June 26, 2014

Weekend Plans

The calendar says this is the last weekend in June. How exactly is that possible? Hoping July passes a bit more leisurely, right? : ) Anyway, here is what we are up to this summer weekend.

Friday evening Rhett will be at the theater, where he spends a lot of his time these days. He loves helping out there, and I am so happy for him. Before he goes, I am planning a crockpot dinner of Japanese Beef with broccoli over jasmine rice. Remember, crockpots are not just for winter! : )

Saturday, Madison is working and we have a wedding to attend for my very dear friend. I am so very happy for her! She lived right across the road from me and I miss her. But I am happy for her and am excited for her special day.

Sunday is a special day here...Steve and I are celebrating our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. : ) Plans for the day are up in the air, but if I had my say, we would celebrate by doing something crazy like cooking on the grill and rocking on the porch with our littles afterward. : )  We do have Mass in the morning, and Madison works all day, so we will see what happens. In any case, I sure am glad I said I do that sweet guy all those years ago. : )

So that is what we are up to this weekend, my friends. I hope yours is happy and sunny and fun, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Pancakes for dinner. A summer favorite.

Peyton and I have been doing some Japanese cooking...

and it has been good. : )

Summer in PA is a blessing...

whether we are playing an evening game of baseball in pink winter boots...

or posing for pictures before Mass...

in summer sundresses, of course...

or running through the grass...

without a care in the world.

One more pic of my baby on her way up the steps to dine in Cinderella's Castle. : )

And a Happy Anniversary wish to my Steve!
Love you!

Happy Weekend, friends. : )


  1. Happy Anniversary...what a blessing!!! Your trip looks so magical!

  2. Happy anniversary, friend!
    Hope it's a great weekend!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Have a great weekend. Blessings

  4. What an exciting weekend! Nothing like going to a lovely summer wedding. And I wish you a very happy and blessed anniversary!! Happy 23 years♥

    Summer there looks perfect :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Going to the wedding will remind you of your special day 23 years ago. Sweet pictures today!

  6. Happy anniversary! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and Steve!! Enjoy your day! We have our 22nd in November.
    I love the picture of Peyton and Flynn...Peyton is beautiful!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll both enjoy your day!

  9. Mmm... I love pancakes for supper! Come to think of it, I love pancakes anytime :) And you are so right, crock pots are not just for the winter. They are so nice in the summertime because it keeps the kitchen cooler by not having the oven on.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, sweet friend! What a blessing to celebrate so many years with the love of your life. May the Lord bless you with MANY MORE years together :)

    Hugs to you!

  10. Happy anniversary! 23 years is great! Japanese food sounds great! I may look up a recipe and try that. We also love pancakes and all things breakfast for dinner. Have a happy weekend.

  11. Happy Anniversary to a very sweet couple! May your weekend be blessed and enjoyable. {hugs}

  12. Happy anniversary to you and your beloved! Wishing you continued blessings!

  13. Happy Anniversary to you both! (not sure how I missed this when you posted it). I hope your day is a great one. 23 years!! Wow! That picture of the two of you is great.

  14. Little girls in smocking dresses, a wedding anniversary, a daughter who loves to cook with you, and so much more... is why I love coming here!


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