February 22, 2014

Keepin' It Real...I Have Issues

My husband sometimes jokes that he is going to write a blog post sharing some real things about me that are kind of...oh, shall we say...weird. So, I am one step ahead of him with this one. ; ) Although I often share with you things that I love or that make me happy, I have yet to share with you the little things that totally freak me out. Therefore, in the interest of fairness, I share with you the following seemingly harmless things that put me into panic mode. And please know, I realize how ridiculous this is. : )

Broken Glass

This picture is from a show we used to watch on The Food Network. And it depicts one of my biggest fears. Broken Glass. I can't explain it...the thought of shards of glass makes me freak out. Ask my husband...if something breaks, I immediately envision all of us ingesting pieces of glass. I know. I know. The first step is admitting it, right?

Spilled Milk

I hate spilled milk. I know it is harmless. I realize there are much worse things in this world. But I fear spilled milk. A few years ago, my dear Madison dropped an entire gallon of milk in our kitchen. She froze. While Peyton ran to get me, milk seeped everywhere. Under the refrigerator, under the stove, under the rug. And apparently, we discovered months later, there are small appliance cord holes under the refrigerator and stove. Which means milk dripped down into the basement. Which I discovered and only realized that it was dried milk much later. Poor Steve, he tried very hard to convince me it was probably something else, but after almost 23 years of marriage, I'm onto him.

Raw Chicken

I saved the best for last. I can't handle raw chicken. At all. I cook with it a lot. I even buy it at the store. Yes, I wrap it in three plastic bags and keep it away from anything else in my cart, but I do buy it. When I cook with it I practically wear a Hazmat suit. Ok, not really, but I probably could. And Clorox wipes? I'm pretty sure they developed them for people like me. Ugh. Just the thought gives me the creeps.

Ok, so there you have it. The truth about me and my issues. I feel much better now. : )

Wait. I have one more.

A big shout out to Pinterest for all the pics. : )

How about you, my friends? What totally freaks you out? Please tell me I'm not the only one. ; )


  1. You are definitely not alone. Although my fears dont necessarily come from food, I do have definite fears. Heights being #1. I can just think about, for example, being at the top of the Empire State Bldg., and break out in a cold sweat. Dont like looking over the edge of anything. Strange too, as I love mountains and seeing them from a distance. The word is 'distance'. Thanks for sharing several of your fears tho, which helps us know you even better. Hope your weekend is a good one. God bless.

  2. Oh, that chicken one? I am very similar...only with all meat. I can cut it up, I can make meatloaf, but wash my hands and the whole counter with real bleach, not the wipes thing, I am getting used to the wipes, but think good old bleach out of the bottle with warm soapy water is better for some reason. (yep. I have lots of bleach spots on my clothes) I cannot touch fish when the skin is on. I cannot touch shrimp either. My husband has to do it. (I don't like seafood either)

    I cannot wait to get home after Mass to wash my hands and I have hand cleaner in my coat pocket and purse to discreetly put on after shaking hands...I wish we didn't have to shake hands of Peace. Can't we just nod and say "Peace to you"?

    I have had 2 dreams the last few nights that Bridget, my 4 year old, drowned and I jumped in and saved her. One was a lake dream the other was a pool dream. Not fun. Fears.

    There was a 10 year old boy that was taken at gunpoint, about 25 years ago in a city next to ours, he was biking with his brother and a friend and this man pulled up to them in a ditch and took one of them. At gunpoint. They never found the boy or the man. The boy was in my sister's class. Because of this, I never let my kids go off on their bikes, unless with a grownup or if it's where I can see them, up and down the street. It's a fear. My worst fear.

    OH, and that milk thing? One of the kids dropped a milk in the garage one winter, it exploded on the concrete and all the milk pooled in one low area right in the middle and froze and melted all winter long. Yep. How do you clean up milk in the garage in the winter? You wait for spring.

    Your milk story is way way worse though.

    I think if we did live next to each other, we'd never be home, we'd be up late talking and laughing at all the stupid things we think and do.
    Fun post, have a great weekend with your sister!

  3. No, not ridiculous or weird. I refuse to clean the bathroom..period. If I lived by myself, I would have to hire someone, no kidding. Ugh..germs..just freak me out. LOL

  4. I love this post! I am the same way with chicken!!!
    Another weird thing that gets me is toenails! Can't stand them!!!!! Strange, huh?

