August 22, 2013

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here...and we have a few things on our calendar to keep us busy. Friday evening I am planning on a quick meal of Tuna and Noodles before Rhett heads off to work at the theatre and Madison off to Dairy Queen. The rest of us will have a quiet night permitting!

Saturday Madison works from eleven to seven, because all the college girls are back to school now. I plan on getting started on the Back to School deep cleaning I like to do every year. I know it is weird, but I just like to have everything dusted and vacuumed and decluttered before school starts. And before the fall decorations come out!!! Saturday evening we have a small wedding celebration to attend for one of Steve's employees, and then after Madison gets off of work, we are going to attend late Mass together.

Sunday is free of all commitments...maybe the last time that will happen for I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing! I think Steve will want to cook on the grill and I will add some sweet corn and one of Peyton's summer desserts. Embrace summer while we can, right? And that is it. That is what we will be doing this weekend. I hope your weekend is happy and relaxing and yummy, whatever your plans may be! Thanks for visiting!

My lunch this week...homemade pimento cheese sandwiches. And I splurged and used white bread instead of wheat. And they were good!

My little lady taught herself learned how to ride a bike this summer. With the fourth one it just kind of happens, I guess. No camcorder or applause or celebrations...just, "Look Mom!" But Mom is still just as proud. : )

And still takes too many pictures, of course!

Summer nights mean riding until sunset...

while big brother Rhett leads the way...

and what a beautiful sunset it was...

Madison's friend Justin, (and I emphasize friend here...we had a heartbreak recently and now she is single!! And he is actually a friend of our whole family... but anyway) Justin spent a lot of time here this summer sleeping on my couch and eating my food, so he offered to cook us chicken for lunch last week before he left for college. I am thinking the oven...silly me! He shows up at eight in the morning and rigs this up in our yard and cooks chicken all morning!

Yep...because everyone does this on a random Friday in August...

I went with it...and It Was Delicious! He cooked raw potatoes and veggies with olive oil too. We rounded it out with a fresh peach pie made by my Peyton, and it was perhaps the best meal of the summer! He cleans up too!

I'll finish up with this one of me and my working girl!

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. HOly cats! Got to love a guy who cooks AND cleans! Great sunset pictures you have there. And I especially love the last photo. That's a sweet one of you and your daughter :) Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Such beautiful pictures!!! I loved them all, but especially the last one and the ones of your precious Flynn!!! I can believe how much you and Madison look alike!!! So sweet.

    Would you mind sharing your pimento cheese recipe? I've never made that before, but it looks delicious. Or if you have would you direct me to that post?!

  3. Your daughter does look so much like you. My two daughters take after their dad.

    totally cool dude who can cook like that!

    Congrats to your little girl who can bike in the sunset. so cute!

  4. Wow look at the bbq!! Your dinner sounds wonderful. Pimento cheese sandwich. I have heard about pimento sandwiches but I am not sure what they are...want to share another one of your great recipes?

    What beautiful sunset pictures! You take the best pictures.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a nice weekend you have planned. You'll need a quiet day by Sunday! Oh Flynn... so cute.

    Yummy chicken! Good job! What a cool contraption.

    Madison looks so sweet in her DQ outfit and you two are unmistakably mother and daughter! xo

  6. Perfect end of summer weekend for your family. Every time I read your Weekend Plans posts I WANT to have my weekend all planned out because I hate the way some weekends just sort of unravel without a plan. It drives me crazy. After I finish with all of the Disney pictures I think I'm going to do a weekend post too. It'll force me to think it through and plan it all out. I like and need that!
    PS ~ Chicken cooking guy... awesome! And it doesn't surprise me one bit that you've opened up your home and heart and kitchen and couch for any and all of your kids friends. You're rockin awesome!

  7. My girls both worked at Dairy Queen when they were in high school! Sounds like you are having a lovely "end of the summer." Really sounds nice! Enjoy the weekend.

  8. I like to start the school year fresh and cleaned too!! My play room is organized and cleaned out, rearranged (they play different when it's changed) and school room organized. The last of my books came in today!! (YAY!!!) It's so exciting getting our books!! Funny how the younger kids are so excited too, but the older ones, not so much.

    My little one just taught herself this summer too...and it was just as you said...I just realized that now, reading what you wrote....

    Gosh, when I look at your older girls, it makes me think of my girls and that the time will come way too quickly when they are teens like yours...beautiful young ladies you have there!

    Happy weekend to you!

  9. Wow, now THAT is some real chicken! Awesome!

    And good job on your bike, little lady :) I know what you mean about it just kind of "happening" after the first few, but I agree--the moment is just as pride-filled!

    You ready for this one? When I looked at that last picture of you two, I thought YOU were the one on the right, not your daughter. No kidding! I did total double both look so young and beautiful!

    Happy, blessed weekend!

  10. great pics!
    yumm on all the food!
    cute kiddos too!
    - writing this one one handed! ;)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You sure have a pretty blog. Love the pics, thanks for sharing. Blessings

  12. Hi Billie Jo! I am coming over from Linda's blog.

    Love that pic of the roasted chicken! That is amazing. And of course, your little lady is adorable! I love coffee (read: Starbucks addict) and my Catholic faith too. I think we'll be good blog friends!

    So nice to drop by today!

  13. i'm a wee bit late here. and i'm sure your weekend was already wonderful right?:)
    funny how those little ones just learn my osmosis right. love it actually.:)
    those skies are beautiful.
    sorry about the broken heart, not ready at all for all THAT!;/
    but chicken guy....he's a keeper!
    have a happy day billie jo


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