June 24, 2014

Another Peek At My Front Porch

Summer is here. And I want to show you where we are spending our days. Our front porch is an extension of our home. In Pennsylvania, we can use our porch from around May until October. And use it we do. So here is a peek at our front porch...wish you all could join us here. : )

Here is the front view...

Peyton usually sits here with Flynn...

and this is the view. : )

You can usually find me here...right across from them...

with this as my view.

Steve and Rhett prefer these rockers...

while Madison enjoys being around the corner on these.

Flynn likes her little old rocker out here too. This wicker rocker belonged to my grandfather when he was young. : )

And that, my friends, is where you can find us these lazy, hazy summer days.
And nights. : )


  1. What a lovely porch - and what lovely summer weather that lets you use it! Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  2. LOVE!!!
    So cute that everyone gravitates towards their spot - it looks so perfect for summer days and nights. the views are great too!

  3. Oh how lovely..thanks for sharing..Blessings

  4. How pretty! What a great place to spend time together. Your views are fantastic. Gotta love PA!

  5. I am so jealous. We have a front porch but we never ever use it because our house faces a fairly busy street. If I had your view... what a lovely place to come home to.

  6. Oh my friend what you beautiful porch you have! I have a bit of porch envy every time I see pictures of it. Enjoy as many afternoon and evenings on it as you can!

  7. Oh Billie Jo, how beautiful not to mention what a beautiful view! I wish we had started off in the country. Maybe we can retire in the countryside of Nashville where our children are.

  8. Charming!!! And the views? Spectacular!

  9. Billie Jo, simply gorgeous! Your view is beautiful and your porch itself so inviting! Thank you for sharing with us!

  10. Shoot. I think blogger just ate my comment :(

    Any way... beautiful porch. I can see your family all gathered there in their favorite spots enjoying the summer days. We enjoy our wrap around porch too although ours isn't as lovely as yours and beautifully decorated. Right now ours houses all the girls' ride-on toys where they race around the porch and they enjoy their snack on their picnic table. I do love to sit out on the bench when I can and the mosquitoes aren't too vicious.

  11. I would love to join you for a chat and glass of sweet tea, my friend :) Your porch is beautiful and very inviting - I can imagine it's easy to spend many hours relaxing there.

    And that little rocker of Flynn's. . .SO cute!

    Enjoy your day, sweet Billie Jo. Hugs to you!

  12. I love your front porch!! The view is amazing and a cup of coffee in the early morning must be heavenly along with some iced tea in the afternoon.....oooohhhh you are a lucky lady!

  13. Darling and so what my house needs... except that I don't have any sort of view like that! Oh to sit and chat on that porch with you one day... I will, I know it!


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