February 17, 2017

Weekend Plans And Valentine's Day Wrap Up

We are more than halfway through February. Our school year is more than half over. And in about six months, I can start thinking about decorating for fall! Ok, maybe that last one was a bit much, but the way times passes, it actually will be here before we know it. That is one reason why I am really trying to live mindfully, to live in the here and now. It all comes and goes so quickly.

Our weekend plans are typical for us this time of year...The slower paced, mid winter, cozy days we are enjoying now. Friday night we are free. I have some tilapia in the freezer, so we will probably have that with some jasmine rice and a vegetable for dinner. Then we will settle in for some games and television together. Peyton and I really enjoy a new show we found on HLN. It is called "How It Really Happened" and it revisits several famous cases of the past. They focus on one each week. It is really interesting.

Saturday we have to be up and about early! We have an appointment...yes, an appointment...at our local post office to get our passports. I had no idea this was such a big thing, but when I called to ask a question, the woman working there said we would need an appointment. Now...we don't actually need them for a big trip...say to Denmark, for example...quite yet. But we decided to finally do something about those forms that have been sitting on my desk for close to a year now! Having said that, a trip to Denmark this summer is not totally out of the question!!

After the post office fun, we are heading to visit Steve's mum, who is doing remarkably well lately! Thank you all for your prayers! We are looking forward to a nice visit with her. We are also looking forward to a nice lunch out at a favorite restaurant which is yet to be determined. Which translated means...as soon as we all agree. : )  We have Mass in the early evening, and then a quiet evening at home.

Sunday is free. And that means only one thing...spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove all day long. Steve and Peyton will make some meatballs, and we will have a delicious dinner. Throw in a nap and a few hours with my book and I am all set. Sounds exciting, right? But to me...it is. : )

Here is a look back at the past week in our part of the world...

We started off our Valentine celebration last weekend with some festive clothing for Mass...

And a few pictures to capture the memory.

We decided to go out to eat after Mass, completely oblivious to the fact that it was Valentine Weekend! I guess my mind doesn't think like that anymore! Anyway, we were there early, and actually were thrilled, because the menu was amazing!!! My mom and I both ordered this Alfredo.
It. Was. Delicious.

And the dessert?
This. Just this.

First Grade science was fun this week...

Even if our hypothesis was proven wrong.
The hearts are yummy, but they most certainly do not float. : )

Valentine's Day arrived and we were ready to celebrate...

Flynn and I set the table before anyone else was awake.
She absolutely loves special days like this.

Later in the day, my mom joined us to celebrate...

And to have our traditional Valentine's Day dinner...

Stuffed Shells, garlic toast, and salad.
For some. : )

Then the kids exchanged Valentines...
And the thing that I will remember the most about this special day is my little Flynn.
She was so very excited to give her Valentines out to her family!
She was thrilled!
And that made this mommy's heart so happy.

These two.
I am in awe of their love.

After we exchanged our cards, both store bought and homemade, we enjoyed some delicious heart shaped cupcakes. Peyton did it again. : )

In non-Valentine-related news, I redid a wall in our family room this past week.
I had a new print to hang, and Steve was thrilled...ok, maybe that is too strong a word...let's says he was willing to help.

I found this on Etsy.
And I love it.

Finally, I will close with this.
This beautiful photo came from my girl.
My Madison is currently in Sweden with her Nicolas and his family.
They are skiing this week.
And they saw this...

And this.
No words can add to this beauty.
So I will leave it alone.

Have a wonderful weekend with your people, my friends!
Thank you for visiting. 


  1. A trip to Denmark!? How exciting will that be!! The stuffed shells look amazing and so does the Valentine's day table. Your weekend will be perfect especially witht the smell of pasta sauce simmering all day on Sunday :)

  2. A wonderful Valentine's Day!! Getting your passports is a great thing to have anyway and once you have them it's much easier to renew so it will never be this complicated again. Plus then you will be free to go visit Denmark and I will just be home with heart eye emojis and waiting for pictures! Have a most wonderful weekend!

