August 28, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...

Today I'm thinking about...

...Change. And how hard it is for me to embrace it. I find comfort in the predictable. And lately, we have experienced changes in our lives. Major the passing of my dear father just six months ago...that affect us on a deep level and force us to create a new normal while mourning the one we leave behind. And not so major our very favorite doctor relocating, switching parishes from the only one we have belonged to one much closer to our home, and friends and neighbors moving away from our very small neighborhood, leaving only memories of neighbor kids knocking on the door asking if Peyton and Rhett can come out and play...that force us to move out of the comfortable world we have grown used to into a totally foreign place with new people and new ways. This is a challenge for me...a reminder that life is all about changes. And as hard as it is, I must embrace the change and be thankful for the chance to experience it, while holding on to the memories left behind.

...How excited I am about decorating the school room for fall! I have always loved autumn and all it brings...apples, pumpkins, colored leaves, cooler days and longer nights, routine, and cozy dinners around the table. And now, I get to add touches of this to our little schoolroom in preparation for a brand new year. : )

...My ironing pile. I actually enjoy ironing...give me a good movie and an ironing pile and I am as happy as can be. It is just getting started I have trouble with. But today is the day I tackle that pile before it overtakes my house. : )

Here are some pictures of the past week in our simple little lives...

Our summer has been cooler and a bit rainy...but no worries. My girl loves to dance in the puddles. : )

A yummy, quick dinner...sautéed zucchini, peppers and onions with scrambled eggs. Delicious...

but not too filling. It requires a peanut butter milkshake for dessert. : )

August brings this beautiful sight to our backyard...subtle changes to the leaves that are just a hint of the beauty to come.

I read these sweet books to my baby girl this week. And was reminded of doing the exact same thing with my many years ago. Things do change, but stay the same. : )

My girl in her Back to School sundress all ready for Mass. : )

My Peyton made this delicious breakfast cake with our fresh blueberries...If you want to try it, I posted the recipe here. 

Scrabble was our family game this week. And apparently Kirby was not happy with his letters.

Summer continues to treat us to beautiful mornings on the porch. I'm tucking these into my heart for those cold winter days ahead.

We went out for our annual Back to School Lunch at the little café in town...and this was my beautiful meal. And I may or may not have also had a slice of amazing Raspberry Key Lime Cake. : )

Leaving you with this baby. Loving life. A reminder to us  all to slow down and just be.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, my friends!


  1. Change can be so hard, even the little things. My mom always used to say "nothing stays the same" and I always rolled my eyes. When I have a hard time with change I just remember that the Lord's love for us is the only constant we have. Thank goodness, right?
    That picture of Kirby....oh my, how precious.
    I recently had Key Lime Pie for the first time and was in LOVE! The raspberry must have been delish! If you even had it, that is. *smile*

  2. Precious pictures. Happy Fall Decorating!

  3. I am a creature of habit and like things in order and to stay the same. Changing is hard, but at times, necessary. In time, I grow into the new routine, and know you will too. Cute pictures of your 'little one' and your pup! Enjoy the day sweet friend/teacher/mother/wife!.

  4. Poor sweet Kirby!

    Just as I get use to "change" being the normal, "change" acts up once again. Miss Sally was on a swim team break (the league is off for two weeks the last two weeks of August.) I perfectly adjusted to not having to drive sooooo much when bam! She went back this afternoon. And so it begins. Another change ;)
    Then their is the BIG change that women go through...good grief! You should hear my hubs make jokes about my roller coaster ride of hormones in the 40's!! LOL

  5. Oh Billie Jo... I could talk to you for hours about changes. I'm the worst at them. I haven't done my back to school post because it's one step closer to adjusting to anna being a middle school girl. ~ Yummy dinner and dessert following... summer perfection! ~ Cozy fall right around the corner makes me happy too ~ And changes in your family... it's still hard, isn't it? I'm sorry for those feelings friend. Sigh... changes...

  6. Ironing and a good movie sounds like a good idea, I think I might tackle that tomorrow afternoon! The only change I like is the change of seasons especially the up and coming holiday seasons. Change is just a constant reminder that life is flying by but thank goodness we are not all alone, right?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  7. Billie Jo, fall is my absolute favorite as well and, I am so ready for it!

    And change, oh what I struggle. I'm holding on tight at the moment. I sense change is a'comin' and I want to savor all I can right here, right now.

    Your food is making me hungry and I should be sleeping, not eating! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. change...ugh!!:)
    all your yummy meals and treats look amazing.
    i need a peyton to come bake for me.:)
    and your porch swing looks like the perfect place to just BE!
    have a great weekend billie jo

  9. I agree. I am not at all good with change. I'm more of a settled in, routine kind of gal. I hope that time will allow for the settling into your new normal a bit easier.
    Once again, beautiful photos of the waning summer and sweet bliss at home.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Dear Billie Jo ... yes, change does not come easy for me either. Fall is my most favorite season and I am so looking forward to everything fall. I love your sweet snapshots, so cosy and so homey. Weekend Blessings ♥ Teri

  11. Happy Labor Day! Change can be good..and I am so looking forward to fall..keeping you in prayer. Blessings

  12. Gosh, that CHANGE happens no matter what we do, doesn't it?

    I've read those same books to every one of my kiddos...I love that they love them!
    Fall kind of actually makes me sad, because of the CHANGES it brings, weather, activities, less daylight, school starting and less free many things. Maybe it's my birthday being in Sept...another year, was it spent the way God wanted it to be spent?

    LOVE that last picture!! Love the back to school lunch idea...we started 3 weeks ago, but might have to do that one, when all the public school kids go back next week!

    Love the porch favorite place to soak all I can.
    Happy weekend Billie Jo!
    Love you!


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