the sweatshirt and jeans- my outfit of choice for months on end! I think you look adorable in that picture!! We are still in the 80's here for awhile, with hints of 70's every now and then. I'm SO looking forward to the 60's... I can smell it! :)

  18. PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING! That's my kind of shopping. I love the real you photo ~ beautiful! My girls and I have been doing a lot of night time Netflix binging. We finally finished rewatching all episodes of Greys Anatomy and now we are rewatching Parenthood ~ Soon however, I will be taking over the television with those cheesy hallmark movies that I love so much. : ) Have a great weekend.

  19. Happy first week of September! I went grocery shopping last night and got a haul of pumpkin spice loot myself! The Pepperidge Farm swirl bread is the best! I love it for breakfast. I'll have to try the Life cereal. Also your GAP choices are just my style! I've been looking for a cardigan and the one you got looks so cozy! If we were neighbors we would totally be hanging out in our comfy jeans and sweatshirts, with a big plate of those cookies and a cup of coffee with pumpkin spice cream! I'm in! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! xoxox

  20. Happy September to you too!! It looks as though you are enjoying every moment of it. Coziness at home is truly the best!
    I have yet to pull out my Fall stuff as its a bit warmer than normal here.
    Had a great weekend with my mom and some friends, we baked about a zillion cabbage rolls and breakfast stuffed rolls. So, today I'm hanging around home and trying to catch up on a few chores. There is no place like home!!

    Enjoy your week Billie Jo!!

    Hugs, Amy

  21. What a yummy post! I think I am hungry! I like clothes from The Gap too! Very comfy. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of person as well. Have a good week!

  22. I *heart* this post!! I would also like a cookie, a pumpkin donut and everything pictured you got at the grocery. Is that too much to ask for? :)

    And look at you, adorable in your cute sweatshirt!! Love your jeans and yes I've already checked them out online and look forward to trying on a pair soon at my local Gap!!

    Take care and I hope you have a wonderful day friend!!


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