September 6, 2017

Pork Chops And Applesauce

Do you like that Brady Bunch reference I made there, Kathleen? Anyway, this is a recipe for the best pork chops we have ever made. Well, that Peyton has ever made. I don't do pork chops. Apparently I tend to overcook them. Waaaay overcook them.

Peyton found this recipe in a Nancy Drew Cookbook she received years ago. Don't be fooled. They are delicious.

Just slice the onions and the lemons...
And pretend you don't see that paper towel up on the counter...

Lightly brown the pork chops...
Again...ignore the grease all over my stove...

Put everything on top of the rice, and pour the broth over it all...
Cover it with foil...

Bake it until it is all done...

And serve it up with some baked zucchini for color.

Oh. Don't forget the applesauce.
One must eat applesauce with pork chops.
Peter Brady says so.

We double the recipe.
We use thin pork chops.
We use extra rice, and we pour extra broth over top.
So...we just make more, I guess!!!



  1. Hi!

    I remember watching that original episode of, The Brady Bunch!!! There are just some Brady Bunch shows that you will never forget.... :0)

    Sounds delicious!! We love pork chops, thank you for the recipe.


  2. This looks so delicious! I am going to give this recipe a try! Thank you so much for sharing it. I am always looking for something new to feed my family. Hugs to you. Juli

  3. Never really watched "The Brady Bunch," so didn't immediately "get" the reference. :-) But agree! Apple Sauce goes with Pork!!!

    Oh mercy, I was guilty of over cooking pork, my family tells me. ,-) Yes, I remember, too. Well, I grew up in the 40's, married in '58, when pork "had" to be "well" cooked! Or so it was said. And well cooooook 'em, we did!!!!

    Actually they could be used as weapons.

    But let's not dwell on the past. ,-)))))

    Since my husband retired, he is the Chef! He enjoys cooking. I never did. I bake, but dislike daily meals. So, needless to say, he does not over cook pork.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  4. I love that episode! And I have never been a big fan of pork chops but this does look good! The onion and lemon probably help a lot!

  5. Yum! Love those books with recipes and I was a really Nancy Drew fan back in the day! Wow -- I sound ancient, don't I! And now, I'm really hungry! Have a great day sweetie!

  6. Lovely, your daughter cooks? How nice. Mine all were brainiacs.

  7. Yummy...I have gotten out the Autumn Gooseberry cookbook to plan meals. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  8. Megan has recently found The Brady Bunch. A channel here has it on Sunday calling it the Brady Brunch and airs episode after episode. As soon as I saw the title, Peter Brady is who came to mind! Those chops look wonderful. Oh, how I wish my guy ate rice. Megan and I might make a dish for ourselves. I'm trying to get her in the kitchen more. I hope she ends up loving it like Peyton!

  9. seriously delicious and that baked zucchini has my mouth watering right now! Perfect Fall dinner.

  10. Sounds delicious. And we always have applesauce with our pork chops!

  11. Yum-O! Your Peyton sure knows her way around the kitchen. Thanks for a great sounding recipe. ♥

  12. Hello there Dearest and fellow Fall Lover Friend! I missed hanging out here. ;) I've been catching up on your posts. Love seeing what you're up to, and your beautiful family too! This recipe sounds like a keeper to me!! Thanks for sharing. Love our "time" together. xoxo

  13. Billie Jo - oh YUM! I've a question: do you use regular rice and substitute the amount of water for chicken broth? What temperature do you bake it at and for approximately how long? xx

  14. Those look delicious! And now, my friend, all I have in my head is that scene, "pork chops... and apple sauce." LOL

  15. Your Peyton is amazing in the kitchen! How I would LOVE to stop by and sample the treats she makes :) This dish looks incredible and I'm sure it was ever so tasty.

    Hugs to you, friend!

  16. It looks and sounds delicious to me. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  17. I love pork and applesauce together, I am now wishing I had not passed the pork chops at the grocery store today. This looks so delicious, Peyton did a fantastic job!
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Looks delicious, I will definately be giving it a try.

  19. Well,"Isn't that swell?"
    Love the reference and those chops look great(and easy!)Thanks for sharing.

  20. That looks absolutely delicious! I'm always lookin for new recipes to try. Thanks for stopping by my new blog! Nice to "meet" you!

  21. That recipe looks and sounds delicious! I can almost smell it!

  22. Look delicious!! I will give this recipe a try!

  23. I saw this recipe on your blog a year ago and have been making it ever since. It's delicious!!! "pork chops and apple sauce for supper....isn't that swell?" Yes it is! : )


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