February 3, 2014

Notes From The Schoolroom...January 2014

Outside, January was cold and blustery...Inside our little schoolroom, it was warm and productive. January is like that, isn't it? A time to settle in and get back to business. : ) January found us at the mid-point of our school year...and exactly how that is possible, I have no idea!

Madison completed her first semester as a Junior and did quite well. She had a few midterms to work on and completed them ahead of schedule. This semester she is thrilled to have a new class called Fashion Merchandising and is excited to get started.

Peyton also had midterms, and true to form, finished way ahead of schedule. She is a steady worker, and I am happy to say, has embraced her old enemy Geometry! Something clicked, and she is now quite the math fan. : ) She is also discovering a new love for and interest in writing poetry. This, of course, is dear to my heart. She has completed Music and Health for the year, and is now taking Computers and Art.

Rhett also completed Music and Health for the year. He did a fantastic final project for his music class. He wrote a song and he and Madison recorded it as a duet. It was really good! He continues to excel at Science and we work through Math together. ; )

My Preschool student Flynn had a busy month as well. She completed her Math lessons and now we are concentrating on Pre-writing skills, as well as letter formation. She enjoyed Arts and Crafts every Wednesday, and our schoolroom is decorated to prove it. She also enjoys our Religion lessons on Friday where we read about and color a picture of a Saint.

Things I'm Loving...
  1. Having Preschool crafts in my house again
  2. Learning all the time...even in the kitchen while we bake
  3. Spending quality time with my children
  4. Having our days belong to us
And not so much...
  1. I got nothin' !

Here are a few pictures of January in our little classroom!

What is sweeter that school in jammies and braids?

I will never forget this picture...or the moment she realized that she wrote her name without my help, and looked up at me in amazement!

We mad a snowman with the letters of her name...

and snowflakes with lots and lots of glitter...

and two snowmen with ripped tissue paper...one for the schoolroom, and one for Daddy's office. : )

We made two happy snowmen out of paper plates and shapes...one for us, and one to send to Grandpa. : )

We read many winter stories...but this was by far her favorite. She giggled and giggled the whole way through...

We had some yummy morning snacks as well...like cinnamon sugar biscuits and crisp apple slices...

 and cheese, crackers, pepperoni, and apple slices.

And that, my friends was January in our schoolroom.
Thanks for sharing it with us!


  1. Sweet, precious days! I loved art and crafts when I was young, too. Wishing you all a nice week.

  2. Wow! Another month has passed. Yikes. How wonderful that there is nothing on your "unlike" list. The crafts you guys made are so sweet. We love that book Snowmen at Night. My kids always liked looking for the hidden pics in the snow. Are we going to hear the song Rhett created? I really enjoyed his Christmas duet with Madison. I'll be waiting....

  3. I want to go to school with you! Loved the pictures and applaud everyone for doing their school work and being ahead. Have a blessed Monday.

  4. I love love love braids! There were many times that my daughters were patient with me as I braided their hair. :-) Sadly no longer....

    I sent you an email invitation.

  5. I love your preschool crafts. I may have to borrow a few! Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself, I'll make sure to keep reading over here to see what you're up to.

  6. I never found that thing that makes one click with geometry! Good for her! Ha ha! My kids were thrilled when they realized this is our mid term week for third quarter. Already. Crazy! Sweet art crafts, too. So precious!

  7. I can't wait to get our school year started this March. Thinking of going with a new curriculum, any suggestions?

  8. We love "Snowmen at Night"! One of our favorites! I love Flynn's writing of her name! Precious!!!

  9. Sounds like another lovely month of school!

  10. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Blessings (ps time sure flies, doesn't it?)

  11. Such fun crafts! I love filling my home with handmade crafts.
    I may show up one day for snack time. :)

  12. You are doing great! You've made it half way. Thank you for the updates because somehow it makes me think about our last month and maybe give it perspective as well. Otherwise, I just count down the days without thinking of where we have been and how far we've come.
    Your snacks are the greatest! Really, you are amazing.

    I will have to email you what you use for your cyber schooling. Those upper classes sound really fun and interesting.

    Keep on enjoying. Happy February!!

  13. What fun moments! Treasure them. They're gone in a flash!

  14. Congrats to the students succeeding. and to the little crafter..she is so busy! You sure come up with some great ideas.

  15. So sweet! Gosh this homeschooling stuff is looking better and better all the time!
    Thanks for sharing inside your classroom!


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