  5. I am with you on the chicken...eew! I can not stand mayonnaise. It is not allowed in our fridge...one time, my hubby had to use it in a recipe and I told him he could buy the smallest jar imaginable. And I did not eat it!

  6. I'm with you about the raw chicken. I really have a hard time even cooking chicken. I am constantly cleaning and sterilizing everything in the kitchen whenever raw chicken is anywhere in the vicinity, so I usually just buy already roasted chicken from the grocery store deli. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I hope you don't break anything that is glass or spill any milk!

  7. The chicken phobia??? That has me written all over it. I had to laugh, wouldn't it be fun shopping together in the meat section? If they store doesn't have sanitizer wipes at the cart rack for customers to use, I soak my cart handles with my mimi sanitizers I keep in my purse! LOL

  8. raw chicken is disgusting and just like you I cook with it all the time but it grosses me out too in fact when I was pregnant I could not look at it or eat it without gagging!! I'm afraid of spiders and have to check my bed every night to make sure there isn't one hiding in the covers. Even a teeny tiny one will ruin my cozy night :)

  9. You are too funny! I'm with you on the chicken! I also have a fear of lunchmeat more than two days old. I mean, who knows how long it's been at the deli? Ew! And I won't drink milk on or past the date on the carton.
    Wishing I could see you handle the chicken in your "hazmat" suit. That sounds like a funny sight to see.

  10. I just really hate spiders and storms. Those are my issues. These were fun to read. I bet most people have all the same issues...I dont know of one person who likes milk all over the darn floor!!

    Cat puke in beds...that is an issue!???!!

  11. I dropped a whole gallon of milk in the grocery store. In a small town, that's a reason to panic. Everywhere I went for a while, someone said, "Don't cry over spilled milk." The girl at the bank mentions it everytime I go in there. Raw chicken...my daddy was in the hospital 4 weeks and ICU 2 for half-cooked chicken. It weakened his immune system, his kidneys, lungs, heart, liver all shut down. He never full recovered. So, yes you should be afraid:) Thanks also for your encouraging word. Maybe I can keep laughing by reading blogs:)

  12. And my cat puked yesterday and I heaved all the way through the clean up.

  13. You know the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. ;) hehe... Oh man, I had to chuckle but if you recall the spilled mik episode at my house last summer, then you recall my near freak out. Just reading you post about spilled milk gave me anxiety.

    I am such a weirdo with issues that I really don't know where to start. The thing is, I think most of my "issues" are normal and everyone has them so I don't even know which ones are odd. ha!

    The winter months give me so many more complexes it isn't even funny. From bad roads and driving paranoia to sick kids ( you know, because so many more people are sick in the wintertime in these parts). If my kid even looks slightly less than their usual, my stomach gets all balled up and I practically wait for the bout of sickness to hit. That's even after I've stockpiled them with their vitamins, their vitamin D spray, ran essential oil diffusers in their rooms at night and sanitized/washed their hands a bazillion times to prevent it. You know, you just don't know with those germs. They just see us coming and latch on. Ok, I'll stop. Really, I shouldn't live here because the winter is just a hazard to me.

    Have a great week, Billie Jo!

  14. Hi Billie Jo! Thank you for keepin' it real and sharing your freak outs! It's kind of fun to swap stories, isn't it?
    I am also a bit of a germ person when it comes to raw meat. Especially chicken! My husband thinks I'm crazy. I also don't like to keep meat out of the fridge for long. I've had food poisoning and let me tell you, it's not pretty.

    I cannot drink out of other people's glassware, use their toothbrushes etc. (It's that germ thing again!) I'll get my own glass, thanks!
    Have a good Monday my friend :)

  15. Is it okay that this made me smile and even giggle? You are too cute, Billie Jo! Snakes totally freak me out! Just the thought of them makes me freeze and curl my toes. And the raw chicken - I agree with you...I have whole chickens! When I get them ready to cook I have a disgusted look on my face the whole time I'm handling them :)

    Thanks for keeping it real, friend! Hugs to you!

  16. I wear kitchen gloves when I cut chicken. Gross!

  17. I'm terrified of cars. I do not know how to drive and am too afraid to learn. Crazy, I know, considering we have 8 kids and only one driver.....lol.


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