September 7, 2013

What's Inside My September Folder

September is here! And it is time for a new folder to take the front spot on my desk. Here is my September folder...

And here is what's inside...

The first thing inside is the September poem.

September Changes

September is like no other
It's days change color and weather
No other month can say quite the same
For every day, I can feel the change

It's cool breezes start out warm,
Changing to cold throughout every storm
The leaves change and fall
As the Summer leaves and Autumn kisses us all

September maidens feel the change
Like the blue of the sky
Yet the color so deep
Unbelievable beauty

Maidens fall throughout and watch
Each raindrop changing through colors so fast
Yet one streak remains the same
Of that wonderful sapphire rain.

September, unlike any other
Holds you tight, in any weather.
Changes come, no matter where you go

North and you'll get stormy snow
South and feel the heat of summer coming
September does this, no matter what.
Change lives within, Nothing to stop

September is beautiful
And awesome all the same
It's hope for the future and the change
Comes swiftly as we sweep away

The Summer ends and the Autumn begins
Change is all around
With one maiden leaving
And yet, another comes

Born into the world
Of wonderful September
The sapphire skies live on
Through out this wonderful September

The next thing inside is my list of things to do this month.
  1. Decorate for fall
  2. Begin to look for Halloween shirts/costumes
  3. Order fall/Halloween table supplies
  4. Fall Home Checkup
The Fall Home Checkup is a list of things from a newspaper article I clipped years ago. And through the magic of computers, I can share it with you here!

Fall Home Checkup

by Gene and Katie Hamilton September 2, 2001
Tips to get your home ready for winter
A good defense is the key when protecting your home against cold weather. Be your own home inspector. Take a stroll around the house with this checklist.
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Check that fire extinguishers work. You should have one in the kitchen and one in a family room.
  • Hire a chimney sweep to clean the chimney and remove creosote buildup.
  • Schedule an annual heating system tune-up to make sure your unit is running and properly adjusted. Periodically change or clean the furnace filter and make sure air ducts are not leaking.
  • Add pipe wrap to insulate interior water pipes that are exposed and could freeze.
  • Change the batteries and reset your programmable thermostat.
  • Install weather-stripping on the inside of old windows to seal gaps and prevent air infiltration.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts so rainwater can flow through them. Make sure they're free of obstructions, and refasten loose straps holding downspouts to the siding. Patch holes in the gutters and position the splash plate so it directs water away from the house.
  • Inspect joints between doors and windows and the siding for air leaks. Apply caulk to seal the joints.
  • Inspect siding and refasten any loose clapboards and trim. Apply caulk to seal any joints between siding and openings or other material. Patch any holes or cracks in brick or masonry.
  • Inspect the weather-stripping around the exterior of doors and windows. If it is in poor condition, replace it to prevent air infiltration.
  • Install storm windows and doors, if you don't have them.
  • Turn off the water supply to all outdoor spigots to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. Drain the water by opening the spigot.
  • Remove window air-conditioner units and store them inside or apply a winter cover.
  • Clean up debris around central air conditioning units and cover.
  • Clean out the garage or shed and remove anything that might freeze, such as paint or adhesives.
After making needed repairs, you can rest easy knowing your home will be ready for any kind of weather.

Note: Not to imply that we do everything listed here! ; )


  1. Thanks for the tips. I was just sitting here thinking... I sure could use organization in this room-the computer room aka the 3rd bedroom that is not being used. It sure needs help. I know, tmi, lol. BTW- LOVE THE FOLDER!!!!

  2. I love the poem and the home check-up is a great idea! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Fall!

  3. Oh I love that you have an annual house check up! We always replace the batteries in our smoke alarms and update our 72 hour emergency kits in September. I'm going to have to add all those other great ideas to our list, though. i LOVE that you're so organized! :)

  4. What a great check up list. There are some on it that I am going to add to our fall list.

    It is so hard to believe that it is September!! I wish our weather would start cooling down!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. I so envy your organization! I might have to try this folder a month thing!

    The first house we ever owned up north, when the first winter hit, we had left the hose attached outside. Well, it froze and then burst and flooded our basement while we were unaware. We never made that mistake again!

  6. I love September (and being that it's my birth month and my son's makes it even more fun!)

    And I LOVE your folder! What a great idea! I am slowwly getting better at organization with the help of my friend who has made me her 'special project' and insists that I am re-trainable :) I love this method of yours! Sounds like a good list for the month, I'll have to adopt some of it! Prayers that it all goes smoothly1

  7. What a lovely poem and I love the idea of having a folder for each month - it's a brilliant idea! :) I tend to just try and remember what needs done and hope for the best. I may have to give this folder idea a try....

    Have a great Monday! Hugs :)


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