February 20, 2014

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here. This weekend will be the first with a big void in it. I won't be visiting my father or even speaking to him on the phone. My dear sweet mother is going to visit my sister Angel for the weekend. I know how much my mother will enjoy the visit with her and her three young kids. Steve and Rhett have plans to go to camp to watch the Daytona 500, so my sister Margie is coming here to spend the weekend with us. : )

Friday evening I am planning on a simple meal of fish and pierogies. Then the girls and I will most likely have a quiet evening with some snacks and a good Lifetime movie.

Saturday is free during the day. I will be making a much needed run to the grocery store. If the weather is nice enough, I will bring Flynn with me. She loves to ride in the cart and help. And I will be squeezing her little body into that cart as long as I can! Saturday afternoon we will attend Mass, followed by take out from our favorite little place right up the road. I am thinking steak salad. Or maybe wings. ; )

Sunday Madison has Confirmation practice for her Confirmation next weekend. Her sponsor is her dear friend Jeffrey, but since he lives a ways away, Margie is going to stand in for him at practice. Then, once Steve and Rhett return home I am planning a simple dinner of Pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit. After dinner...The Walking Dead! : )

And that is my super exciting weekend, my friends. I hope yours is happy and cozy and filled with fun and food and family. Thanks for stopping by!

My sweetheart...

who was thrilled when Madison's friend Jeffrey came home and built her a fort in the basement. : )

Homeschoolers don't get snow days...so I was hoping these sweet rolls would help.

Sooo much cold and snow this winter...but sooo much beauty too.

How I love to see my Peyton teaching my little Flynn all about cooking dinner!
And how I love that my Peyton DOES cook dinner!

These two have been spending a lot of time together lately...

seeing who can do better at that Flappy Bird game. For the record...Flynn is close behind! 

And all the commotion in this house doesn't seem to bother this little guy. I think he has the right idea. : )

Happy winter Weekend!


  1. Hi Billie Jo! May God bless your weekend with peace. I am so glad you'll be with your sister (what's better than a sister?). How exciting that you'll have a Confirmation next week! What name did she pick?

    Those cinnamon rolls look yummy :) And what a wonderful thing that your daughter loves to cook. She'll always use that skill, and she's already helping out the family. You are such a good Mom.

    Your dog is so cute! If you're not careful, someone will sit on that little guy all cozied up in the blanket. Just gazing on the photo makes me want to go back to bed!
    Enjoy your family and good meals and movies my friend. I'll be thinking of you.

  2. God bless you all this weekend. I know you all miss your Dad so much. I'm thankful that your sis will be visiting. I enjoyed all your photos. I remember my nieces building forts with the sofa cushions! Sweet little doggie has the right idea! Take care.

  3. Those "firsts" are always difficult, but remember, the cloud will lift and where the pain never goes away, the strength to keep going on only gets stronger through His grace.Trust in Him always. What a special time for Confirmation; a visit from the Holy Spirit! Just what y'all need. Very exciting. Our parish will not have Confirmation until Pentecost Sunday...June 8. I'm a sponsor to one of my students...and it seems like such a long ways off. Praying for a peace filled weekend for you :)

  4. Beautiful, cozy pics. God bless you all!

    Flappybirds all the rage here, too.

  5. A free weekend is always good - some 'down' time. Loved the pictures and love it that your daughter enjoys cooking, and your son likes spending time with the little one. Good family! God bless each one of you.

  6. I just love it when you share your photos & plans. They sure make me smile. Blessings

  7. Praying that you continue to find peace and comfort during the coming weeks and months without your father.

    And wings - always go for the wings!

  8. Your kiddos are just too precious, Billie Jo! I love seeing pictures of their activities - they look like they get along so well which is a sweet blessing :)

    You are in my prayers, dear friend! May you continue to find precious comfort in our Lord. Love to you!

  9. Enjoyed all your pictures! Your dog looks so sweet. And your little girl is so cute. Her precious smile is infectious.
    Those sweet rolls look so delicious. How blessed your kids are to have a mom who takes time to do something like that that will brighten their day.

    And your breakfast for dinner plans sound so good- breakfast is somehow always more wonderful when served at dinner, haha.

    Praying for you and your family.

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend! :)

  10. Praying for you and your family.

    I love all those precious pictures!

  11. My oldest son got a 63 on flappy birds. I cannot get past 2! Crazy game and crazy story about the dude who took it down.

    God Bless your weekend and thinking of you while you miss you father. Thinking of your mother also.

    always love to see food at this house.

    that puppy is so cute!

  12. Happy weekend, Billie Jo! My…so much snow!

    I know this weekend is going to be tough…extra prayers for all of you!


  13. I love all your sweet pictures. I am happy that you will be spending the weekend with your sister.
    I love porgies and my kids are just staring to enjoy them as mich as I do. Do you make them? I buys the I. The freezer section at the store. I know there are many ways to cook them but the only way I really know is to boil them And serve with sour cream. How do you serve yours?

  14. Sorry it looks like I had a hard typing!! It should say I buy them in the freezer section at the store. :)

  15. Billie Jo, your weekend sounds perfect! And you are the ONLY lady blogger that I know that enjoys the Walking Dead too. :-)

    I remember my confirmation. It seems so long ago (it was).

    The children are all so sweet and your sleeping puppy has the right idea! And those sweet rolls........ mmmm

  16. I'm new here...came from Linda's blog, and I read about your Dad. I'm such a Daddy's girl that my heart turned over completely....and breaks for you knowing that you are without your Dad. I don't know anything about his passing...or even when he passed away, but I do know that from a Daddy's girl to one who obviously loves her Daddy very much, I send you a warm hug this evening. May you find comfort in the hug from someone who has never met you but feels the pain in your heart.
    May God's comfort continue to surround you....

  17. Your home always looks so cozy and your children so sweet :) May the quiet weekend bring you peace and consolation. And may your time with your sister be a time of blessing and sharing fond memories of your father. Blessed weekend to you, dear friend.

  18. Prayers for you & yours this weekend, Billie Jo. I hope it is blessed and full of the peace of Christ. Hugs!

  19. The hardest part is going to be trying to find some new kind of "normal" without your precious father. You are still in my prayers. I hope you feel the blessings of your sister being with you this weekend, that otherwise might not have happened. Your father will be there with you both as you cry and laugh together.

    Loving you from far away...snuggling up this weekend, baking and watching movies!

    SO much love in your home. That's what life is all about. (or what it's supposed to be about)

  20. I hope you have a good weekend. I have been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. Take care, sweet friend.


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