May 23, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Rhett

Yep. My boy turned thirteen. What?!?!?! He had a wonderful day as documented in these fun photos below. Rhett is a wonderful young man...a very sensitive soul who makes me laugh at least fifty times a day. I kid you not. He loves movies and working at the theatre. He loves hunting and gaming...and tacos. He hates milk and tomatoes. He is a kind young man if I do say so myself. I am super proud of the young man my baby boy has become, and can't wait to see the amazing man he was born to be. : )

I make him his favorite fudge. Every.Single.Year.

There were pictures first...

(He is officially taller than I am! )

and then presents...

(Super surprised!)


(...and oh so very thankful!)

and then there was cake!
He chose his very fave televisions shows...The Flash and Arrow.
And it was chocolate with peanut butter icing!

(He said he had nothing to wish for! I'm sure he thought of something. : ) )

Happy Birthday, my one and only son!


  1. Looks like Rhett had a very happy birthday. Love the cake, and the pictures of his special day. Thanks for sharing. I have an only boy too, (2 sisters) and he is my baby at 41.

  2. I love that he had nothing to wish for. He is one special young man that is for sure. So glad he had a terrific birthday!!

  3. I am so glad he had a Happy Birthday. The cake looks good . Woohoo on the XBOX One!!! Blessings

  4. Hi Billie Jo!

    What a fun day! What a beautiful family! Don't you love making memories. . .what a perfect day for Rhett!


  5. OH great photos Billie Jo! And happy bday to that wonderful young man!
    I worked at the movie theaters through high school and almost all of college. I just loved it too!! And it was a nice bonus to get into movies for free when I was a poor college student.

    Glad he had such a nice day. I sure like his taste in treats too! ;) xo

  6. Such a special day, a teenager...the cake and gifts look amazing.

  7. Oh my word -- you got me with the photo of fudge! LOVE it! What a wonderful son and birthday -- love his surprised look! How sweet!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! He sounds like such a kind soul. His reaction to the Xbox is priceless. And that cake....holy smokes does that look good.
    Great picture of mother and son. That's a keeper.

  9. Beautiful post....
    Happy birthday to your son.
    How wonderful to read about his special day....and especially lovely to know that he is thankful. That shows that he has been raised correctly.
    Happy birthday, Rhett. Turning 13 is a milestone among many in your sweet life.

  10. What a sweet boy - nothing to wish for!!!! I love that!

  11. Happy birthday sweet Rhett!! Love the fudge tradition!!
    Nothing to wish for? How sweet is that? (very)

    God bless you!

    Billie Jo--love the new profile picture you have! (and the patriotic theme for the holiday!)

  12. Looks like a fantastic birthday! And he is taller than his mama!! Hugs and birthday wishes to such a fine young man!

  13. What a great birthday for your wonderful thirteen year old. It sure does look like he had a wonderful day. Happy belated birthday Rhett!

  14. Happy belated birthday to Rhett. He is getting to be quite the handsome guy - girls look out - he's a teenager now!

  15. Happy birthday Rhett!! So fun to "officially" become a teenager :-) Wishing you many more happy birthdays, happiness, health and success! ;-)


  16. What an awesome birthday for that young man!! What a surprise!! Love that cake! He seems so happy!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Looked like a really good day!


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