September 5, 2013

Weekend Plans

Remember how a few weeks ago I wrote about our slow, nothing- to- do, free of commitment weekends? Me neither. is what we have planned for this first weekend of September.

Friday night is free, with the exception of Rhett working at the theatre for a few hours. I think we will have an easy supper and spend some time outside. The weather is calling for a perfect fall afternoon and evening. : )

Saturday we will start morning chores. Since I am a bit busier during the day lately, I thought it would be a good idea to enlist some help with a few small chores on Saturday mornings. I also think it is important to give the kids some responsibility as well as teach them basic life skills for when they grow up and leave me. Because I have heard that is what kids do. Imagine that! ; )

Saturday evening I am planning on a favorite meal of hamburgers on the grill with French fries for dinner. We have late Mass on Saturday evening as Rhett is serving. After that, I am hoping Steve makes a stop at our favorite Dairy Queen to get a treat from my sweet Madison.

Sunday is a busy day. First and foremost it is my hubby's birthday! Yep...he finally catches up to me in age. Happy 43rd Steve! : ) I think to celebrate I will have him cook some barbeque chicken on the grill for lunch. And have Peyton make his favorite side dish, a broccoli and stuffing dish. I am so good at delegating. After that we travel for the first soccer game of the season. We are hoping for a birthday win! Once we return from the game, Madison has her first Confirmation class, followed by Steve's requested chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Which will be followed by me collapsing on the couch. : )

And that is what we have planned this weekend. I hope yours is crisp and cool and yummy too, whatever your plans may be. As always, thanks for visiting! : )

One last time for the stars and stripes dress this summer... Labor Day Weekend Mass. : )

A favorite picture of my "middle ones"...

and here they are altogether. Big sister was not quite ready...surprise, right? ; )

Enjoying the late summer/early fall view from the backyard these days...

Enjoying our annual Back to School lunch at our favorite café...

where I was so proud of myself for ordering this yummy healthy lunch...

that I celebrated with this huge piece of Chocolate Cream Pie. : )

A little phone shot of me and my oldest gal at my sister's house during our pizza and wing fest...

Speaking of lunch one day this week...a bowl of pasta with fresh garden tomatoes. All is right with the world.

Look what we found! Fall has arrived!

One final shot of our little Kirby...who has adjusted to our new school schedule just fine. He lays under Peyton's desk all morning!

Have a happy weekend, friends!


  1. First, let me make me smile! You have a awesome group there! You are also an awesome mom!!! (ok, to many "you's" this morning, sorry..needing more coffee!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve! Thank you so much for sharing..have a blessed remainder of the day.

  2. Hamburgers on the grill and french fries is what I have served the past three Saturday evenings! And they recently closed our local Dairy Queen. Oh how I miss my Blizzards. We've been forced to go to the yogurt shop instead. So not the same.

  3. Oh that chocolate cream pie - yum! Sounds like you will have a busy, but fun weekend :) And hamburgers and fries are a favorite of mine too. Happy Birthday to Steve!!

    Hugs to you!

  4. Busy weekend! How do you eat that pumpkin bread? As toast? With cream cheese? So intriguing!

  5. I love, love, love, the chocolate cream pie reward after a healthy breakfast!!! LOL Sounds like a busy weekend for sure. And crisp cool temps...I'm jealous!!! Can you believe after an abnormally cool summer...Mother Nature decides to send a heat wave now???!!! Mid to upper 90s this weekend and into next week. I'm crying. :(

    Happy Birthday to you hubby...chocolate cake with pb icing sounds delish!

  6. Happy Birthday to your guys are YOUNG!
    I like the little pup! Animals bring so much fun and joy to a family.

    Have a great weekend bloggy friend!

  7. Hi Billie Jo! You are going to be busy! But isn't it fun? I love the photos of the kids, and you. Your eyes are so BLUE! They pop right out of the picture :)

    I am going to my daughter and son-in-laws house this weekend. I get to see my granddaughter (Yay!). She will be meeting her sister in December. Yep, my daughter is pregnant with #2. Should be a fun weekend.


  8. You are going to need another weekend after this one just to relax. ;)

    Oh I need to find that bread!!

    Love the picture of you and Madison. Such pretty ladies.

  9. I made some homemade pumpkin bread last year that was really yummy. I may have to make it again soon after seeing that picture.

    Love all the pictures. Love how you always plan out your weekends so well.

  10. AHHH I love anything pumpkin and try to make/eat/buy/ as many things as I can with it in it!
    I have to say, I'm dying to see what you do with the fall decor!

  11. yep...the carefree weekends of summer are sadly over!!:(
    fall already? you and tara are killin me:) still waaay too hot here for that. but I will buy yummy pumpkin goodies.:)
    and that PIE! why oh why was I craving pie last week?? I mean really craving it! got any really good recipes? a pie with chocolate of course, not fruit!:) haha
    have a great weekend.

  12. So jealous that you're having fall weather there already. It's still about 100 degrees in Dallas every day. The closest I've gotten to a sweater is wearing one inside because the air conditioning is blasting. :)
    Love the pictures! And going this. very. week. to find Pumpkin Swirl bread! YUM!
    Have a great (busy) weekend. <3

  13. Happy birthday to your husband! Enjoy your busy day today! I can't wait for weekends with a family! :)

  14. Happy birthday to your husband! Enjoy your busy day today! I can't wait for weekends with a family! :)

  15. My husband's birthday is today too!!! How fun. Gosh we have a lot in common. My hubby is 2 years older though than me, he's 46 today, I'm 44 tomorrow.

    Trying to catch up on bloggies...just no time during the week with school, love how you said remember the slow, nothing to do weekend thing, funny when we get busy, it's hard to imagine quiet again, isn't it?

    Love the idea of a back to school lunch thing!

    It's supposed to be hot here in MN for at least one more week, I'd like to finish school early and go to the lake, because we homeschoolers can.

    Love to you....I'll be reading the next few posts I've missed this past week! Don't give up on me, I just got busy!

  16. Oh, happy birthday to your husband, God bless him!


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