May 21, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...Rhett. And how he is turning 13 today!!!! That's of today my one and only boy is a teenager! And we are celebrating him with a yummy meal of his choice, cake, presents, family, friends, and fun. : ) I am beyond proud of this young man my little boy has become. And I am so proud to be his mom. : ) Details on his special day to come soon. Now I'm off to make his favorite...Two Tone Chocolate Fudge. I make it every single year on his special day.  Before I go, here is a quick peek at the past week in our country home. : )

The birthday boy himself with his sisters at the Ed Sheeran concert. : )

We got up early for a beautiful Ascension Day Mass...

and took my beautiful mother to breakfast afterward. : )

Things got really pretty...

really fast...

and we stayed outside as long as we could. : )

And that made us very happy.

Steve broke out the mower again too.

There were soccer games...

newborn baby birds...

and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

All in all...a really good week.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, my friends!


  1. Happy Birthday to Rhett!! Sounds like he's got good taste in desserts :)
    All of those pictures are beautiful, Billie Jo. Wow!! Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  2. Happy birthday Rhett!! Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  3. Isn't it fun to have another teenager in the house! Have a wonderful birthday celebrating! It looks so beautiful there! Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHETT!!!!!--we have the same colored eggs in the nest, well, we did, they hatched. Blessings

  5. Happy Birthday, looks like a great day planned. Have a wonderful weekend together.

  6. Happy birthday Rhett!
    Beautiful days!

  7. Happy Birthday to Rhett! Today is Peter's birthday too. He's two years old!!

  8. Happy Birthday Rhett!! Happy teenage boy time Mom (I have one of those too) ;)

    Looks like one of those wonderful and perfect weeks. I bet Ed Sheeran was amazing (LOVE him!!). And your flowering trees are so beautiful! I can smell the blooms from here.

    Happy Memorial weekend ahead. xoxo

  9. I so enjoyed each of these photos! All those beautiful pastels! Not to mention those cookies! :) Happy Birthday to Rhett! Hope you all enjoy this day of celebration together!

  10. Happy Birthday to Rhett...13 is a big deal!

    Those cookies look perfect!!! Mine are always weird.

  11. Now THAT is a good good good week. I want to go out to breakfast with your sweet mama. And the one of Flynn lying in the dandelions... it's just beautiful my friend! Happy birthday to one amazing kid... I mean teen!

  12. Happy birthday to your sweet new teenager!!

    RECIPE? Those cookies look must have some tricks up your cooking apron! We've been baking brownies up the wazoo for all these house showings (for that homey smell) but we might need to do cookies...your cookies!

    Your home is looking so beautiful. I love spring.

  13. It is hard to swallow when our babies turn that corner to be a teenager. I so well remember way back when, my babies did. You had a wonderful week as always and your home and grounds are beautiful. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.

  14. Hi Billie Jo!

    Happy Birthday Rhett! Sounds like it will be a wonderful day!

    I loved all your pictures today - and your mother truly is beautiful! It sure it pretty in your neck of the woods, the blossoms are just gorgeous and the baby birds are a sure sign that summer is almost here, in full force!

    Have a great week-end!


  15. Happy birthday to Rhett!!!! Wishing him abundant blessings throughout the year!


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