February 28, 2014

Notes From The Schoolroom...February 2014

February was a rather short month in our little classroom. It seemed to fly right by... We did enjoy our time together inside as the wind howled and the snow continued to fall outside. : )

Madison loves her Fashion Merchandising Class this semester. She just finished a report on Jackie Kennedy Onassis as a fashion icon, and thoroughly enjoyed it. She is also doing well in Consumer Math, where she is learning all about payroll and deductions and a host of other things that make my head spin. Fortunately, she gets it, and Steve is an awesome helper too. This course is so important, as it involves things she actually will use in her life.

Peyton continues to work well. She is my steady worker...always working ahead. : ) She especially likes her American Nation Class where she is studying the 1800's. She is doing very well in Geometry, and works mostly independently. Thank Heavens!

Rhett has also become a mostly independent worker as the year progresses. He has grown as a student and is working very well. He continues to enjoy Spanish and Science. We are doing much better in his Math class this semester, as he is studying Algebraic Expressions and Equations. Finally, something my literary mind understands! : )

And my little preschool student, Flynn.... I love each and every day with her. I just love the simple, uncomplicated world of preschool. It is so fun to see her learn the basic components of math and reading...the things everything else to come is based on. Plus, it is just plain fun! We are working on letter formation and soon will start numbers. She cant wait for that! : )

Things I'm loving...
  1. No snow days to make up
  2. Watching my children succeed and also truly understand what they are learning, not just memorizing and repeating it for a test
  3. The Cyber school teachers, who really love their job and are committed to helping my children succeed
  4. Just being with my kids all day everyday : )
And not so much...
  1. Madison starting back to work this week...meaning she won't be with us in the afternoons : (

Here are some pictures of February in our little home school classroom!

Our Preschool Corner all decorated with hearts and love!

Working on the painting for her little...


She made a snow covered tree with Popsicle sticks and cotton balls...

And Teacher/Mommy learned something too...while we were waiting for her Popsicle sticks to dry, she did some free painting...and she loved it! Mommy needs to remember to let some things happen without planning...And yes...she is wearing Santa jammies in February, because...well, she can!

Our Wall of Saints is filling up. We study one every Friday. During Lent, however, we will be learning about The Stations of the Cross.

And our favorite snack this month...warm, gooey, sweet rolls. : )


  1. I sure wish my kids had had this practical, hands on stuff to help in this transition called life. You are doing a great job with beautiful, God given children. Bless your heart!

  2. I love hearing about your school days. You are so blessed and I appreciate that you share your family with us. Like Flynn, I always loved arts and crafts. God bless your weekend.

  3. I just love hearing about your daily lives. I do miss the aspect of homeschooling, now that Liam is "away" from the house for college, I feel so not in control and have to trust God that everything will be ok, I know..silly..ANYWAYS--I have said this before..love, love, love Flynn and her hairbows. BLESSINGS

  4. I love hearing how they're doing! Such sweetness with Flynn :)

  5. I always look forward to you notes from the schoolroom posts. It is fun to take a look into you day.
    I love your wall of Saints.

  6. I love reading your notes from the schoolroom posts and am so happy and proud of you (is that weird) you wow me! I'm stealing your wall of saints idea! :)

  7. Doing great Billie Jo! It sounds like you successfully survived February which can tend to be one of the worst homeschooling months. And look, the end of the school year will be here before you know it. Keep up the great work!

  8. It sounds like everyone is doing great! I hope March brings warmer weather for some excursions outside (I know we are dying to get out and about). Hope it's a good weekend my dear!

  9. Just wait til the weather warms up and you can do school outside!! That's one of the perks of homeschooling I love!

    I love your wall of saints, what a great idea!!
    I love how you evaluate it every month, seeing the positives, such a great way to stay motivated!

    I'm not sure about school online, if the kids can work ahead at all, but my kids love to work ahead in some subjects, it makes for an easy April and May!!

  10. You do a wonderful super duper job with those kiddos of yours. They are blessed to be home with you and it sounds like they love it too! Love the spontaneous painting. she is a budding artist!

  11. Hi Billie Jo! You must be so proud of your children and their studies. Isn't it great to see them being successful? I am impressed with all the math studies going on...so important and I was so hopeless in it!

    Your wall of saints is very impressive, I love that! I think we could all take a cue from you and remember how important it is to share our Catholic history.
    Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to Confirmation photos :)

  12. I admire parents that homeschool...And anyone that has the patience to work with kids all day every day! I'm glad you all are enjoying your time together. And I completely understand wearing Santa PJ's just because. :-)

  13. How lovely to be inside warm and cozy and get to do school! I love your preschool corner d├ęcor- so pretty. Flynn's artwork is so wonderful. I love her tree especially. And that sounds like such a fun class your oldest daughter is taking- that must have been so fun to write about Jacqueline Kennedy's fashion.

    Enjoyed your beautiful post and photos! Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!! :)


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