February 18, 2014

My Current Favorites...Winter Edition

So it is winter. Still. I love winter. And summer. And spring and fall. Every season has a beauty to share with us, and I find that as each one comes along, I am usually ready to embrace it. Winter is no different. Now, I love winter in my own way. The stay-inside-and-read-bake-and-snuggle sort of way. Years ago, I enjoyed snowmobiling with my hubby. Ice skating too. My children don't believe it either...but it's true, I swear. ; )

These are a few things I love this time of year. Maybe they are the same as some of yours...

I miss my Christmas soap, but this is just as wonderful. And yes, I am that excited about hand soap. It smells really good, but not too strong. It is always sitting near my kitchen sink...

and on the other side...this amazing hand cream. I don't know about you, but my hands get reeeaaally dry this time of year. If this isn't sitting right there, I forget to use it.

And to keep the rest of me hydrated...this. Madison and I drink this all. day. long. I make it up first thing in the morning and we drink it all day. It is so much more refreshing than regular water, and actually makes me feel good. Sometimes we add orange slices too.

And I know I shared these before... but I just have to say. I love them. Halos are the best winter snack ever. Period.

Now just so you don't think I went all crazy and got healthy on you...I am also loving winter baking. Well, actually loving Peyton and Flynn's winter baking. : )

And these. Soft fluffy throws...you will find me here most nights with my cup of green tea.

So winter go ahead and stay awhile...I'm all set here. : )


  1. Don't you just love the wonderful scent of kitchen hand soap? My favorite is Lemon! Those cookies look so good! I enjoyed your favorite winter things today. Have a blessed day.

  2. Still winter here too, Billie Jo. Big fat snowflakes with a white out going on at the moment. ANYWAYS..I bought Fresh Snow hand soap from Big Lots, I love that scent. I bet those cookies are the "bomb"..thanks for the chuckle..Liam doesn't believe we had a life without him either, lolol. Stay warm..Blessings

  3. My hands get really dry in the winter too, so I should try that Burt's Bees hand creme. Thanks for the tip. I also love good smelling soap. So glad that you are finding so much to enjoy in this very cold and snowy winter.

  4. Love Burt's Bees :) It really works at keep your skin moist. Your water sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing since I never think of adding lemon or orange slices.

    Thinking of you, dearest! Have a blessed Tuesday!

  5. Perfect list. Thank you for writing about all the little things that I sometimes forget to notice in my day. You have inspired me to be grateful for the small comforts...AND to find that soap! Happy winter! <3

  6. I love winter too. I recently tried to explain to some friends why I love it so much, and I think it is because my family always made the best of it by snowmobiling and skiing. I look forward to snow starting November 1st. I still remember my high school boyfriend calling late one night and saying, "Look out your window." Sounds creepy, but it was because it was snowing! (And he snowmobiled too, so he understood why I loved it!) If you've grown up hating snow because you only associate it with shoveling and bad driving conditions, even the beauty of it isn't enough to convince you. I'm sad that ours is melting today, but I'm holding out hope for a March snowstorm! Most years we at least get a little. Plus, snow is undeniably prettier than mud, and March doesn't mean green grass. It means mud.

    The cookies look amazing! Enjoy these last few weeks of winter!

  7. Easy for anyone to say who does not live in Minnesota. Hhaha! I really seriously think that anyone who lives in this state, it's because they are stuck here, mostly because it's where their family is.

    But, it's still exciting when it snows and it's a fun time to bake and I love the things you love!! You are so positive, I love it!

  8. My hands get so dry and crack all winter long! I jump around with different lotions but just this winter I started using Burt's Bees cuticle lotion and it has been working.

    Your cookies look wonderful. I feel like we always have something in the over all winter long as well.

  9. That's an awesome outlook! I love the idea of embracing each season in turn. I get tired of winter after a couple of months because it seems to last just a little too long in Michigan, but I appreciate it much more now that I lived in Florida for awhile. It is nice to have a change of scenery instead of endless summer!

    I absolutely love buying the nice smelling hand soap from Bath and Body Works for each season so you're not alone! And winter baking really is the best.

  10. Oh my goodness gracious! That last pic is just beautiful!!

    I'm all ready for spring...since we never really get much snow. Actually, our weather makes it so hard not to want spring since it's been in the low 70's for about one week. It's really enticing!

    My hands get terribly dry in the winter as well. Keep drinking that (yummy) water!

  11. What are Halos? Are the tangerines? Never heard them called that! I love the foamy soap that bath and body has for each season. I now have coconut lime. It makes me think of summer.

  12. Hi Billie Jo ... I too, love each of the seasons! Each one is so special in its own way. I enjoyed seeing your favorites that you have shared. Hugs ♥ Teri

  13. Billie Jo, I am doing my best to appreciate the wintertime. I've a bit of cabin fever. Things should warm up this weekend and I hope to go out. Your post is encouraging to me. :-)


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