August 11, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

We are enjoying these laid back weeks of August here in our country home. May, June, and July were quite packed with fun, family things. But August? August is blissfully free of any major commitments. And that is more than alright with me. This weekend stretches ahead of us with few plans. So we shall be soaking in the summer as it eases into fall. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Here is a wrap-up of our week...

We rode to Mass with the top off the Jeep...

And took selfies just for fun.

We had a wonderful time at Steve's family reunion.
His brother and wife live right on a lake, and host the party every year.

My niece Nicole took Flynn with her down to the water, and her daughter and Flynn had fun playing together.

Life has a way of coming full circle..
I used to watch Nicole when she was little.
Now, my daughter and her daughter play together. : )

Ahhh. Zucchini.
Are you running out of ways to use it yet?
But shhhh. We substituted butter for the Country Crock.

Please tell me my photography skills have improved since that post!

My beautiful mother came to visit!
She loves to sit on our porch and just enjoy the view.
We had some iced coffee and visited all afternoon.

I finished my yearly scrapbooking too.
I have been scrapbooking for twenty years.
I love doing it, and am so happy that I have these books to pass on to my children someday.
This is how I keep up with it...
At the end of every month, I print out the pictures that I want to use.
When they arrive in the mail, I immediately separate them into piles. Then I put each child's pile into a zip lock bag...Yes...super high tech here.
Every August, I take a few days and devote them to scrapbooking.
Because everything is all ready...I keep a tub of supplies ready and is not a major task.
I have three ring binder scrapbooks for each child.
I use colored cardstock and once each page is completed, I slide it into a plastic sleeve that I then put into each book.
Each child has four books, divided into five years each.
And that is that.

New topic.
Am I the last person to discover that Walmart is now selling Yankee Candles????
I found two of our favorite scents today.
And I may have even lit the Honeycrisp Apple Cider this afternoon.
The fall lover in me couldn't resist.

And look what else!!!!
OK. These I put in the pantry until fall.
I swear.

This was a long one.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.

And remember to take some time to just be.


  1. Oh I so wish I had kept up with scrapbooking like you. My oldest has a book until she was maybe 8? But, I am really not thrilled with it. The other, no book at all. And, I have several rubbermaid tubs FULL of photos (and brought all the duplicates home when my MIL passed away in March). Not to mention all of them on the computer. I really want to get all of those organized at least this year, and then move on to making books of some sort.

  2. Ha! Honeycrisp Apple Cider makes me laugh! Because Honeycrisp is a delicious apple and the state apple of Minnesota. (Where I grew up.) And then I married into an Iowan apple orchard family and they grow Honeycrisp. So now I know that it is such an expensive apple that there is no way anyone would cider it. But I am sure the candle smells great!!!! Good for you for letting the fall sneak in. (Why shouldn't you I say?!) I love your organization for your scrap booking. I confess I just print my blog yearly into a book and call that "scrap booked." I always thought I'd be good at scrapbooking but never started. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  3. I love to buy seasonal items...especially candy!

  4. What wonderful memories! I am so glad that you have continued the scrapbooking for so many years, Billie Jo. Someday your children will thank you for that. I didn't know Walmart sold Yankee Candles! WHAT? Seriously? They have to be cheaper there than in the boutiques that sell them.

    I hope you have a great weekend with your family. xo Diana

  5. Oh, you paint such a beautiful picture of your life. My whole summer has been a bit of a bummer. Bummer summer. Oh that's cute. But I am so glad to be alive. God is so good. I've enjoyed the early cool weather, too.

    Cannot wait for fall and the scents, flavors, scenes, and coziness of fall. I'll be taking it easy this year, but I cannot wait.

    Oh, and each year my eldest son and I are on the lookout for Mellowcreme pumpkins. They're our must have candy. I usually wait and let him buy me my first bag. This year I will buy them for him. He was run over by a F150 truck and his knee was hurt badly. He'll need surgery.
    Be blessed!

  6. Oh my goodness, the Halloween candy is already on the shelves? 😱
    I won't buy it this early because it wouldn't last at our home, I am the most guilty one too.

    I always enjoy visiting your sweet home via your blog.

  7. Awwww... Fall. I received a notification that a local orchard is starting to pick apples. I figure I will bring up the tubs of decor because if there are apples to harvest it must be time. :) Thanks for sharing a peek into your week!

  8. Billie Jo, slow days in August are the best! Oh my that chocolate zucchini cake looks so delicious!!! Happy Birthday to your Peyton! Halloween candy + Yankee Candles = LOVE!

  9. What a fun week! I could never ever buy Hershey's anything and expect them to be around very long. Sad thing is - I'd be the one who ate them all! :) Have a wonderful weekend! We're gearing up for school to start next Wed. -- way too soon!!

  10. You just gave me the best idea.. although I haven't scrapbooked in years, I have at least 20 filled books in my attic that I wonder what I'm going to do with. I think I will break them down and make 2 large binders for my girls. thanks for the inspiration. : ) Your little one is so adorable!! And I too... have been buying fall themed candy bags, I can't help myself!!!!! : )

  11. Hi Billie Jo!

    Never worry about how long your posts are...we love spending time with you! You make going to Mass look like so much fun, the selfies were adorable! I wish we had family reunions at a lake. They are usually at a park, and it's 110 degrees!! Flynn will soon be old enough to babysit! I'm anxious for Fall to get here as well. It's been a smokey, hot summer here in Idaho, and frankly, I need some cool crisp days, with blue skies instead of grey! You kids will love the scrapbooks you make them, what a wonderful keepsake! I'm not a scapbooker . . . that's why I blog!


  12. I love your scrapbook idea, what a treasure for your kids! Did you find that candy at Walmart? I went yesterday in hopes to find Halloween stuff out but nothing yet :( I have been slowly stocking up on the Fall candles though, my very favorite candle time of the year!!! Have a great weekend.

  13. I loved to scrapbook at one time. I got overwhelmed. I love the idea you shared. Genious! Thanks for my goody!

  14.'s almost here! I was just thinking today that I wanted to pick up some fallish last okimg camdy this weekend!!

  15. You should do a post on how you scrapbook along with where you get all of your materials and how you organize it!!! <3
    Missing all the fall stuff :( Rhett looks so handsome and grown up!

  16. I did NOT know Walmart sells Yankee candles, but I will surely look next time I'm in there! That zucchini rice dish looks delicious!

  17. Sweet pictures of your mom! Isn't it wonderful to spend such wonderful times with her! The idea of printing out pictures at the end of each month is a wonderful idea! You are very organized to get it all done in a few days! I have been scrapbooking for 20 years too, and do most of my scrapbooking now with digital online albums, as I find this is easier for me to do. But I like your idea of doing it like that too... thanks for sharing that! Your scrapbook pages are darling and share the good times for each child to one day have to look through. Enjoy the smell of fall in your home with the lovely Yankee candles!


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