December 9, 2013

Deck The Halls

Christmas. Is it a coincidence that one of the most magical times of the year...the time when we adorn our home with our favorite holiday decorations...comes during the darkest days when we spend the most time indoors? Perhaps, but in any case, I so enjoy creating a festive, cozy place for my family to relax and enjoy during this special season. And in case you are interested, here are way too many pictures of our holiday home. : )

Our kitchen table... I rearranged the kitchen area. I just do that sometimes. No reason. : )

A new centerpiece this year...

the sideboard...

with one of my favorite pieces. This cute Santa is actually a replica of one my mother had.

A nighttime pic of the tree in the kitchen...

near the sweet sign that hangs behind the table.

A lone candy cane that was too cute to leave out...

across from the tea and coffee table all decked out for Christmas.

I found this cute little cupboard to hold the hot cocoa.

And hung one of my favorite signs up too.

I added a new one this year. I just love Etsy...the place where people with many talents offer things for people like me. ; )

One little cupboard in the kitchen displays my grandmother's Christmas tea cups.

The Christmas mantle...

a little pillow on the rocker near the fireplace...

where our Brownie keeps an eye on things...

our special Christmas Eve candle waiting to be lit...

 a few sweet signs hanging up as well...

and the little holiday tree

decorated with candy canes make the Hearth Room cozy as can be.

Here is what it looks like all put together. You may notice we added a love seat. This room is where everyone seems to gather, and we needed more seating. : )

This is the view from the Hearth Room looking into the kitchen...

and a close up of the garland that hangs throughout our home during this happy season.

Around the corner is the TV room...

where these sweet blocks sit on top of the book shelf near a sweet smelling candle that burns at night...

and where our family tree glows day and night...

and still holds some of the ornaments, candles, and bows I bought for our first Christmas years ago.

Underneath...the beautiful Nativity Steve's parents gave us years ago as well. : )

Steve's tree is all lit up in his den...

with beautiful wildlife ornaments all around.

One more tree...the kids tree in the basement. We decorated this a few weeks ago...

with a special ornament from a dear friend to celebrate our first year of homeschooling. : )

And of course...our Home for the Holidays candle that burns every evening (and all day long ) in our country home.

Thanks for visiting, friends!


  1. My goodness, you have a beautiful home and the decorations are all fabulous. I love your kitchen table, but everything else too! Thanks so much for sharing. You and my oldest daughter are on the same wave length, as she decorates every nook of her home too!

  2. What a beautiful home! Thank you for making me smile--love your kitchen/dining table. Blessings

  3. It all looks so pretty, Billie Jo. I can just picture you and your busy elves decorating the home :) I like the "new to us" view from the den into the kitchen. I love to see the inside of bloggy friends' homes. My husband would much prefer Steve's tree ;) Tell Rhett that our Stan the man has his daddy's mounts in his bedroom (it use to be the office until Clementine came along and we rescued Stan by putting him downstairs near us away from the sisters ;) I love that ornament and what a very special gift that was. Have a blessed Advent week. This is our last week for the semester!

  4. You kitchen is amazing. There. I had to say that first. Your home is amazing, so pretty and homey. I love the red sign with the white letters with all the Christmas sayings, that is how I feel, that's what I want to say to everyone! Love your centerpiece, your coffee/tea station, all your trees...everything!

    Thanks for sharing your home with us!

    1. I loved the kitchen too! Zoomed in and lingered for a moment over that one. Beautiful.

  5. I don't know where to start. Everything looks so beautiful with a special place for everything. You seem to have so many Christmas themed decorations, but yet it's not overbearing. I always think my house looks like I want to just get it all out and it's too much. I think it's because my decorations are mostly things placed on tables, but you have a lot of wall hangings which makes it less cluttered. Make sense? In any case I love it all....especially all the different trees. The signs above the coffee stations are my favorite. How perfect for that spot. You are making such sweet memories for your family. Enjoy!

  6. Your decorations are gorgeous and your your home just looks like it feels so cozy!!!

  7. I just want to come right over, I love your cozy style. I especially love your table and centerpiece!

  8. Love seeing your home and having found your blog.

  9. Love it all, my favorite is the candy cane cafe, very cool.

  10. Agree. Very cool kitchen. Thats why there is so much "cooking" going on!!
    Totally love the deer mounts since I have one hanging in my living room also. He gets decorated for the holidays. Wearing a Santa hat right now.

    Thanks for the tour. Beautiful beautiful beautiful home and family memories.

  11. Beautiful decorations and such a beautiful home! It all looks so welcoming.

  12. I love when you give us a tour of your is just beautiful. I can just picture myself sitting on one of your red check chairs.

    I love your new cupboard. What a great find. And your school house ornament so cute.

  13. AHHH, I can just smell the candles!
    And all the time and love that went into that decorating!
    Wow, it's just beautiful!
    Your house is always so clean and organized, too, so maybe you can send your little elves this way!

  14. I love your coffee/cocoa station, so festive! Your home always looks so cozy and full of love and there is always a candle lit, I love that!! Beautiful holiday home my friend :)

  15. Gorgeous, Billie Jo! The coffee/tea/cocoa corner is so fun.

  16. Oh my! What a lovely and inviting home. I expected nothing less! *sigh* so wish I could pull up on one of those comfy chairs. Thank you so much for bringing us through and I cannot believe how much you've done already, so early in this season! ...Well... yes I can. It's you after all and you're never behind the ball! So beautiful.

  17. I love this…but then you already knew that, right???!!!

    Are you snowed in???

    BTW…are the chairs "rockers" and who is the manufacturer? I love the look of them in your cozy hearth room!!! And they look like quality chairs.


  18. Your Christmas decorations are just lovely. Thank you so much for posting all the pictures. It's like having a personal tour of your house. It's so warm and inviting and beautiful. I just want to curl up on your sofa in front of the fireplace with a giant cup of hot cocoa and have a nice long chat! Happy December! <3

  19. Billie Jo! What a beautiful home you have and I love your decor!! It is all so pretty and inviting! And I near about can smell those Yankee Candles through my computer! :) Thank you for the fun and BEAUTIFUL tour! :)

    I love the picture of your family on the sidebar! What a darling bunch! Just precious!

    Blessings to you, my friend! I hope you're having a delightful December day!

  20. There is no other home I'd want to visit than yours! One day for sure!!! I love the new love seat in your cozy room. And love the chairs you had from before near the window.. perfect. And oh the trees... oh the trees... oh the tress! I love them all! Every last one of them! The little hutch for the cocoa is darling and your whole little table is so inviting! Your Christmas house is perfection... enjoy ever second of your December in it! xo tara

  21. You certainly have a pleasantly decorated cozy Christmas many trees, too! All the little details are so delightful. I love your coffee and tea table.
    :) Hope


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