  3. So much to say here... your Valentines day was the best! I have to say, Peyton's card to Flynn... oh my goodness! Such sweet sisters to each other. I love that! It'll always be that way too, even when they are grown... I can see it, ya know?

    Passports... are exciting. Hoping you do get the chance for Madison to show you all around Denmark. That would be wonderful. Keep us posted.

    And enjoy your cozy winter weekend. I for one am not wishing winter away. Sure, I love spring when it does finally come but there's nothing like a February weekend for cozy, right? It all sounds perfect, all of your plans. Love ya, miss ya, tara

  4. It's always lovely to see a family that enjoys one another! I love your new "Let them be little" sign. That is so true. It looks like you and your family enjoy every moment. Have a wonderful weekend, Billie Jo. ♥

  5. It's so fun to get passports....I'm not sure why, but, it feels cool or something, like "I'm somebody" hahah! Anyway, love your new Etsy print you hung on your wall....perfect saying.

    Love your Valentine celebrations, how fun!
    Have a wonderful cozy weekend!!

  6. Oh your weekend plans sound perfect, and planning a trip to Denmark How Exciting! passports and all Now My friend you have an excuse to order a leather Travelers notebook for your trip and memories. I have been waiting to purchase one but I cant decide between Chic Sparrow and a few others. I love how your daughters are looking more and more alike, Flynn is such a sweetie. enjoy your weekend.

  7. Passports? Denmark? Oh my goodness. How exciting.
    Love how you celebrate each holiday so well.
    And I adore your new print on the wall. Steve did a fine job putting it all together, too.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend.

  8. How exciting to get passports, hope you manage the trip to Norway it will be wonderful. Your Valentines celebration looked amazing, it is so lovely that the girls have such a special relationship. Flynn as always looked adorable. Love the new sign bringing back lots of lovely memories of my own girls sleeping in the middle, how time has flown.

  9. Such a wonderful Valentines celebration. ( I am a new reader btw) My oldest daughter spends a lot of time in Switzerland, and every time she leaves, my husband and I swear that we will get passports before the next trip... and we still haven't done it yet. This Spring, I swear.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Holy cats, Denmark! That sounds awesome! And the pics from Sweden are breathtaking! Why is it that Flynn looks so big all of a sudden??

  11. So much love, living, and coziness. I love it.

  12. Billie Jo, Flynn has grown so! She still looks sweet as can be but a little girl no longer. That big girl stage is a lovely time. And Denmark ~ how exciting!

  13. Your sweet post has made me all warm and fuzzy inside, dear friend. I can't say this enough....you are an amazing mom and you are a beautiful example to me - thank you.

    Sending love and hugs your way!

  14. Your weekend sounds so nice! It looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's celebration. You are so lucky to live so close to your mother. I love all of the photos that you shared. Hugs. Juli

  15. Those pictures are stunning, wow! We turned in all our paperwork for passports on Friday! :) I didn't realize we needed our marriage license though so I had to come back home to get it. They said it could take up to 4 weeks so now we just wait.

  16. Your decorations are so fun and festive! What a lucky family to have such a caring and sweet mama!! It's always great reading your posts! Have a wonderful week!! and just an oh by the way, lets not talk about next fall haha - I'm looking forward to summer. :)

  17. Those stuffed shells look amazing!
    And I love the sunset pictures. So lovely.
    Happy Monday!!

  18. Busy days here with kiddos on break. Playing catch up - cuz I have to read all of your posts, as every single one makes me smile.

    I've got to say that those photos from Denmark are STUNNERS! I think you need to make that trip happen!! ;)

    Off to read the next post. Blessings! xoxo

  19. Here I am catching up on blogs today and we are already at the end of another week. Time just goes by too fast, doesn't it? Your Valentines Day looks so cute! I'm still eating candy and will have my decorations up until March. I love all the hearts : ) Your week looks like it was wonderful! Hope all went well at the post office! Good times to come, my friend! xo


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