February 3, 2014

The Sunshine Award...And Ten Really Random Things About Me

My beautiful, sweet, fabulous bloggy friend Christine nominated me for The Sunshine Award!

The real winners, however, are you!
You get to read ten totally random things about little ole me that you would otherwise have no interest in way of knowing...
So... grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever strong beverage you may find necessary to get through the rest of this post and have a seat...because here we go. : )

1. I can cook any type of pasta perfectly. Every time. Years and years of practice.

2. When I was in high school, I was voted Prom Queen.

Wish I had a do over for the hair and make up. ; )

3. I have never, ever broken a bone. Could have something to do with the fact that I avoid all physical activity like the plague. I mean, is it possible to break your wrist sipping a cup of coffee, because then I may have a problem...

4. I hate birds. As in Hate. I get the creeps from them. And my mother almost got me a set of Love Birds for my wedding gift... What?

5. In high school, I was a majorette. Like a baton twirler. I loved it. And...I can still do it! I still have my baton and can still do the routines. The kids love to watch me twirl it through my fingers.

Don't be fooled by the dark hair...that be me.

6. I took six years of German in high school, and traveled to Germany as well. I loved it. : )

7. My parents were invited to the White House by President Reagan. They said he was amazing.

8. I have never pumped gas or mowed grass. Ever. Guess that goes along with my being born at the wrong time. I aspire to be a 50's housewife, you know.

See...that looks just like my chocolate cake. ; )

9. I am certified to teach early childhood and elementary education, but I majored in English Literature in college. My fave? The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I took it Independent Study in college from a little itty bitty nun who wore a blue crocheted cardigan and way too big shoes. I loved Thursday afternoons in her office discussing our readings.

10. I was married during a Catholic ceremony in an Episcopalian Church. Our church was being renovated and we had nowhere to hold the wedding. The pastor offered his church to us and that was that. It was beautiful. I would have married Steve in a closet, I tell ya...but the church was a nice touch. : ) 

Ok...there you go. And I nominate my sweeties...

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Happy Monday Evening Everyone! : )


  1. Cool Beans! You have never ever pumped gas? WOW. (lol)--Blessings

  2. Fun for me to learn more about you. I visited Germany in my 20's at Christmas and it was a beautiful trip!

  3. These are fun... I can't believe that you have never pumped gas... and I love your prom queen picture!!

  4. #1 - even Pasta Carbonera? That is one of my favorite foods, but I am scared to try it at home (and never have), because I worry about scrambling the eggs in the process of making the sauce. So, I only have it once or twice a year, or when I travel overseas, which hasn't been for a few years. (But the best Pasta Carbonera I ever had was a little Italian restaurant in Switzerland of all places.)

    #6 - love, love, love Germany. Have been there three times, hoping to go back again someday with my very German husband.

    Auf Wiedersehen!

  5. Okay how amazing are you! Prom Queen, speaks German and has been to Germany, your parents met Ronald Reagan! I don't know how someone could top that and you even have a gorgeous family. You are one lucky lady :)

  6. Oh how fun! I want to play. Maybe I'll just find 10 random things without the award. :) I love that you've never pumped gas in your life. I absolutely despise that job and only do it when there are no other options. And I took 6 years of LATIN! (oops..I should save that for my post.) And you hate birds, really?? Super fun post. Love learning more about you. <3

    1. Love reading all these fun facts about you! #3 is my favorite. I'm the same way! : )

  7. Loved 'em all! The birds...that was funny! Great high school photos, and prom queen? Hot dog! This was fun to learn these random things about you!! Thanks for the award, friend ;)

  8. Nope. You won't break any bones...you don't pump gas!!! I broke my leg 5 years ago, (while pregnant with Bridget) pumping gas. Yep. (tripped on the hose and fell...in the water and mud...)

    Loved them all--prom queen, how cool!!

  9. It is always fun to learn more about the blog friends we meet. You led a very fun-filled life and it is still going strong with your own children. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Such a fun post, Billie Jo! Did you know that pasta can burn - you wanna know how I know? ;) And of course, when I was expecting guest!

    The pictures of you are so cute! I love that you never pumped gas! I'll be sure and tell my hubby! ;)

    Hugs to you! Stay warm, my friend!

  11. Lol, I was a Bonnie Blue Bell in elementary school and twirled in a parade or two. I have never pumped gas either, but only because I don't know how to drive. My husband took 5 years a German in high school from a nun and was an exchange student in Germany

  12. Fun things about you! Thanks for sharing. Feel like a know you a bit better now.

  13. My mom has NEVER pumped gas either, and she was a majorette, so cool. And why were your parents invited to the White House?? You are so interesting!

  14. Thanks for playing! This has been so much fun! I cannot get over the gas pumping tidbit. never?! Please tell me more about that. Like you didn't have a car in college? or when you were a single young adult. I need to know! Birds??spiders yes..but what kind of birds..ducks? Big geese? pretty little wrens? tell me more. Loved that you were prom queen. I didn't go to prom...really didn't have money...my parents were poor. I use to twirl a baton when I was a kid. Loved to pretend..but you are the real deal. loved loved loved this. Thanks for playing!!

  15. I loved this, Billie Jo! It was truly a joy to find out more about you :) And Prom Queen?! No surprise there :) The teens would have been fools not to vote for you. And what a shame you don't like birds....I guess I won't invite you to go bird watching with me :) haha

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  16. Hi Prom Queen! I tell ya, it sure is fun to find out more about you :) Love the majorette uniform by the way. You look adorable. I bet your kids love to watch you twirl!
    Don't watch the movie The Birds. You will be scarred for life.
    I'm not surprised about the Sunshine Award. You are a ray of light for a lot of people. And I love coming here to bask in your warm, loving posts. Enjoy your award!

  17. Prom Queens and parents who were invited to White House look at you my friend. I love the picture of you at prom...beautiful as always!
    I am not a bird person either. They kind of scare me.
    I will play but need this weekend to put the post together.

  18. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is WAY too much for me to take in. I may have to re-read it. lol. I'm totally blown away by how awesome you are, Prom Queen. And, you would totally have made it as a 50's wife, with the apron and high heels and great cooking/baking. And never pumped gas, I'm still getting over that one. OH, and the elem ed and early childhood, that totally makes sense. You are like Super Mom/ Greatest Teacher ever Mom.

    Thanks for sharing even more really cool things about yourself. We all love ya!

  19. Do you know what friend, I never ever would have guessed the Germany part, never. The baton twirling... I could see that for sure! Never pumping your own gas, love it! And I went to a Catholic Wedding in an Episcopalian. church too... friends of ours. White House.. Reagan.. I want more of that story! And the pasta... that's cheating... we all already knew that!!! :) xoxoxo tara Yes, we all do love ya friend!

  20. Very fun post, I love all these random fun tidbits! Never, ever pumped gas - your a girl after my own heart!

  21. This was so fun to read - all so interesting - and you def. deserve the sunshine award!
    The high school pics are great! Happy Friday!

  22. Well, that is a sweet surprise!! Thank you, dear Billie Jo! Loved reading your tidbits. Hope you have a great weekend! :)


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